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More 9/11 Actors, and Royals

9-11-footage 9/11 Footage: A Reporter Doing His Job 
03:30 - South Tower (WTC2) collapses at 9:59am. Dust pouring out from window/s on 44th floor and from the louvers of mechanical equipment room (MER) on floors 41-42, north face of WTC2. West Street, at the Winter Garden. 07:00 - Interview with eyewitnesses Joseph Fichera and Paul Sutherland. 07:54 - WTC1 survivor Joseph Napolitano. 09:12 - Kathleen Avino has witnessed the first impact and the impact explosion at WTC2. 13:13 - NYPD: “North Tower is leaning.” 13:24 - North Tower (WTC1) destruction begins at 10:28am. Warren Street and North End Avenue. 16:56 - CBS reporter Carol Marin. 17:36 - Two WTC1 survivors and first impact eyewitnesses from 82nd floor. Big explosion in the lobby (probably during or just before the WTC2 collapse). 20:28 - WTC2 survivor from 39th floor (interview incomplete). Videographer: Marty Glembotzky, WABC-TV Reporter: N.J. Burkett DVD video decompressed & deinterlaced, resolution upscaled and clarity and color saturation increased. Video dubbed mostly with the audio track from Cumulus clips. Audio channels adjusted. NIST FOIA 09-42 Release #25 Folder: 42A0108 - G25D18 File: DVD Video (“WABC NIST Dub #1” Tape, Video #2) Source:

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  1. Of course! Do you really think that the most highly defended and fortified airspace in the world is that easily breached? Ha! Learning to think for ourselves, reason things through instead of gulping down TV pablum is the big WAKE UP CALL!

    • Correct. I was in the Air Force and I will tell you with certainty there were missiles there in the concrete bunkers you see the big concrete doors next to the helipad. Similar to the set ups they had in the back of the SS Suburban armored vehicles. That was the problem with the other vehicles since they had to modify the way the back doors opened on the trucks to allow the rocket launcher platform to spring up. Now they have stinger missiles visible on Hummers positioned around the location. Side note, there have not been anyone injured with an IED device that was in a convoy for many many years. They all were equipped with warlock systems on them that jam any cell signal to detonate. Create the problem then demand the budget to pay for the new necessary toys.

  2. My own research revealed there was no one in either tower on that morning. No one jumped off the building or was crawling on any ledge. When pictures were shown of hapless New Yorkers desperately showing photos of “missing” loved ones supposedly from the towers, I saw the fraud. If anyone would have been wandering the streets in shock from the tragedy, they would have been taken for help immediately. An emotional hoax, all of it. Except the unwanted buildings came down.

    • Correct. The bodies that were thrown out the building were cadavers since there was no blood splat around them on the ground. The people waving were either cgi, or shot on green screen and edited in. Simple after effects there. Yes, I was a planned demolition of the buildings and the grant money paid to them for hosting it was what was used to rebuild the new buildings. All the Bullshit talk about the insurance was just part of the script. People are so stupid that they can see that during every so-called terrorist’s attack there is a drill that just so happens to be of the same thing taking place at the same time. EFFIN’ MORONS if they don’t see what it was just from that alone.

      • To be fair, Ed, the “drills” we’re not that prevalent in 2001. Between you and “Homeland Security” we’ve learned about them. Also, I’m not sure how long after people had “seen it with their own eyes” on TV that the story about the “military exercise” came out. In addition, there was so much misinformation and disinformation flying around (just like in Kennedy hoax assassination — remember?) that the whole thing was buried under a heap of BS. Thus people are left with first impression that was repeated ad nauseum for days afterward.

        • Sure they have. They are what every event we see on the news and think is real. Gulf of Tonkin, UT clock tower shooting, et al. We just didn’t see them admit to the grant money till the creation of the DHS and FEMA

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