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Jimmy Hoffa Found By Ed Chiarini of


Could I have saved this information and released it in a book that you had to pay for?  Sure I could, but I rather make it for free on my site so you can see that what I do has nothing to do with profit.  But you say then how come you charge for a membership?  All the content on is free, your access to it is limited if you are not a member.  So that means the two stories you are able to see per month as a nonmember could be any of the thousands of pages we offer.  So the content is virtually free to anyone who wants to look at it.  If you want more, then you must become a member.  Remember this is my personal work, no one funds or endorses me, and that means I also have to deal with the personal attacks and cyber attacks that cause me to spend money paying developers who work constantly protecting the site.   This is why your membership is so valuable to me because it ensures that stays online, and I can continue to fight better enabled, and with more opportunity, than I would be without your support.

Everything I generate goes back into this site and the work I do.  But this does not mean this is what I want to be doing.  I would much rather be working on my patent’s (My Hydrogen fuel cell electrode) then making every elite Royal on this planet pissed off at me for exposing their stranglehold on humanity.  But I feel this work is more important than my patent work, or me going to Parker College to become a chiropractor.  Which I was accepted to attend, but put it off until I could finish the work I began six years ago.  Unfortunately, I was unaware that the initial Gabby Giffords shooting HOAX investigation, would turn into such a monster.  But, I’m glad I stuck it out and I know I rest easy at night knowing that I am doing the best I can to eliminate the invisible conditioning a hand full of families have placed on the people of this planet that has been the cause for hundreds of millions of people losing their lives as the result of these few mentally defective self-proclaimed rulers of man.

As I watched the current ACTING President of Brazil, his movements and physical appearance reminded me of Jimmy Hoffa.  Of course, his age eliminates him as being Jimmy, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be the son of Hoffa.  I decided to look into this, and the results are as follows:

Jimmy Hoffa Found

by the use of hand vein by metrics we can compare the dorsal of the hand and confirmed that Jimmy Hoffa is in fact the father of Michael.

Hand vein analysis confirms Jimmy Hoffa is the father of the current ACTING President of Brazil.

Remember, I’m the one that caused them to kick the old president out after I exposed her as being part of the Bush family and was using a pseudonym.  That relationship is crucial in that it shows the Bush family who bought massive amounts of land through the president of Brazil were privileged in they are familiar with that President.  This opens the door for all types of corruption and preferential treatment.    But this family is used to this and uses it as a means for them to dominate others without those people knowing they are getting special treatment.  You can see this during the Teapot Dome Scandal where the Roosevelts by way of Theo Jr illegally handing out oil lease land to his family members and getting caught.  This is how the Bush family got their oil holdings.  They are the Hearst, Hunt, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Carter, Ritter, Rockefeller, Bush, Greenberg, Whol, Kaplan, et al.  The Royals of Prague known as the Rosenbergs.  They also are the Royals of Germany descendants of Kaiser Willhelm.

This is just a small portion of the characters they are playing and have played in our history.


Jeb Bush also plays a role of Tim Reitman

Jeb Bush also plays a role of Tim Reitman

columbabush1[1] jpmorgan_bush-4058500130_dba406be8f_ george-p-bush




John F. Kennedy, Joseph P Kennedy Junior, Ted Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy,


Prescott Bush, Quentin Roosevelt, Joseph P Kennedy Senior

Joseph P Kennedy Senior was also Quentin Roosevelt, who died at age 20, was shot down in a airplane in July 1913. We can see by the crash. It has staged event and we know that Joseph P Kennedy Senior also played Prescott Bush. You can validate this information by looking at the wife.


Hillary Clinton, Pauline Robinson Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, Marty

Hillary Clinton also played the role of Pauline Robinson Bush, who supposedly died as a child, but we see the stories that the family did not even grieve that day that the child died, which is typical because she did not die. We also find that Hillary is the daughter of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi from World War II and her stepbrother is better known as Pres. Johnson. Hillary also plays the role of Shirley Jones the actor from the Partridge family TV show



Winston Churchill also plays a role of Herman William Goering and is also the son of Pres. Grant

Winston Churchill, Lionel Barrymore

Winston Churchill of course play by Lionel Barrymore and was HL Hunt.  He also played the role of Herman Goering during the war

Winston Churchill of course play by Lionel Barrymore and was HL Hunt. He also played the role of Herman Goering during the war


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