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Dont Forget About This Presidential Candidate


Remember, this is what they do.  They create conflict so they can then profit from it.

Here are their children, also playing roles as elected officials and terrorists in the same state his brother is Gov.  How convenient.  You can see his mother is playing the role of his spouse.  Leaving Jeb on the road campaigning.



Their uncle Neil, playing the role of the officer in charge of the Twin Peaks Biker Gang PHONY shootout.


Other end of the family.


Of course the Clinton connection.


This would be the Greenberg/Hearst Connection since Dallas Green (AKA Michael Greenberg) coached him.

Donald Trump is a Pseudonym. Like you didn’t know that already.


And remember we have more to come, so don’t think that there are any REAL candidates.  If there were you would not see them on the Big6 owned conglomerate distribution networks.

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