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John Lennon is Steve Jobs


Dallasgoldbug PROVEN Correct AGAIN!

From Apple records to Apple computers, it’s just a game to them.

Steve Jobs is John Lennon

From Apple Records to Apple computers, it’s just a game to them.

Now, what do you have to say, haters?

I put up with all the attacks for years and now there is the proof.


The following person is the officer that responded to the scene of the murder and arrested Chapman.

Harvey hides his face well with his expressions.  But we know Harvey has loads of experience with this type of lie.

As I always say, when in doubt check the spouse… or child in this case.  The actors always use members of their immediate family to play the supporting roles.

That brings me to Lennon’s son and first wife.

  •  Danielle Van Dam murder case.


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