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Desilu Running The Show At Manchester


To prove to you what Im saying is FACT you can see Haley Arnaz is the person playing the crying girl that you have seen at so many events.

To the point that if you can’t see this is a staged drill with hired actors to play the roles they need to produce the content for their networks then you are to far conditioned and should just go back to your world and forget you ever saw my work.

In reality, you really need to put yourself in the shoes of a parent that is missing their child or their child was murdered.  If you think for a second you would say the things these actors say or act the way they act on NATIONAL TV, then you are completely too far gone.

Just look at this actor.  watch her micro-expressions and you can see her smile when she is supposed to be serious.  Look at the mic in her ear.  Who needs a mic to answer questions? OH YEAH, and an actor does.

Watch as her eyes look to the sides as she hears the person in her ear telling her what to say.  She can’t talk and listen at the same time so her speaking cuts off as her eyes look to the side.  This is typical of a person trying to separate the reality they are in with a voice in her head.  She can’t be listening to both at the same time.  It takes years of practice to do what the TV commentators do each night.  If you didn’t know the newscasters you watch all have mics on their ears and while they are reading their script they are getting commands from the producer who sits in the control booth telling the control room editors to cut to different cameras and telling the next camera man to move to a certain position for the next shot.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes during a news broadcast and this actor doesn’t have the experience to cut it.  PLUS you will see in the next video she is the same actor that plays the missing girl they are talking about.  It’s ALL STAGED AND ALL FAKE.


Ahhhh but they look so familiar…Yep, you have seen them before.  Sandy hook, and really they are the granddaughter of Lucile Ball


Shave his beard and you have the grieving father.



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