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For those that missed the show

Posted by Ed Chiarini on Sunday, May 10, 2015


     Jim Fetzer’s Show    

Probably one of the best shows I’ve done, even though at the time I didn’t think it was. After putting the images to the audio, it really comes alive and make a solid case for the work that I’ve been performing for the past 2 years.



     Celtic Rebel’s The Celtic Path      

Ed sits in for Celtic Rebel


Celtic Rebel, Lee Rogers, with guest Ed Chiarini


     Jake Blood w/guest Shepard Ambellus - Call in Ed     

shep_cut2 shep_cut2


      The Cold Reality News and Report w/ Andrew Sholly     


Andrew Sholly (shollyack) is a whistle-blower, activist and now talk show host of “The Cold Reality News & Report”. Shollyack like many others has come to the realization that something is very wrong in America and abroad. The state of the world and the emerging chaos triggered him into his own independent research of why the world is spinning out of control. Join Shollyack for news, specials reports and guests to try and make sense of it all. He is also a computer professional and musician of 30 years.

We are missing a copy of this show.  If anyone has one please contact us.


      GODLIKEPRODUCTIONS Interviews       

These interviews they pulled from their archive along with banning me from making any comments on their web site. So I cant even defend myself, WHO’S AFRAID ? They are.

Godlike Productions - GLPVC Presents DallasGoldBug

Godlike Productions - GLPVC Presents DallasGoldBug Part 2

       Nonconformity Live  Host: Mike and Dave       

Website: nonconformitylive

Friday, October 14, 2011

We are missing this show as well since Oracle was shut down.  If you have a copy, please let us know.



      Joyce Rileys The Power Hour Radio Show Appearances        

ED CHIARINI joins TPH to discuss the Obama/Osama deception

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Radio show archive:

July 12, 2011 (hour 1) July 12, 2011 (hour 1)

June 13, 2011 (hour 1) Ed Chiarini joins   Rep. Giffords photos

June 13, 2011 (hour 2)  June 13, 2011 (hour 2)  Cont with Ed Chiarini

June 28, 2011 (hour 2) June 28, 2011 (hour 2)

June 02, 2011 (hour 2)   June 02, 2011 (hour 2)

May 24, 2011 (hour 2) May 24, 2011 (hour 2)

May 24, 2011 (hour 3) May 24, 2011 (hour 3)

May 19, 2011 (hour 1) May 19, 2011 (hour 1)

May 19, 2011 (hour 2) May 19, 2011 (hour 2)

May 12, 2011 (hour 1) - News LIVE with Joyce Riley + Ed Chiarini joins TPH during the last of the 1st hour

May 06, 2011 (hour 3) - May 06, 2011 (hour 3) News with Joyce Riley + Ed Chiarini Holly Bobo

May 04, 2011 (hour 3) - May 04, 2011 (hour 3) News with Joyce Riley + Ed Chiarini Holly Bobo

May 03, 2011 (hour 1) - May 03, 2011 (hour 1)  News with Joyce Riley + Ed Chiarini

April 12, 2011 (hour 3) - April 12, 2011 (hour 3)  Guests Ed Chiarini & Stephanie Sledge

April 07, 2011 (hour 1) - April 07, 2011 (hour 1) News + guest Ed Chiarini and Stephanie Sledge

April 07, 2011 (hour 2) - April 07, 2011 (hour 2)  Open Lines with Joyce.

March 30, 2011 (hour 2) - March 30, 2011 (hour 2) Guests Ed Chiarini and Stephanie Sledge

March 23, 2011 (hour 1) - March 23, 2011 (hour 1) News + guest Ed Chiarini

March 23, 2011(hour 2) - March 23, 2011(hour 2)  Guests Ed Chiarini

March 23, 2011 (hour 3) - March 23, 2011 (hour 3) Guests Ed Chiarini


Since Joyce Riley called in and FIRST attempted to lie and say that she gave me the boot from the show, Here is the last communication I had with her that shows what she said was a lie.

On 4/26/2012 6:43 AM, Joyce Riley wrote:

Want to be on TPH this morning?

On 4/27/2012 8:26 AM, Ed Chiarini wrote:

Not interested.

On 4/27/2012 6:30 AM, Joyce Riley wrote:

Any particular reason you don't
want to come on now? JR 

So 1 lie? She attempts to damage my credibility, but when I offered the opportunity to step up and submit an ear photo for identification, SHE REFUSED. Why would a person who is a public figure, and appeared on a national REALITY show called American Candidate, have a problem with showing her ear and PROVING me wrong?

Why is that? What does she have to hide?  show/2011/06/01


      Universal Awareness       

With Ed Chiarini’s Explosive info on News Fraud & JFK

Host Linda Joslin in conversation with Ed Chiarini who is exposing the extent of the made up news stories appearing on main line media.

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