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9/11 Pentagon Updates




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9/11 Pentagon

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9/11 Pentagon

The Real Deal hosted by James Fetzer

Part 1

YOUTUBE Took down my video, claiming inappropriate content.  That absurd, and there is a bigger reason why they took it down and you will find out soon.  But I would say to the c level executives at youtube and google their days are numbered since I have info on them.

The following items are discussed during my interview with James Fetzer. See the videos and follow along.

We cover a range of topics including the logical presentation for the “NO Plane” hitting the World Trade Buildings. The Pentagon damage showing how they pulled it off. The lack of any evidence for and a large amount of evidence proving that no energy weapon was used to take down the World Trade buildings.

We also discuss the recent HOAX shootings (as they all have been fake from day one) those images and information can be found on their respective pages.

Spray Evidence

Note the cone-shaped soot pattern on the column. This is from the accelerant that was used in the sprinkler system that was needed to keep the fire going for the two days. This burn pattern is easily traceable to the nozzle hanging down from the sprinkler pipe.


As I state in the video you can see the oddly shaped burn pattern on the rooftop burn or hump that covers the water sprinkler pipe.  They filled the reservoir with the fuel that was in the green containers they left on the lawn.  That fuel was used to keep the fire burning as long as they neede it.  As the pressure reduced the flame would have receded into the pipe bursting the connections, along with the heat generated by the main fire would have ignited the fuel in the system. This is why we see the fire follow that particular route.  It also explains how the people got soaked in jet fuel while sitting in their offices.  If it was fuel from an aircraft it would have been followed by the fireball and there would be no person left to make the claim of being soaked with fuel.  Therefore the sprinkler spray theory is most likely the reality that day.

Green Canisters of Fuel
So where did they get the fuel needed to put in the sprinkler system?  From the heliport.  This is why we see the green canisters of helicopter fuel on the ground.

Decontamination of the Workers Covered in Fuel

Tracking and Guidance Antenna

You can see atop the middle ring the three dishes shaped antenna with attached helical designed antenna, used to communicate with and guide drone aircraft. This set up could easily have been used to guide the C-130 aircraft that was visible swooping down as an almost touch and go landing maneuver over the Pentagon. This could also explain the debris that was suddenly there after the first firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire. Only to have them reignite them and keep them burning for the two days so they could get their photo ops in line.

Helical yagi antenna on the roof of the Pentagon in a formation of three that are used to guide and track drones.

So where did the fuel come from to keep the fire burning so long? That is answered by the green canisters we see on the lawn.

So if they had these antennae on the roof of the Pentagon it would be consistent with them flying a small drone into the building.  (NOT A PLANE) OR they could have used it to guide the Spector C130 that was seen dipping and most likely dropping its payload on the lawn then pulling up and disappearing.

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9_11 FOIA WTC 7

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9_11 FOIA WTC 7

I was pulling clips for my next video and I found this, and dont recall seeing it out there lately. So enjoy its s good one.

People have tried to claim an energy weapon was used, which if you look at the actual physical evidence, is nonsense.  So say that some energy force from above hit the buildings and somehow managed to burn vehicles on the streets but the street lights and other plastic and flammable items are clearly seen untouched (@1:25 in the movie) you can see the plastic crosswalk boxes attached to the pole. Additionally an energy weapon is a concentrated beam that is used inside the atmosphere to shoot down missiles.  Even if one was used from a military plane you are still looking at a CONCENTRATION of energy that does damage.  You cant make a beam that would be wide enough to do the damage you see in the video while still not causing damage to some items but destroying others.

What should be addressed in this video is the fact that two floors separated by several floors in between them that are untouched, show the entire floor damaged from within blowing the glass outward on the entire floor.  This is building 7 not 1 and 2, no plane hit this building yet the entire floors are blown out.

Proof of demolition. for the truth. If you find the information you just viewed helpful, please consider donating so we can continue investigating and holding these actors feet to the fire. You can do so at this link


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Bush And The 9/11 Producers


Bush And The 9/11 Producers

You might recall James Tracy from the Sandy Hook event as he was the professor that was just recently let go from Florida State University for his comments about the event being staged and a hoax.  Well, he would know because his family is the one that was behind the hoax and you can see his family is behind many other events that I have covered.


We can also see that one of the principal actors in that event is seen in this documentary called 9/11 MXL, which can be viewed on YouTube.  There many other actors in that fake documentary but these are the two important ones.

With Roy O Disney’s son Roy E Disney, we see the hoax events continue even to the point where he mentions in this documentary, the JFK’s assassination, which again was produced by the same acting family members.

Jeb and his role.

About 1:09 in


I suggest you watch the documentaries that I did on JFK to understand who the Bush Disney and other families are that are all tied to the Roosevelt’s and are the German Royals after they were kicked out of their country.  Then you will be able to make the connection between the productions that you see today and who is all behind them.


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Another Well-Known Actor Identified In The 9/11 HOAX


Another Well-Known Actor Identified In The 9/11 HOAX

Just Actors Shilling Out For The Government
And Their Families Who Own The Media Conglomerates.

At 01:05 She Begins.  NOTE she is wearing a Pearl Necklace, get it?  Pearlman? The Two before her are identifiable One as a well known SNL cast member.  See if you can guess who?

These foolish actors never thought they would see the day that someone would figure out their scam.  Oh well, I guess they should have thought about what if they did get caught?  The Actors over inflated ego becomes a gambit which trips them up.  It has kept them secure that scenario would never happen.  Combine that with their training in the art of disguise and you can see why they would be  so overconfident.

The gift I have being a Super Recognizer would not have made a difference if the availability of the internet was not there for me to utilize.  The ability to quickly pull up images that before would have meant a trip to the National Archives or the local library.  The ability for the people to access this information is priceless.  

Another priceless item will be the front row tickets to the final showdown.  Humanity v the actors who hijacked man’s possible evolution.  I would pay anything to sit front and center so I can look  in the eyes of each of the actors I have exposed as they are read a guilty verdict.


It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I’m using the technology they invented, that was designed to spy on the public, as a tool to undermine their entire operation, while giving humanity a chance to take back control of their lives that the mainstream media trick them into believing they were not in control.  Just the opposite is the truth.


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More 9/11 Actors, and Royals


More 9/11 Actors, and Royals

9-11-footage 9/11 Footage: A Reporter Doing His Job 
03:30 – South Tower (WTC2) collapses at 9:59am. Dust pouring out from window/s on 44th floor and from the louvers of mechanical equipment room (MER) on floors 41-42, north face of WTC2. West Street, at the Winter Garden. 07:00 – Interview with eyewitnesses Joseph Fichera and Paul Sutherland. 07:54 – WTC1 survivor Joseph Napolitano. 09:12 – Kathleen Avino has witnessed the first impact and the impact explosion at WTC2. 13:13 – NYPD: “North Tower is leaning.” 13:24 – North Tower (WTC1) destruction begins at 10:28am. Warren Street and North End Avenue. 16:56 – CBS reporter Carol Marin. 17:36 – Two WTC1 survivors and first impact eyewitnesses from 82nd floor. Big explosion in the lobby (probably during or just before the WTC2 collapse). 20:28 – WTC2 survivor from 39th floor (interview incomplete). Videographer: Marty Glembotzky, WABC-TV Reporter: N.J. Burkett DVD video decompressed & deinterlaced, resolution upscaled and clarity and color saturation increased. Video dubbed mostly with the audio track from Cumulus clips. Audio channels adjusted. NIST FOIA 09-42 Release #25 Folder: 42A0108 – G25D18 File: DVD Video (“WABC NIST Dub #1” Tape, Video #2) Source:

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NY 9/11 Ed Chiarini On Jim Fetzers Show

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NY 9/11 Ed Chiarini On Jim Fetzers Show

The following appearance I made on Jim Fetzer’s show goes over several aspects of 9/11 and my research into the No plane reality, as well as the Pentagon.  Nothing happened in PA so I have nothing to discuss about that 😉




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