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UPDATE 12/3 TMZ and S-hillery Clinton

Just Found This Nice Little Tidbit


UPDATE 10/14  Hillary Clinton is a JONES  just like I said.

As I have stated many times before they only promote from their own family so the people you hear her talk about as examples are going to be people in her family that benefit from the mentioning them


About 9 minutes in you hear her mention Don JONES.

Thanks, Timothy R  for the heads up on this one.

This one comes straight out of Wikileaks

Here is the email in its entirety so you can validate the header information.

00057753 (1)


Re: BuzzFeed | Questioning whether HRC’s grandmother was an immigrant


But until then, enjoy!

Update Oct 12th, 2016
The following information should prove to you that what I’m saying about this election and the family members who are all related, playing the roles of the candidates, is an entirely staged event.  All the way to the product placement of Tic Tacs. (The breath mint Donald Trump mentioned on the phony staged woman bashing Billy Bush bus.)  

How is that fake and why would they fake it?  Because 1.  Any mention of a product must be in line with the corporate laws adhered to by the Network they are referred to on.  CBS  is Desilu which is Disney, and that means the Royals from Germany.  

One of their puppets is George Soros, who is actually being played by the richest many in Italy Michael Ferrero.  Yes of the Candy conglomerate the makes Nutella and of course Tic Tac.  Are you connecting the dots yet?  No?  Ok, let’s continue

D2NWO  Harry Link is GEORGE SOROS’ Grandson.

Michael Ferrero who is supposed to be dead is playing the role of George Soros.

As well as playing roles in other events like the George Zimmerman trial

George Soros or I should say the actor that plays George Soros (Michael Ferraro)

George Soros or I should say the actor that plays George Soros (Michael Ferraro)

The tall guy is Harry Link. The online talk so wannabe who attacked me and put out a video thinking he debunked me all the while this idiot is the Grandson of Soros. (Or the actor that plays Soros, however, you want to refer to him)

Harry Links wife is being used to play the role of George Soros's girlfriend

Harry’s supposed wife plays the role of Georges girlfriend. (Again, keeping it in the family)


Harry link standing beside his car at the occupied protest in New York- Copy

Harry link the Internet podcast host that attacks me who is actually Giovanni Ferrero the grandson of George Soros who is Michael Ferrero


Antonio Ferrero Michael Ferrero and family

Here is Giovanni with his grandfather, Michael Ferrero


Watch my video on it.


But let’s get back to the meat of the story.

As in previous elections, especially the one with HW Bush is running against Perot, and Clinton, all you have to do is look at this photo, and you will see the family hanging out. 

Bill Clinton With HW Bush

Bill Clinton with family member HW Bush in the Hampton’s

Now if you know my work, then you know HW Bush is not who he says a he is and is the brother of JFK and the son of Joseph P Kennedy Sr.  He is Joseph P Kennedy JR.  Who was said to of died in a plane crash (which is their favorite scam they love to kill the character off by)

Prescott Bush, Quentin Roosevelt, Joseph P Kennedy Senior

Joseph P Kennedy Senior was also Quentin Roosevelt, who died at age 20, was shot down in an airplane on July 1913. We can see by the crash. It has a staged event, and we know that Joseph P Kennedy Senior also played Prescott Bush. You can validate this information by looking at the wife.


Again, weAgain we see the spouse matches with Prescott and with Joseph P Kennedy Senior as well as the Nazi that he played during the war.

Again, again we see the spouse matches with Prescott and with Joseph P Kennedy Senior as well as the Nazi Rudolf Hess that he played during the war.


HW Bush is Joseph P Kennedy Junior playing a Nazi

HW Bush A.k.a. Joseph P Kennedy Junior gets his makeup done by Hoffmann Hitler’s personal photographer

Now knowing he is a Nazi and Ross is his Cousin as well as a Nazi.

Ross Perot is the Great grandson of Elliot Roosevelt the brother as Teddy Roosevelt, who played his Vice President then became president as Taft.

Ross Perot is the Great grandson of Elliot Roosevelt the brother as Teddy Roosevelt, who played his Vice President then became president as Taft.


How do you feel about this election now?  You see, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, you are getting the same family.  Well, nothing’s changed and you are doing the same thing all over again.  Allow me to show you.


The elections are rigged your votes count but who you’re voting for his fixed


The Bill Clinton Real name is William Jefferson Blythe III; his mother is a CASSIDY


Knowing that Hillary is really Shirley Jones (WHO WAS MARRIED TO A CASSIDY) and gave birth to sons one of which is named Patrick Cassidy

Recognize him?

That’s Mike Pence



I’m going to make a video explaining even more of the connections, but this should at least suffice until they.  So get the word out and remember to become a Member of



UPDATE Oct 10th 2016

Shirley Jones always talks about how her mother LOVES Shirley Temple.  The temple was a government agent who trained other ambassadors the trade.  It’s well known now that Hollywood is the breeding ground for our US spies.


I had a meeting with a person who brought to my attention that President Bill Clinton’s grandmother is a “Cassidy.” I just had a chance to confirm this info. If you are familiar with my video outing Shirley Jones as Hillary, you will recall Shirley, of course, was married to a Cassidy and her supposed first husband Jack (who they claim died in a fire that was lit when he fell asleep with a cigarette burning) is, in fact, her second husband, Marty. Marty, in an attempt to mislead me called and gave me an interview and used the name, Bill Haskins. I stated in the video that I believed that fake name was a code for Bill Has Kin” He pushed me to use that false name and that eagerness for me to use it raised a flag and I searched for the name to see if it was associated with anyone. That was when I found Marty using the name for a LinkedIn account. Seeing that Bill Haskins was Marty, was the connection I needed to validate what I have suspected that Bill Clinton is, in fact, Marty’s Kin.



UPDATE OCT 6th 2016
More Marty.  I decided to go and look at a few random speaking engagements Hillary has done in the past and 3 out of 5 I looked at; Marty was visible.  Now you tell me she is not Shirley Jones when first off the bio-metrics match, and that Marty used to be Shirley intro when she would speak, NOW  you see him at Hillary speeches, when he’s supposed to be dead, and he tried to con me when he called me to give me the fake info but slipped up when he pushed for me to publish his fake name that I traced to a photo of him on






The Facts About Bill Clinton

NAME: Virginia Kelley BORN: June 6, 1923, DEATH: January 6, 1994, RELATIONSHIP: President Clinton’s mother

(Source: Clinton Biography “First in His Class,” by David Maraniss) Virginia Kelley was the daughter of Edith and Eldridge Cassidy, the town iceman in Hope, Arkansas. She worked during her teenage years as a waitress at the Checkered Cafe and immersed herself in activities at Hope High School, including the National Honor Society, student council, press, library, music and science clubs. She was freshman class secretary. She was regarded as a cheerful, unaffected girl who loved to laugh and flirt.

When she graduated high school, Virginia left Hope for the nearest big city — Shreveport, Louisiana, fifty miles south — to study nursing at Tri-State Hospital. It was there that she met Bill Blythe, who was known as W.J. (for William Jefferson) by his family in Texas. Blythe went by other names – he could not be associated with one name or one birth date. His family claimed he was born on February 27, 1918, but his military records showed his birth date as February 21, 1917. No real reasons were given for the different dates, but it was insignificant to Virginia. Of their meeting, she said it was love at first sight – and forgot about an old boyfriend from Hope whose ring she had worn for four years.







Marty who is the dead husband of Shirley Jones is actually her first husband Cassidy

Marty Shirley Jones’ husband is the same person playing the caller Bill Haskins. He is also the same person that played Jones’ first husband, Jack Cassidy



Natalie Holloway is Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea is no stranger to the acting game as she played the role of Natalie Holloway in the murder mystery that took place while her and her mother were just coincidentally in the same location as where the murder took place

Hillary and Chelsea were both in Aruba (on official business) when the so-called disappearance of Natalie happened.  How much of the taxpayers $$ funded this BS story?

Chelsea Clinton is Natalie Holloway

Chelsea Clinton is Natalie Holloway


Ruth payne-ruth

Along with the other individuals that we’ve identified this one just so happens to show up at Hillary Clinton’s speaking engagements along with Shirley Jones is dead husband Marty


Wherever Hillary gives a speech, you can find Mary in the picture.  Usually in the front row.


Marty being the arrogant full that he is bragging about the fact that Shirley Jones is Hillary Clinton




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