Behold The Power Of One

Hillary Calls It Quits.

Well she might as well after this video goes viral.  All thanks to Marty for allowing his ego to become his gambit.










Ruth payne-ruth














Diane Disney, Alice Walton, Vanessa Redgrave, Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild


Evelyn De Rothschild

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  1. Grow up. AND They Live the actor playing the pirate tv scientist is Leon Greenberg.

  2. Berta /

    Your comment in the video that Bill Clinton is really Bill Blyth caught my attention. You mean the Texas rep? Couldn’t find any photos of him. I’ve been waiting for your findings on Bill.

  3. JustnAmurrican /

    Sorry, (ahem) WTF? Reptilians? Seriously? “Many of your readers are probably ADVANCED ENOUGH know about Reptilians”?

    LOL I thought this was a site that stuck to presenting EVIDENCE.


    • Berta /

      Yes, the BS about reptilians has now been brought in as a distraction. As if the actual facts of our situation are not enough! As Ed shows more, this kind of thing will proliferate to confuse, distract and promote fear.

      • Berta /

        Another thing to watch for as Ed’s work becomes more established in the “mainstream” is copycats. Lots of grandstanding about finding actors behind various well-known people. Probably some that Ed has already outed. Lots of mis and disinformation intended to muddy the insights Ed has offered. Think the fake Jum Marrs on the ancient alien information. Anything to distract, sensationalize and push critical thinking to the side.

        • Correct. Since they can’t stop me they will just claim they found the actors. But they can’t claim them all because they would be claiming ones that conflict with the conglomerate that owns their own persona. So they have to tread lightly.

      • Berta /

        Re: copycats, The Kennedy assassination hoax will never be touched and neither will Kermit/Hitler/Disney/1st Israel Prime Minister. Those are far too sensitive. If they are dealt with at all, it will be so garbled and ridiculed that it won’t be recognizable to those of us who are aware of the information. If Ed’s information shows enough “marketability” watch for it on something like the Discovery Channel. Then watch as people are completely confused after thinking they “discovered” something.

        • If you think that, then you haven’t been paying attention. The Discovery channel is owned by Comcast. You will never see my work on the TV period.

  4. Berta /

    Our candidates are actors and or people in power positions, eg, royalty. Our “leaders” already in office are really someone else. Our “great” history makers are actors. From the beginning. It is clear that the United States of America is as fake as its agencies, eg NASA. Countries are corporations that happen to have real estate boundaries. The people in those countries are NOT SHARE HOLDERS of the corporation but “customers” and also the primary wealth producers (slaves). There is no United States to “overthrow” or “plot against.” It always has been a corporation owned and operated by The Crown.
    There was no American “revolution” and it certainly was not “won” by a tiny colony against the world’s greatest power. Thus it does not exist and never existed except as something told to us repeatedly.

  5. ED,

    This is devastating, man. You win, hands down with this one. It’s just to obvious at this point.

    Your gainsayers have no where to hide anymore… This is spectacular, really good work…



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