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UPDATE! Pull NASA’s Funding


All they do with it is pay Hollywood to create their lies.

Yes, we have exposed this many years ago, but it still needs to be addressed.

To learn more about the NASA lie we exposed here first on just search for NASA in the search field.




NASA caught lying again and spending TAX dollars to do so.
Their official page

The writer for many of their stories page


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  1. Tad O'Malley /

    Great article Ed, always LOVE your work. I had a quick question, I am not CHALLENGING (get it? Cause it’s the challenger haha) your facts, but I had a question about one of the crew members of this OBVIOUS HOAX. I couldn’t help but notice, not that I see color or anything (I am NOT racist) but it seems like one of the crew members in 1986 was Asian, but no Asian’s (again, I see past color) in 2003. Did this actor die of opioid overdose as most actors do? Or, did he get facial reconstruction surgery to become white (again, seeing past color). Ed you have truly opened my eyes and mind to a whole new world free of the government’s lies, and I am forever grateful and in your debt.

  2. Batman /

    Have you seen 200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning ball?

    • No because I know its not and only need one thing to prove it and they cant debate because they know they are misleading people. So when thy can address the above information then I might be convinced to view it, but until then Ill be waiting right here.

  3. Betcha the real no.of dead asstronaughts in their ‘black’ programs is in the thousands

  4. Emile /

    Why do you think this is a hoax, when you believe the ball theory over flat?

    • Why are you to stupid to look at the flat earth page and see how you are wrong? Ever hear of copernicus? The phases of Venus? Ever notice how tornadoes spin opposite per their respective hemisphere?

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