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Baton Rouge shooting: 3 officers killed, hunt on for shooters


At around 13 minutes in you will hear the shots fired.  But what you won’t hear is THE DISPATCH CALLING THE TIME or hear her echoing the calls from the officers responding.

THIS IS A FAKE PRODUCTION THAT WAS PRERECORDED.  The dispatch is not interacting with the officers who are telling her they are responding.


FOR YOU TO COMPARE TO here is a feed at 3:00pm so they are real now but still playing the drill.

The governor was just on the TV about 2 hrs ago along with all the law enforcement officials saying there is NO LONGER AN ACTIVE SHOOTER SCENARIO BEING PLAYED.  but you listen to the link above that is from 3:50 and you will hear them still playing the drill. 

I encourage any dispatchers to make comments down the bottom.
Key words:
Multiple agencies responding

Hospital officials commenting on patients (breaking HIPAA rules)

News media reporting 8 people shot.  then 7 people shot, then 6 people shot.
Meaning this is a drill that they are running several times so all the participants can get their chance.

News using words like actor, and commenters on the phone saying they thought is was a drill

It started at 9am  just like clockwork.

happened 1 mile from the police station
More to come so check back

At least three police officers are dead and and three others are injured after a shooting in the Old Hammond area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, officials said.

One suspect is also dead, but police believe two others may be at large, according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office.

Louisiana Gov. Jon Bel Edwards implied that multiple participants were possibly involved in either the planning or execution of the attack, in a statement released via social media.

“This is an unspeakable and unjustified attack on all of us at a time when we need unity and healing,” the governor said. “Rest assured, every resource available to the state of Louisiana will be used to ensure the perpetrators are brought swiftly to justice.”


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    Everyone report to the lobby… Ahhhhhhh…!!!!

    Attention, police supporting, report to the lobby….

    What lobby..???? The lobby of the GAS station…!! Aahhhh…!!!!

    What a joke. Report to the lobby so you can all get shot…!?!?!

    Please. Stop this Hoax shit, Governor Edwards. Stop it now…!


  2. Look at this bizarre image…

    Nobody has a rectangular head, O.K…? He’s got some kind of prosthetic attachment to the top of his head.

    And LOOK AT HIS NECK… The rubber sh*t is coming undone or something, right.? Am I just way off on all of this…??? Probably just my imagination… Wish I could do what Ed does, man. I would be over here exposing this shit somehow.. But what can we do.?? This is so damn frustrating.

    It kinda reminds me of the fake sheriff in the “Holly Bobo” case. Remember all that bullsh*t.? I saw her picture on the back of something I got at the Dollar Store, not a milk carton: I don’t know, a bag of something. Ha…

    P.S. Remember the Soap Opera actor with Alex Jones in front of the Federal Reserve in Dallas. I think…? Yea, Ed had a video of his rubber neck coming open, etc… Anyway


  3. susan dever /

    Ed, you are 100% right on this Psyop & LIE!!! I was married to a state trooper for 11 years & went through a real shooting. My ex had to take the guys life as the perp had a gun drawn on his partner to shoot. It was hell just as the wife going through it. I am so sick of this fake BS & people don’t even question. Americans are so mind controlled it makes me sick. NWO will federalize local P.D. cause the Captains & higher “ups” are screwing the street cops. It will be too late when they find out. Also, Obummer is fitting the narrative to take guns with perps being ex-military & legal carry!!! WHEN WILL PEOPLE HAVE ENOUGH????I guess when we
    are locked down with martial law in our face. We already have a “soft” martial law now. I am HONORED TO BE A MEMBER OF YOUR SITE cause your truth is hard hitting & your’e a real man! Thanks Ed, susan

    • Thanks, but you are falling for the BS. There is no such thing as martial law. The corporations that run the country would never let anything happen to their precious customers. They need us more than we need them. They will not allow anyone to damage their profit. Obama is not going to take your guns HE OWNS STOCK IN THE MANURFACTURERES. He owns the Vanguard mutual fund that has been held in several weapons manufacturers. Every time the stage an event the stock goes up 30% If they wanted your guns they would pass legislation that would make you afraid to use them.

  4. barb patton /

    Everything is fake these days and the Illuminati is laughing at the sheeple who swallow this garbage hook line and bloody sinker. I shudder and am disgusted.

  5. Mickey /

    WOW! This IS NOT what I heard on the scanner today as things happened!

  6. Laura /

    I posted this to my FB account when people were freaking out about another “shooting” and got completely cursed out. I don’t think there was a single curse word left out of the rampage. It is NOT safe to voice truth.

    It is also insanely frustrating to watch people blindly believe EVERY SINGLE THING the media shoves down their throats.

    • drivinfast /

      Remember except for a few people facebook followers are not your friends. even if they are, they have been programed to believe the TV Movie set up by Psychopaths, for control of your life. I have to remember it is a Drill, preplanned by multiagencies and the media owned by Psychopaths again, chooses to report it as real.

      • correct. I would put about 80% or more of the 5000 people on my FB list are a combination of fictional accounts some created by the paid media trolls, others by the family members or associates of the actors , and some are the actors themselves as I caught Johnny Knoxville’s daughter just yesterday using a different name trying to cause problems.

    • Don’t EVER believe that to not tell the truth is better than to sit and say nothing when you see the truth behind these events. If people attack you so be it. Let them eat it when they finally come around and begin to realize they are wrong and will have to tuck their tail and come back to you to apologize. I get them all day long every day via email. If people attack you and can’t present why they say your information is not correct, they expose themselves and childish little idiots that know they have got nothing to base their opinion on so they attack you personally. We use science and proven methods to identify the people we expose. Their blood relations to the other members you see playing roles next top them in the event make the foundation for my work solid. They know this and they fear me because I am not affected by seeing my name in the New York Times in a story they made up just to attack me. I wear that kind of thing like a badge of honor.

  7. Oh, man. The police respond to a fella walking down Airline Hwy… carrying a rifle they respond, all get shot and killed…!!

    Really…? What a joke, man. What a sick joke.

    This will be one of the worst cases of “stolen Valor” in the history of Baton Rouge Law Enforcement… And it’s disgusting…

    “Gavin Long” is the fake name of the fella from Kansas that did supposedly did this..?

    There is officially no more “Active Shooter” anymore in Baton Rouge..?? Yea, right.. They can’t get away with this “Active Shooter” bullshit anymore…

    Ed Chiarini is the only one with the BALLS to expose this sh*t..?!?!

    Really?!? Damn, Ed. Word up,, Bro…


  8. rose cipriani /

    Micheal Jordan is Baton Rouge Police spokesman L’Jean Mckneely

  9. Correct. If it were real the news would not be showing you evidence because it would be collected and use in court.

  10. drivinfast /

    I remembered, if the “news” reports it is a movie. Pictures of multi agency offices standing around, loitering. Masked gunman, horrible cell phone video, link:

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