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So what does that mean? As Joseph Kennedy he had children. If he is Prescott Bush and we know Prescott is the father of HW Bush that means that HW is Joseph Kennedy Jr. Correct?

Why yes, it does..

After spending a few days looking at the bush connection to the “Nazi” machine (Kermit Roosevelt AKA Hitler, Walt Disney) I made a shocking discovery. Joseph Kennedy Jr. Son of Joseph Kennedy Sr. had features that reminded me of HW Bush. That led me to perform an ear evaluation on him, which was really not necessary since you can clearly see he is the same person. He has very distinctive ears that are easy to match without having to do an overlay or map out the landmarks. His hair line and style are the same (minus the obvious signs of hair loss due to aging) teeth match as do ages.

A large part of this story stems from Teddie Roosevelt through today. That doesn’t make sense to you at the moment, but it will as you find out who these people really are.

I suggest you watch the video I did on the Hitler house and that its the same house as Disney’s this will set the stage for you to understand how this all came about.

Side note about the Hitler discovery.

After establishing the fact that the person we know as Hitler was in fact Walt Disney (method of establishing this was via ear biometric match, teeth, palm, facial landmarks, opportunity, and motive. See Hitler page) I was then able to establish that Walt was in fact the son of Teddie Roosevelt, Kermit. We can see his entire family playing the dual roles as Kermit’s sister played Eva

Braun who then became Lillian Carter, yet further spreading the family out so they could avoid detection so they could then do business deals with each other and play favorites along with ensure a long line of rigged elections that have kept them in office for a very long time, as you will see. Another child of Joseph Kennedy Sr (aka Quentin) was Rose Kennedy, who we are told in our history books was mentally challenged due to a lobotomy that was allowed by her father. This is another lie as you will learn when you research her notations in her diary that were published and the comments of those that attended her débutante presentation at Buckingham Palace. Why Buckingham Palace for a daughter of a US official, even though he was Ambassier? That’s because Rose Kennedy you might better know her as Margaret Thatcher.

On the left, we see Rose Kennedy, and on the right of course Margaret Thatcher. The teeth match and the hairline also are a match. She also has a very short philtrum which does not change over time and unless a facial prosthetic is applied cannot be altered.

Thatcher Funeral

So GW’s Aunt was Margaret Thatcher and HW sister?

Sure does.

Now that you know the Bush family is really the Roosevelt and Kennedy family, you can understand why it’s a big deal for them to attend the Margaret’s funeral.

HW being her brother and Aunt to GW and Perot. Who are cousins. But there is a possibility that Perot is James Bush GW’s brother (but we are still working that out). But since I exposed all of this they could not be seen at the funeral so they made up some lame reason why they were not going but then decided to go in disguise.

This is why they wore disguises in order to attend the funeral.

Jeb plays a role in the Jonestown HOAX

Marvin Bush plays a role in the Sandy Hook HOAX

And as Jeff Tremaine the acts against this country are far too numerous to count.

Think about the ramifications of these deceptions as you now know who they really, are you can go back over your history lessons and see the relationships between individuals, and know where the deceptions start and why they chose to do them. You will also be able to follow the lineage and see who today is in power and their real identity as well. Accountability is something they have scoffed at since they managed to reach the office of the White House. Once in power always in power unless something major prevents them from continuing the cycle of lies. With modern day technology and the introduction of the Internet we have at lease a fighting chance of regaining the power from these manipulative actors and putting it in the hands of someone that will represent the people of this nation, not the current attack, we are under by these people that are loyal to The Crown, as I will demonstrate in my next video documentary.

Kermit, by the way, during the war enlisted his services to Britain. Now why would the son of a US President enlist in the British Army and not fight for the Country his father was President and his Cousin at that time FDR the current President? I don’t think I need to answer that one since it’s pretty clear the need to establish ones self if you are planning to be put in the role of their leader. Remember Disney contracted by the US government to produce all the war propaganda domestically and internationally as well. You do the math. But as you take a look at the vintage WWII home movies of Hitler understand you are looking at the home of Walt Elias Disney (Get it? Elias = Alias).

Disney took the image and flipped it both vertically and horizontally to hide the fact that is is indeed the home of Walt.

Once you realize this their charade all falls apart.

Back to the Bush Lie

Once I established that Joseph Kennedy Jr. son of Joseph Kennedy Sr, was HW Bush. The natural thing to do was to check this against the rest of the family to see if they indeed were playing a dual role, or were hiding the fact of who they were. Wanted to see if the rest of the family line matched that of the Roosevelt’s since we now know that.

Just as I suspected we can positively match
Prescott Bush to Joseph Kennedy SR. Then further that lineage to match him to Quentin Roosevelt the youngest son of President Teddy Roosevelt, who faked his death at the age of 20 in a plane crash.

That would make Quentin Roosevelt the father of HW Bush.

That would make Teddy Roosevelt GW Bush’s Great Grandfather. Now knowing that and the additional information that Kermit Roosevelt (Quentin’s Brother and son of Teddy Roosevelt) was also Walt Elias Disney, as well as Hitler. So that makes Hitler GW Bush’s Great Uncle.

Go to the Hitler section of this site and you will learn all you need to know about Kermit Roosevelt.

From the start

Pay attention to the image above because it will make much more sense in a moment.

Teddies youngest son was Quentin

Quentin at age 20 dies in a plane crash.

The photo is of the actual plane crash. AS FAKE AS CAN BE.

What Quentin actually does, is change his identity so the family could spread out and not get caught playing favorites with their father in office and the government contracts being handed out to industry. This wouldn’t go over so well since Teddie’s signed into law the Willdon act that basically capped their competition and made it so no corporation could become so large that they could threaten the economy of the US if they went out of business or decided to take their companies overseas. So this got around that little law and allowed the family to conduct business as usual without the American public knowing they were all family members. During the WWII Quentin like all the rest of the family helped put and played the role of a Nazi as you will see the proof.

So Quentin then takes on the role of Joseph Kennedy Sr. Where he proceeds to get in trouble with the Teapot dome scandal (which included his brother Theo, who was in charge at that time of choosing what the civilian corps would get what oil lease the Navy controlled so they could make sure the military had enough raw materials to fuel any war efforts.

Since they got caught, and it almost cost them everything but they managed to get out of any charges. But Theo had to step down from his position in the Navy.

So Quentin now as Kennedy has his family and during WWII when his cousin FDR was in office. He was given the position of the head of the SEC for his support during his cousins presidential campaign. He completely destroys any hopes of his political future by getting caught in numerous back door dealings as the head of the SEC. In order for him to have any hope of a political future, he has to change his identity once again and does so.

Here we see Prescott’s photos compared to the Nazi he played Rudolf Hess. Clearly the same person.

All this while their cousin FDR was president and for the support that Joseph showed him during his campaign, he was given the role of Head of the SEC. How convenient.

So if Quentin’s brother Kermit was Hitler and Disney, then what about Roy Disney? He would have to be one of Teddies, children then correct?

This is HW Bush gets his makeup done by Hitlers personal Photographer Hoffmann

So did the rest of the family take part in the WWII Nazi conn?

Yep, if we look at Taft Teddies Vice President, we will see

On the right Ross’s Great Great Grandfather, A BANKER, look families.

The handwriting analysis is clear, you don’t have to be an expert to see they are the same person. This scam alone is a huge part of the problem that we as a nation face today. This enabled the creation of the Federal reserve act and allow this family to monopolize many an industry still to this day. They successfully maneuvered their way around the laws that they themselves set in place to stifle their competition without those corporations, even realizing that they had been duped and capped by their own president so he could profit.

Teddie had a brother who committed suicide. Interesting how much his brother and he look like his vice president Taft.

Remember this as it will play out later in the story.

While Quentin played his role, Theo took on the role of Goering. Who, was said to of started the SS the Nazi secret police. Funny he should do the same in the US when he assumed the role of Hoover. The same Nazi style techniques were used to compare Hoover to Goering. Funny that.

Joseph P Kennedy SR becomes Prescott Bush

You wonder why Prescott got caught trading with the enemy (the Nazi’s) during WWII. It was because that was his family!

Bingo, and you see they all played a role in WWII, while Joseph Kennedy funded all the other Hollywood studio that were not Disney cornering the market when it comes to the film industry.

So naturally if these folks owned Hollywood you would expect to see more actors in positions of power during that time.

Below we see Hitler practicing his moves in front of the camera as everything he did was rehearsed.

Kermit AKA Hitler directs his brother.

Make sure you check out the Hitler page and see all the rest of them playing their roles.


Mother, Daughters? Mother, Daughter, Daughter?


Actors Everywhere
Since they have to hide who their parents are (unless they take on a different role) they need to fill in the gaps with actors..



Hillary The Actor

Clinton Injured, US Navy Seal Killed In Secret US Mission To Iran

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Source Sorcha Fatal (NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE)

So you can see they are playing us once again.

Pay attention to 1:03 in this video as he laughs. Notice anything that reminds you of GW?

More on this as soon as I get some time.


John Ellis “Jeb” Bush is John Patrick O’Neill


Santorum is Vittors, who is also Neil Bush. Check out their wives.



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    This is absolutely brilliant! Glad to see so many posts put together to show a very big picture. Roosevelts, Bushs, Kennedys, Carters, Reagan, more and more. What a tangled web is being unraveled, bit by bit. Hitler being played right here in California in Disney’s home, because he IS Disney! Just another role for the actor. This is open-minded investigation at its best. It takes a willingness to open your mind to appreciate. Thank you, Ed!

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    I did not even know who Kilmer was until now and his father looks like a pole or a russian

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    Sorry if this has already been pointed out but they changed the actress who plays Barbara Bush. There are videos of her recently, one was with the Today show.

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