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Cop Murders Philando Castile HOAX




Bobbi Kristina Hoax

  1. All you need to know is when you are placed under arrest, the handcuffs are put on you and your personal belonging are taken from you, ESPECIALLY a cell phone that is a piece of evidence.    So the fact that she still has hers means this is yet another fake creation by the same individuals I have been exposing.
  2. If you think blood looks that red, you should spend some time in a hospital ER observing.  FAIL.
  3. The child is not crying after they claim 3 shots are fired into the car.  That’s laughable!
  4. The video starts after the alleged incident, meaning instead of her attending to her boyfriend OR comforting her daughter, she pulls out her phone and logs into Facebook and starts to stream video. hahaha such bad acting.
  5. CODE word Rose.  (You know what that means if you are a member of this site)


It’s also amusing to note she states they had some “weed” in the car.  At what point was that discovered before or after the officer asked for the ID?

That is a rhetorical question because I have explained numerous times on Radio shows that the objective of these productions is to get you wrapped up in the crafted script.  They create them with the intent to touch on emotional topics or to get you wrapped up and lost in the nonsense which then gets you committed to their mind game when you really should have stopped and taken a step back to view the logical conscripts.  Once you view it from that critically thinking perspective you will see the mistakes the producers have made allowing you to say with certainty this production is a HOAX.  

Anyone wanting to argue that must present evidence countering the points I made and those who attempt to by means of mud throwing or name calling forfeit being taken seriously.

As you can see in the comments I like leaving those comments in because it makes it easy for us to see we are correct and the opposition have nothing but childlike bullying tactics to fight with.   So they will get spanked just like a child who misbehaves should.

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