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Las Vegas Sheriff Needs To Step Down

Take note of drill locations and the officials that are overseeing them.  You will find in almost every situation the officials are actors who we have identified.  This is key because you need their compliance in order for the drill to remain a secret.

With Las Vegas the same is true.

Paul Sorvino

So the actor known as Paul Sorvino is  Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas.

How Many More Do I Have To Expose?



Kevin is the producer that was also the cameraman for Bill Hicks and also is a producer for the Alex Jones show. Alex Jones is Bill Hicks cousin.

Todd Kyle  Former Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary of the Domestic Infrastructure

Sheriff Bill Brown, Santa Barbara County, Jeff Mccay, Magnum PI TV Show

Sheriff Brown Santa Barbara County Exposed as Actor Jeff Mccay, from the TV show Magnum PI.

Peter Dale, Chief of Harahan, Louisiana Police Department is Realy Peter Aykroyd. The brother of Dan .


Karry Cassidy, founder of Project Camelot also plays the role of the Washington DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier


Neil bush playing the Waco Police Departments Liasion for the Twin Peeks Biker Shooting Hoax


Aaliah the Baltimore mayor. TIm Meadows the Police Commish


Rush Limbaugh, Police Chief Thomas Jackson

ST. LOUIS – Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson is Rush Limbaugh

The victim Amb. Stevens, in the event, is actually the author of the book about the event

Z-big, Brezeinski, bud townsend, supreme court

After digging and digging, I finally found one photo of these two actors. As you can see the handwriting is a match as well as their affiliation to the rest of the Payne family that is associated with the JFK Assassination hoax.


Charles Manson, Paul Tate, Michael Greenberg, Pat Boone, real house lives, bikers

Here is the a bunch of the family members, including Michael Greenberg and Paul Tate who actually played Charles Manson, and of course Pat Boone, who also played one of the Apollo astronauts, All playing the role of bikers in the latest story that came out of Waco that involve the shooting of the bikers at a local restaurant which will remain unnamed because the entire event was just too advertise that restaurant


Pat Boone, Michael Greenberg, Bill Nielsen, NASA, Greenberg, Paul Tate, Charles Manson

Pat Boone while known for his singing career also played the role of an astronaut as well as a senator we see him along with his friends Michael Greenberg, Paul Tate, Sharon Tates brother who also played. Of course Charles Manson on the news during the Waco biker shootout creating content for the network.


Officials sleeping on the job? Well, that’s not as bad as the public who have been asleep at the wheel for the past 200 + years to allow these actors to infiltrate the government.

Brigadier General Scobee, Olivia Rothschild

Brigadier General Scobee with obvious ties to the Rothschild family. This is a possible conflict of interest since that family is alleged to have ties to the raw material providers for war-related items.


Tom_Poston_Ed_Davis Prosecuto_ for_Charles_Manson_Case

Actor Tom Poston, Played the Role of Ed Davis, The Prosecutor for the Charles Manson Case

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