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Dallasgoldbug “Ed Chiarini” Is Back

Yes, I’m finally back.
As I’m sure you are aware by now YouTube took down my channel and the 400 videos that I had posted over the past 8 years.  Therefore many of the pages on this site will have dead links and no content.  I am in the process of correcting this issue and hope to have the videos back up shortly.

My new Youtube page is: here


Some of my best work.


This video was released about 2 years ago. It was on my dallasgoldbug channel that youtube took down 3 months ago. This short video contains part of the research I have conducted over the past 8 years. It will be part of a DVD documentary I am producing that will include additional shocking conclusive evidence that no one has seen before. I began my work as the medical illustrator, hired by Kennedy Assassination Expert Robert Groden, to work on his best selling books “High Treason” and “The Killing of a President”.

After the books, we co-produced a video documentary based on the contents found in the second book. That video was released domestically via blockbuster. After that I went on to study at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, then spent time in the United States Air Force. After my honorable, I entered the corporate world, where I worked in numerous positions in several large corporate companies. But it wasn’t until 8 years ago that I began to get back into researching the Kennedy Assassination events.

This video is very important since it clearly shows without any doubt that the event that was said the first live murder filmed and broadcast on TV was nothing more then a scripted out production. Remember, when an event is real there is no need to fake anything. So if this is fake the rest of the JFK Assassination is fake as well.

I can and have proven it by identifying all the players involved.

I will be releasing more information to go along with this as soon as I am able. All the actors involved in the scripted out fake JFK Assassination are all members of the music halls of fame. This event made over 1 trillion dollars in profit since they made it. The people who benefitted were the City of Dallas, all the actors who they made famous in the music industry, and especially the US military. This SCAM the media has been running on the people of this world must come to an end. Their Productions are so they have content they can use to generate profits for generations. Everything you read in books, hear on the radio, watch on the news is all based on a central lie that is keeping the people of this world in a constant state of FEAR.

If the people would realize this, we could then grow knowing the world is a much better place then we have been tricked into believing. It’s time to dismantle the media and hold those responsible for the hijacking of humanity accountable. Make examples of them so we will never forget what they have done to us.

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