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The Planet Is Not Flat. End of Story.



Some points that Flat earth people will not discuss are as follows:

1. If we are the center of the universe and the sun and moon spin around over us how are lunar eclipse possible?

2.  Why can’t the people in the southern hemisphere see the stars that the northern hemisphere people can see?

3.  How is there lunar phases?

4.  How is it that Venus has phases?

5.  How is it that the stars when viewed from the Southern hemisphere rotate in the opposite direction as they do in the Northern hemisphere?

6.  IF the sun and moon were spinning around above us they would have to appear small then grow in size as they get over us then shrink again as they move away.  They will show you a cloudy photo of the sun appears to do this but that is due to the clouds.  they will never show you the moon because it does not start out small on the horizon and grow and it gets closer then get smaller as if moves away.  

7.  The big one is this.  We can predict where planets are mathematically and you can then view them with the telescope.  We can predict eclipses, we can predict phase changes and where satellites orbiting other planets are with math then go observe them right where they are supposed to be.  The is what’s called a model.  This model works now and works for all the astrological events in the future, do you know why we can predict this?  Because the model is accurate and we know by observation which is something the flat earth people will refuse to even look up in the sky and realize their model cannot predict anything because it has nothing to base its existence on and cannot tell us the locations of other planets because their model does not work.  That’s why it was thrown out so long ago. 

What you are seeing is a push from the religious folks who are trying to bring the focus on man and god.  You can tell these folks are those people just by how they argue.  They spout off nonfacts because they can’t grasp concepts that are larger than they are.  So let them cry and throw tantrums.  Those of us who are smart and can comprehend the scientific data don’t have to worry about the actors that they use to try and attack us with.   We see through their masks and will be bringing their game to an end soon.


Not that the people who push the flat Earth Bull will shut up after they see once again the facts that are easily observed with their own eyes. But I’ll let you see them cry all on their own as they throw a temper tantrum knowing their game is over.  We know they are being paid by the Royals who own the media who profit from the propagation of the lie when you buy their books and video along with watch youtube clips with banner ads on them.

We know they are being paid by the Royals who own the media conglomerates who profit from the propagation of the lie when you buy their books and videos.  Every time you click on another youtube video link you are providing them a profit.


My goal a few months ago was to find simple observable evidence that could prove without a doubt that in fact,  we are on a spheroid-shaped planet.

The fools pushing the flat earth crap won’t let you use facts like Copernicus and the phases of Venus to prove the point.  since they seem to think because Copernicus was a mason that the facts somehow don’t add up.

So I kept looking for evidence that could be evaluated by the average person without any special equipment. Then I realized observable evidence is the fact that tornados on the northern hemisphere spin opposite of those in the southern hemisphere

I see it as very easy to debunk simply by the fact that if you look at a tornado in the northern hemisphere and look at a tornado in the southern hemisphere. You will notice something is different.  On one hemisphere, it rotates in one direction, and on the other hemisphere the opposite. If the earth were flat, it would spin in the same direction.

In Australia (The Southern Hemisphere) they rotate Clockwise.   In the U.S. (The Northern Hemisphere.) They rotate counterclockwise. Here is your experiment If you grew up in the northern hemisphere, I want you to picture a tornado in your mind, note how it spins.   It rotates counterclockwise.   Here is a video to help you imagine it.

Now watch this video and you immediately feel that something is wrong with it because you are used to seeing the tornado spin in a particular direction your entire life so you will notice it immediately.

This is because we are in different hemispheres of the globe and as a side note, the toilet flushing thing that’s a myth.  It only spins like that because of the direction of the water is pushed into the bowl.



More Evidence we live on a spherical planet

Further proof we live on a sphere as you can see the spin of water rotates differently per the hemisphere it’s on.  Thanks to Stef P for the video link.

The next post I made

UPDATE Oct 11, 2016 @ 07:00

As a spheroid, you see the sun for 24 hours.  You can’t if the earth is flat.  This is proof.  So all those who want to question it after viewing this video are either not very bright or in bed with those who are positioned to deceive others for personal gain.


After putting some more thought into this situation it suddenly hit me.

If you are standing in the Northern hemisphere at the same time a person is standing you the Southern hemisphere and you both look at the moon.  What will you see?  You will see the moon from the perspective of that hemisphere and that means the moon will be flipped or opposite from the other person’s perspective.

Look at the largest crater Tycho (/ˈtaɪkoʊ/) is a prominent lunar impact crater located in the southern lunar highlands, named after the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546–1601).

Note it’s position.  now look at the video from the other hemisphere and you will see the image is flipped because they are in the other hemisphere of the SPHERE planet.  CASE CLOSED.

If you were thinking about giving money to these flat earth people I hope you have now rethought that decision.  If you are looking to support someone who consistently shines the spotlight on the actors who are part of this lie consider supporting this site.

Another project we have scheduled is the collection of the airborne particulates known as chemtrails and bring a sample to the ground for testing.    If you want to take part in that project you can via PayPal at

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