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The Actor Based Reality (W/Transcription)

I have been asked to transcribe this video for foreign language transcription.  So here you go, and I hope you enjoy.


The Actor Based Reality

Since I have an imposter running around on YouTube and other websites attempting to cause confusion and damage to my work, I wanted to take a few moments to go over some aspects of my work that the opposition seems to think that they can just slide on by and you won’t notice. You can see the common attack that they use, the information that is not backed up by any fact, the mud throwing, the name calling, the childish ways that they think that you’ll fall for what they’re saying without doing the research yourself and looking at the work that they are not linking to but still calling Bullshit. So some of the things that they say like, “I’m part of the opposition”, or I’m part of the families that are scamming humanity and causing problems since day one of this country and they back further than that.” The logic they fail to offer you and rightly so because there is no logic behind it, they fail to explain the fact that I’m the one that brought attention to these actors, and their hoax events as far back as the Gabrielle Giffords’ hoax shooting.

This image was reported to be giffords at the scene. But what we actually see is a person holding the cue cards who is consistent with what is described in the DHS ExPlan Drill document as a controller. A person who gives the first responders of a drill the information they need to complete their designated task for that event.


Giffords information

I’m the one that released the Greenberg’s personal family photographs. I’m the one that’s linked all the fake hoax events, which are all drills, all the school shootings every single one of them all the way back to UT Clock tower shooting, which you can see the work on my website.


That was the first shooting at a school campus in the United States and of course if you know my work you know that UT is the Alma Mater of the Ritter’s and all the rest of these family members that we’ve been exposing.


They are all linked to the Greenberg’s the Rosenberg’s, the Royals of Prague and are from Rosenberg Texas. They are the ones of course that are funding much of the situation that we see today. I’m the only one that’s calling these individuals out by their birth names, and showing you constantly who they are, the fake names that they use, and linking them all together to the families that I’ve been exposing since day one of my work on the Giffords’ event.


Diversion Methods

If you fall for the crisis actor bullshit, understand there is no such thing as a crisis actor. They’re only actors. The term that they’ve tried to create is an attempt to differentiate their professional careers from the family attacks that they take part in when the media, which is their families business, attend these drills and then, therefore, use the drill as content to fill your heads with nonsense and to keep you clicking on videos that are full of advertisements and coming back to your TV to get more fill of your bullshit, every hour every day the week. Understand that the individuals that are playing these roles are related to the media owners.

Breck and his father who is carrying the fiance of his other son who is also in the same photos with them that day.

Breck and his father who is carrying the fiance of his other son who is also in the same photos with them that day.

Boston Bombing page

Therefore do you think you will see anything on those networks that will ever point you in the right direction? No, it’s common sense. Do you think that any book that you could get, let’s say on the Masons, or on the Illuminati, or any one of the other many fictional stories that they themselves have created, that they themselves print on their own family printing presses, that they themselves distribute through their distribution networks? Do you think that they would ever print something that would be beneficial to you? No. So when you see individuals making blanket statements such as it’s the Jews, it’s the Masons, it’s the Vatican understand what they’re trying to do.


NASA Liars

Either they are clueless to what I’m about to tell you and they honestly believe in what they’re saying, or they are part of this manipulation that these families put in place to keep you spinning in circles and believing more their bullshit, buying more of their videos, more of their books and believing in the bogeyman while believing that you will get somewhere by attacking a belief and not attacking the individual the man behind that actor.


Understand what I’m saying? You can’t put the Vatican on the stand. You can’t put the Masons on the stand, in court. You can put a man on the stand and you, as a man, can accuse that other man of the damages that they’ve caused by their acts. Now some of you may say well how are you going to hold them accountable in the legal system that they created? Well, when you commit a crime chances are you be held accountable and may go to jail. Jail is a very real place to those who get caught committing crimes. Individuals that are playing these games with you on YouTube in the media and the alternative media desperately wants you to attack the straw family, the crisis actor. Because they know that it will get you nowhere.


ferrero-owners_505_031014032816 - Copy

Harry Link AKA Antonio Ferraro (an internet self-proclaimed truther) who attacked me on several occasions, is also the grandson of the actor that plays the role of George Soros. He is also playing the role of the Ferraro Candy Corporation owner given to him after his grandfather passed away (not really) Michael Ferraro AKA Soros.


It will cause you to spin your wheels, get you frustrated, and cause fighting amongst yourselves and those who honestly are trying to do good.

Soros, Rockefeller, Ferraro, Bethlehem Steel Richie Check

We see the story about Bethlehem Steel Mill Worker Richie Check, who is Soros. Further investigations show us Soros is Michael Ferraro, the richest man in Italy and the principal of Ferraro Candy Company. After I exposed this they killed off Michael and the person that took over the company was the internet personality who was attacking me up until this was exposed (Harry Link) They claim he is the son of Michael, but I say he is the Grandson.


My Name Is Mud

So when they say that I’m trying to muddy up the situation, I’m the only one that uses my birth name. I’m the only one that puts my face on my work. I’m the only one that backs my work up and will debate it with anyone anywhere, anytime, you name it. Do you see any of these other people doing that? Do you see them using the birth name? Why? They can’t because they’re afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid of what? If you know that what you’re saying is backed up by fact. I dare any of them to come try to sue me. Sue me in court. A real court, a place where you can be held really accountable. Then why don’t they? Because they know that I am a man, a breathing man and if they ever try to use a pseudonym to file court papers that’s a felony, and I will hold them accountable. If they ever attempt to come at me and accuse me of a crime, that’s defamation of my character, and I will hold them accountable. So you will see them fall all around me because they know that if they take that one step over the line, that I’m a real person, and again I will hold them accountable.


Apply the Knowledge

Keep that in mind when you were doing research and listening to what these individuals are saying. If you asked them, “hey if this is so important can you prove you are not part of it?” They will run away they’ll want to show their face because they’re afraid. I’m not afraid. Everyone knows my dress it’s on Chiarini v. Texas. You can see my address. I’m not scared because you know why it’s not against the law to knock on my door. I don’t have to answer it, but I’m not afraid of people coming to talk to me. So why should you be afraid? Now I understand they’re individuals with families and children. I can understand the use of a pseudonym to protect your job. I am fortunate that I don’t have those things that the opposition can use as a foothold against me.


They Still Attack

Yes they throw me in jail they’ve made up stories and of course once my lawyer gets involved I’m found innocent and I’m out. I understand that many people don’t have that ability. I’m fortunate that I have support for my fans, and I actually have support from the NRA with the last Supreme Court victory that I had. So if any of you want to say that I’m not fighting for the people, all you do is check out Chiarini v. Texas, and you’ll see that I forced them to change the handgun laws here in Texas. For the past 20 years the DA had been using the laws that were written in the book, interpreting them in a way that they were throwing individuals that were co-owners of their property, that means a husband-and-wife (let’s say a husband-and-wife that husband decides to walk in his driveway with his firearm in his holster on his side on his own property) well the way the law was written it was interpreted that he’s not a full owner and is a co-owner of the property, and, therefore, subject to arrest. Hundreds and hundreds of people went to jail; I was fortunate enough that I could fight that. I was on my property, and I was found innocent because of it and they change the law. So if anybody tries to say that I’m a fake person say to my face come here and say to my face. I dare you. So let’s get back to what were doing here and what were trying to make happen.


It’s An Actor-Based Reality

Everything that you see on the TV it’s not about the story that you see being shown to you. You must separate yourself from the emotions that they’re trying to evoke inside of you with that scripted out story and understand who was showing you that story. Every single station every single network that you see that you have access to on your TV is owned by one of the big six. If you don’t know who the big six are, Google it and you’ll learn that everything that is on the TV, cable TV, print, books, magazines, newspapers, advertising, and marketing, everything that you see is owned by a corporation. When you research who owns that corporation, and who owns the corporation above them, You will see that there are 6 to 7 large conglomerates like Disney, that own many corporations underneath them.


Obama Page

Understanding that fact is key to your understanding of what you’re seeing. The number one priority that they must abide by is to keep the lie hidden from you. So they have to give each other a certain amount of respect, although they are in competition. They can’t call each other out and say you’re lying that would bring their businesses to the ground. The number one rule of their existence is for profit. They must choose profit above people. You’ve heard the argument that corporations are considered people. This is correct, they are considered people, but the corporation does not have a conscious. They have rules, corporate laws, and legislation that they have set in place. Their individuals that are employed by them have to follow. Think of each of those conglomerates, like Disney, as its own country. The people that are hired by Disney, and all their affiliates underneath them, must abide by the corporate laws, that are in those corporate handbooks you get if you’ve ever worked for a corporation. You know you get on day one when you go to HR.


The Corporate Charter

What are corporate guidelines? They are the laws that Country/Corporation say that if you want to be paid by us you must abide by them. That’s it. If you don’t abide by them, you’re going to get fired and possibly sued, depending upon how bad you break those rules. Getting sued by a large corporation, like that, can be just as devastating as getting sued by the DA and going to jail.


It’s a devastating and bank-breaking attack. But if you’ve broken those rules, then you are held accountable. So this is why you don’t see Burger King, that is a Berkshire Hathaway company, they have their soda companies that they own, and you only see Coke products in theirs. When you pull up to Taco Bell, you’ll only see Pepsi products there. You would think that okay if they are a business if it’s a restaurant, which I would want to have more choices for my customers. I want both Coke and Pepsi. No, doesn’t work that way, because they don’t advertise for each other. If Burger King were to do that, that would mean that they would be advertising for their competitor that owns Pepsi. The same rules and guidelines must be adhered to by the networks that you see in front of you. When you see the Boston bombing hoax, and I’ve shown that the individuals involved in it are the Eisner family, Michael Eisner his son Breck, and his daughter-in-law.

You think its a coinsidence?

You think its a coinsidence?

When you see all three these individuals in one photograph and they’re all playing roles as being perfect strangers and they just so happen to be there that day at that time, and all photograph together, and you know that’s a Disney family, what does that tell you?


Michael Eisner

Trying to do which I’ll probably not be successful, but I’m trying it, to do in the new media, what I was able to do television even in radio initially, and movies and theme parks, trying to figure out where the big play is. I think the big play is in content. I think the big play is on content on IP protocol. And I think in 10 years the internet will probably go away, and it will just be the way things will be distributed, so I want to be there early. That’s where I’m spending most of my time.


That means that everything that you are going to see in that event is going to be aligned with the Disney corporate policy. Pay attention to these things because these are those corporate rules that because they have to abide by them, if you know what they are, it exposes the lie without question across the board, and you can recognize the situation is fake.


Disney Magic In Motion

When you see that the events are modeled after let’s say a made-for-TV movie, where you have product placement, as we just said, what does that tell you about the event? It means it is fake? Why would they fake this? Well as I said before as a corporation they need to have ownership of what they show on their networks. If they don’t have permission from a company to show their product, I don’t care if it’s a real news event that the news media comes to your neighborhood, and there’s the cameraman shooting an event that happened in your neighborhood. If they interview somebody that’s associated with the story, and they have to use that interview for some reason, but the person has on a shirt with a logo on it that’s not affiliated with their conglomerate, what do they do? They blur the shirt out. That takes money and time for them to do that. So, therefore, it must be done for a reason, they just don’t decide we don’t like that logo so were going to blur it out. No, it’s done because they have to do it, and obviously this takes time and money and resources to do that type of thing. So when you realize that what you see on TV is there in order to generate a profit for them, when they take extra time and extra cost to do things is because they legally have to. Need more proof? Take a look at this article. When you read the tag line at the top, does anything stand out as being awkward or strange? Of course. It’s talking about Disney products. He cried at the Lion King. Now, what does that have to do with the story? Nothing, except for its pushing Disney’s merchandise, and Disney was the one behind this event. Next time you read an article notice the awkward statements, the strange mentioning of movies, or a product, or a place of business. Know what they’re doing. Then take that thing that they mentioned, and find out who owns it, or who was producing whatever it is talking about, and you’ll see who’s behind it. From that point, you can take that information and know exactly who to look for in these events as being the family members of the conglomerate that is producing it. Very simple once you know the rules of this game. Then it all falls into place every single event. That’s why every time they have a so-called school shooting I’m the first one to tell you it’s a hoax. I can point out exactly who’s involved in it because I know what to look for.


I know who’s going to be involved and who will be standing right alongside the side of them, their spouse or their other family members. Case solved. Another thing to look for when you see an event on CBS, on ABC, on NBC, knowing that they are different corporations and owned by various members of the big six, but you see the same story on them all. You know they’re all competitors so how does that happen? Well that story, chances are, it’s come from the government. Some agency in the government handed this story prepackaged to the networks and expected them to run it, and read the script that’s been handed to them. Now, why would they do this? Because those agencies, although they are government, they are in bed with the owners of the media, because they need the media to do what they say in order to sell their lie about our government to you. I’ve exposed the loophole that allows them to do it legally with the candidate oath form. Understand that if the media was there for your protection, it would be a whole different scenario. They’re not. They can’t be. Because they need content.


Sumner Redstone

The phrase content is king, is a phrase I originated. It’s mine. Content will always be king. And branded content like the brands we have will always reign supreme. People don’t watch CBS they watch what’s on it. They don’t watch distribution; they watch what’s on it. Content remains king, but let’s say distribution is a near Prince.


Let’s say I were to start a media company, and I was going to be entirely objective and show you both sides of the argument, fair and balanced right Fox.

nichole-brown megyn-kato-and-bro rongoldman

But if I was going to do it and be honest about it. Do you think that I would be able to have access to the president or be invited to sit in the press corps at the White House? No. Why? Because telling you, the truth about what’s going on is not causing drama. The drama that they need to take place is what keeps you coming back to that TV. It keeps you glued to YouTube watching clip after clip that’s filled with advertisements. Every click you have to watch another 30-second ad. That’s better than TV for them. With TV, you watch 10-15 minutes and then you watch 3-4 minutes of ads, and then back to the show again. On the Internet, you watch a 30-second clip, and then you watch a 30-second advertisement. Watch another minute clip and you want another 30-second clip of ads. They love that; they would rather you go online to get your fill. Because that means they get to play more advertisements while you sit there, than they can ever in a whole night of you watching a network channel. That money. That’s profit. They don’t care about what they’re showing you as long as you tune to their network that gets them a bigger piece of the pie.

The network ratings are what they go by, and that is how they can adjust their costs, their prices they can then pass on to their advertisers, to put their content on their network. TV was not created to entertain you. TV was designed to sell you stuff and it just so happens that in order to sell you stuff they need to have something that attracts you to it. Something so you don’t just get up and walk away. They need you glued to it, so you see those ads.

There is a method to what they do that has been established since 1933 when the first broadcast in Berlin.


Understand that time they didn’t have content and you know what to do with the TV, so they started to show government information. Well, people were naturally attracted to the TV, so they needed more content. The TV was only on for a certain few hours a day, and you can only see it if you went to a café where they had one TV set, and that’s where they gathered to watch it so of course there is money to be made that so the inventors of that TV they said what we got show them? We have no idea. This was when they turned to radio, and this is why you have a commentator sitting there in front of you on the news, that talks like a robot. They got there beginning from radio announcers. That’s why-they-talk-like-this-and-they-must-talk-in-a-very-monotone fashion. This is to capture your attention if you were watching a box that didn’t have a picture, and just had sound coming out of it, which was the radio. That’s where it got started. They were radio announcers in the beginning, and it just stayed that way because that was a way that you were used to getting your news from the radio.

Now everyone knows the tactics that are utilized by the government to divide the individuals to divide the people and then conquer them.


So this is the same technique that they used when they created the thing called the alternative media. There is no such thing as alternative media. All right get that through your mind. There’s no such thing as alternative medicine; it’s either medicine or it’s not medicine. It either cures you, or it doesn’t cure you. Not alternative medicine, medicine. Not Alternative media, just media. It’s all the same corporations.

Therefore, if you are listening to these individuals like Alex Jones, this truth movement, there are all just part of the media disguised as the anti-media.

Alex Jones and Linda West AKA morningMayan are royals that need to be arrested and tried for crimes agains this nation with their fear mongering and lies that cause people to live in fear.

Alex Jones and Linda West AKA morningMayan are royals that need to be arrested and tried for crimes agains this nation with their fear mongering and lies that cause people to live in fear.


This so they can divide and conquer the people who think they’re doing the right thing by supporting something along the scale of one end or the other of the situation. Either you’re a truther, or you are a believer in the government’s official story. Wrong! How about this for a change of pace I don’t believe in any of it. Because it’s all the same thing.

When you know the rules, you know the law, you know those corporate guidelines, you can apply them to everything that you see when they gain notoriety and individuals like myself, as you see, you will never, ever, see on their networks. Never. Why? Because I am the opposite of what they are. I’m giving you a reality that they want to keep desperately from you. They don’t want you to contemplate even for a second that what you see on their network isn’t fair and balanced.

You have to realize that each of the conglomerates have their own let’s say reality news station or show, Dateline, 60 Minutes, 20/20, Hardcopy. These are propaganda machines along with the hundreds and hundreds of hired bloggers and commenters, that sit in the back of the studio that you see behind the news people. And their job is to support the story online. You can see in the Russell Brand MSNBC interview, that I showed, where they even said that the people sitting in the studio behind him jobs were to Facebook, their job was to Twitter, and its to support the story that they are pushing. So if you say anything to the contrary to that story online, or make a video on YouTube that is opposite of what they want you believe you can guarantee you will see the trolls start attacking you, and they will be relentless in their ad hominem attacks.

So don’t let any of those things affect you. What you believe to be the majority of the people’s opinion because it’s one-sided and they know it but they’re not telling you.


Are They All Lying?

And if you think any of these conglomerates or any of their news channels will say anything other than what they’re supposed to say or what’s been told to them to say by the government? Then you’re crazy. Because if they were to step even out of line for a second, they would lose all access to any important person that they need to interview for any of the government’s events.


So just know that they are assets of the government, they always have been, they always will be. You must understand that they will never show you anything that you should take to heart and practice.

You must look at the history of the media. Understand that every single one of our presidents has had a direct tie to the major news publications of that time, stemming all the way back to the beginning of the media, all back to the times of the Roman days. If you look at the history and read between the lines, because again to what I said there never going to tell you something that’s going to be beneficial so you must learn to read between the lines and see what the actual truth is that they’re trying to keep from you.

When you hear them made reference to things like there were actors in Roman that would support the government role. What you think I tell you? its the same thing that they’re doing today., The It’s the same mentality same cementing of a government control over the people.

It’s the same as things like religion that the Royals created. If you want to argue with me on where religion comes from. Again I will argue with you that religion is not as old as they say it is. This is why, and if you use common sense and logic when you look at the stories that say biblical, Christian, and you see those same roles but just the names have been changed slightly or modified but the same characters. And that story stems back to the Greeks, stem back further to Asia. When you see those same roles in those religions that they claim date so many thousands of years older than Christianity they happen to be on a different continent that at that time there was no way that those individuals would be able to travel to, so therefore it must be older than Christianity so it must be real. Wrong! It’s not.

Logic tells you that if all those stories, the stories the flood, Noah, and you see the same stories and all the other religions, that they back further than Christianity or Judaism. Logic tells you that they were written by one source. Distributed through their Royal connections, their other Royal families, and predated so the peasants would believe that these are ancient manuscripts that date back to whatever.


This is why when you look at the copyright on the Bible you see can be freely distributed worldwide, except for where? One place. London England. Why? How can they copyright the Bible? Uh, it’s because it’s the King James version, so, you know, they just have a copyright on that version. If I were to take a book MobyDick, and use it but change it up a little bit and make the big whale oh I don’t know, a big Corporation, and use it as a metaphor. Do you think I could copyright that? No, even though that copyright is old, the corporations that make the money from selling the book would find a way to sue. I would have to give them their portion of the pie.


So this is a key that you must remember London England owns the copyright on the Bible for a reason. Now they can tell you what they want. You have no way of validating that, but common sense tells you. Common sense shows that it was a tool to keep the peasants in check.

jillian michales pastor-melissa


Who Do We Hold Accountable

Stop allowing individuals who are part of the lie to get you sidetracked on attacking beliefs, attacking companies, attacking the wrapper that the individual uses to operate behind and keep you at arms length, thinking that I got to get to the Pope.




I got to hold them accountable their child molesters. Bullshit. Now, why would I say that? Because if a priest molests a child, that priest is a man. I don’t care if it’s a father or Rabbi. I don’t care what it is it’s a man, and if they damage your property, which your child is your property, they are held accountable.

The fake Popes

But what about what we see on the news? What about that, oh you mean that corporate sponsored thing that shows the Pope and that you tune in to see the Pope going all over the country, and you see the actors around him and you believe that you buy the books, you buy the bullshit that they push through those networks. You see it’s all the same thing it’s on that network because they profit from it.


They don’t care what they are showing as long as it’s profitable. Every second of that broadcast time must be maximized for the most profit that they can possibly get.



You will never see anything on there that doesn’t make the money because that would be against the corporate guidelines and they would get sued by the shareholders.

This is why these corporations have the CEO’s that we have shown over and over again are using pseudonyms, and or are actors. This is the straw man that the Corporation uses so that you the people, the peasants, think that when that Corporation does you wrong that the CEO gets fired or gets thrown in jail.

Neil bush playing the Waco Police Departments Leasion for the Twin Peeks Biker Shooting Hoax

Neil bush playing the Waco Police Departments Liaison for the Twin Peaks Biker Shooting Hoax


No, he doesn’t, he escapes out the back with the golden parachute. Then changes his identity and is hired to do another role in another country or another town. Plain and simple. You think you’ve won. But it’s business as usual for the Corporation.



Hey Rocky Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out Of My Hat

You see what I did with Walmart, right? Let me refresh your memory. If you didn’t, notice that. The Board of Directors for Walmart, the Walton family and these other prominent known CEO’s and board of directors of other companies, if you notice they were Disney’s, family members. Of course that is another Straw family, I’ve shown this but that actor using that pseudonym name one was Carol King, the singer.


That was appearing to be a Walton, family member. Well, the minute I called out that she was a Disney family member and that another Walton member was a Disney member, immediately the following day they were no more.



Gone. Why’s that? That’s corporate law at its finest. Right, there it shows you their weak spot. That’s a way that you can force their hand and watch them jump.

You may ask so what good does that do us? It causes them to spend money and remember money is their objective. So when they have to spend unexpectedly, it that hurts. And when you can eliminate that actor because now you’ve shown their face to the public, and the public now knows that face, that eliminates just one more family member that they can use.

Bidens son is Meyers Brother

The real reason why Biden won’t run for office. Biden’s son is Meyers Brother

Unless that person is very skilled and they can change their appearance enough that I’m not going to recognize them. But that Cost Money, so the way that you attack the individuals, the way that you attack these corporations for now, until the laws are changed, you cause them to hemorrhage money.

How many times have you seen me show an event that was fake and shown the actors involved in their connections to the family only to find the next day that that event is gone wiped off of Google?


Elvis page

How many times have you seen an elected official that I’ve exposed cut and run?



How To Validate

You don’t need to have a scientific background or be trained in forensics. All you have to do is very simply look at the spouse, and you’ll see that it’s who I’m telling you it is.


You must learn not to allow yourself to fall into the story and get spun by the written script. It’s contrived with the knowledge of psychology, and they know how to play the people. It’s not real it’s fiction. The Boston bombing is as real as a drill that you thought it was.


The Eisner Family, all playing roles in the Disney Sponsored Bombing Hoax Event.

Sandy Hook is as real as a drill that it was.


The characters, in those drills are only as real as you believe them to be.


A Parent of Sandy Hook


Sandy Hook Page

But know that they are real people real actors, and they have real lives and I’m showing you the connections between them all to the Greenberg’s and all the Greenberg family members.



For example, let’s look at Brett Greenberg. You can go to a free people finder website and type in Brett Greenberg. You will see the locations that he’s lived. You will see Newport and Boston are locations that I’ve shown you his photograph as playing parts in that drills.



Michael Greenberg (AKA Dallas Green from the Philly’s and Dodger Baseball team) at the Dallas Gun rally.


His family members Michael Greenberg standing right there the Boston bombing. When you see those family members all together in that one event, and you see that Brett Greenberg, a real person lived there, lived in Newtown, lived right by his uncle Tony Greenberg, who they all with Hoffman’s lived 20 minutes away from Newtown location.

Parents pick-up children outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown

When you see that over and over again in reality that real person I’ve shown you and you see their photograph there at that event, was, does that tell you? That’s a person that you can go after and you can show his face and make it more difficult for him to keep on doing what he’s doing because remember it’s not all the doing and accuse them of crime. That will be defamation of their character you could get sued. Unfortunately, that’s the reality. Don’t don’t attack me for that. I’m just telling you what the law is that I’ve been told by lawyers so be very careful when you attack those people. You must do it in a legal framework and understand that you are reporting a newsworthy event.

They’re not committing a crime don’t accuse them of being a criminal can be held liable. So I hope that this talk brings you to a point where you can see a little bit of the fiction behind these individuals that claim to be fighting for your freedom and attacking me. Also, know that the faces that you see that these actors use, that these actors show you on the news, are not their faces in their real life. They go out of their way to disguise themselves.

They know the tricks and in cases where it’s a high profile person that they’re trying to disguise you’ll see them use all those tricks together to mask it.


Now, why would they do that? Why don’t they just hire another actor? They can’t? They have to keep it in the family because that family is the Corporation; the family is bound by of course blood but are bound by the Corporate laws or are bound by military guidelines, or bound by their countries military guidelines and they can’t say anything about it. If they were hiring another actor, which there are normal actors out there, plenty of real actors that have nothing to do with those families, but you better believe that if you see a person on a network like on the today show and their pushing a new movie or their pushing a new event the today show is their propaganda arm.

Everything that you see on the today shows their big show in the morning start your morning off with the today show you see those actors making the circuit. You’ll see the same stories from the Huffington Post to see the same stories in the New York Times. That’s because they’re all part of that conglomerate.



This is why they create these events these staged productions because then they own the rights to it and all the other networks if they want to show images from that event they have to buy those images from that conglomerate.

So you say Ed well how about presidential elections? Good question. How come all these so-called candidates can show up on all the networks? It’s because they have an agreement, you show my candidate I’ll show yours and at the end of the day when people make their decision and vote whoever gets in office wins. What do you mean wins? It doesn’t matter who you vote for; you’re only giving the business to one of the big six. The current situation that we have the current president is a Hearst family member, and you saw Carly the highest-ranking female that was in the presidential run. You see who she is? That’s Marty Hearst. That’s the relative of Obama.


When you see the truth behind the character, and you can expose that character, you understand that each of the conglomerates each of the big six have their own candidates that they funded. That they’ve created. That they’ve given a pseudonym name. That they own. That they promote, you see those people running for office on all the networks. You don’t see the other hundred individuals that have made the cut, that I have followed the rules for campaigning that are running for president. That’s because they are real people you will never see them on those networks. Why? Because they don’t own those people they can’t control them. They can’t tell them what to say. They’re afraid that if let’s say I ran, if I were to get up on the stage with all those actors, what do you think would happen? You better believe I would be calling them out. All hell would break loose, and they can’t control me or tell me what to say. So that will never happen on their network.

You will only see their property on their networks. That’s a fact. So when you think that your voting for Republican or Democrat for independent or for whatever, you’re only voting for the Hearst Corporation, Disney, or for all the other conglomerate owners of the big six. That’s it plain and simple. That’s your world, which you believe is reality, when it is such a small part of the world. Don’t allow that small part of the world to control your world. Your world is a much bigger broader more beautiful place than anything that they will ever show you on that TV.

Humanity is the same the world over. We all want the same things in life. We all want to be prosperous. This land is so free that unfortunately the individuals that own these media conglomerates, abuse that freedom. The thing that they fear is that the peasants will be able to communicate with one another without their knowledge. The Internet was created. They didn’t see it coming.



So as long as you abide by the laws don’t cross those laws. They are the same laws that they have to abide by too. Understand the hidden world that you agree to when you sign that cell phone contract, or when you sign that satellite dish subscription. Understand you have no privacy when it comes to these technologies they own it. They own the information on it and are not going to tell themselves ever. Stop believing there lies stop supporting their actor-based reality.

Stop supporting those that use lies and don’t backup their information and provide you with why they say what they say about a person. Everybody needs to understand what I’ve just said. Those guidelines regardless of whether you believe what I put out there or not, because you can easily verify and validate those guidelines, and I’ve set you can see them using those guidelines and they have to abide by those across the board what regardless what I say regardless of what the other alternative person says that your world that you reality know it apply to what you see if it doesn’t make sense is not reality.

So thanks for listening to this rant or whatever. But I hope that I’ve opened up some of your eyes and just because you think that you’re awake doesn’t mean that you’re aware.  So become wellaware on my site. You can search for the information that you want to know and if you choose to believe it or not understand that if you question it question me, and I’ll provide you with additional information unlike any of my competitors.

That’s why I make myself available. [email protected], or if you don’t want to use Gmail like I said you can use [email protected], my server.

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