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The Kaplan's
Are one of the families that make up the group of families I have been investigating as playing a major part in the fake HOAX events you see on the television. They are family with the Greenbergs, Wohl's, Rockefeller's, Harmon's, Bush, Kennedy, and several other major players that also appear to be of the Royal Blood line, which I will be producing a video outlining where they come from shortly.

New Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer is not who she says she is.  She is one of the family members I have been investigating better known as Alissa (Kaplan) Blumberg and Lisa Kudrow

So I now know why has not been ranking on Google.

(Reuters) - New Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer's compensation package could total more than $70 million in salary, bonuses, restricted stock and stock options over five years, according to a regulatory filing made by the company Thursday.  Marissa Mayer is not who she says she is. She is Alissa (Kaplan) Blumberg, the Grand Daughter of Benjamin Kaplan (the Nuremberg Trial Lawyer), step Aunt to Jacob Michael Greenberg (AKA Mark Zuckerberg as per his February arrest for drug possession.  At the time of the arrest (this year) he was 22 years old NOT 27 as the media and the SEC were told in the Facebook filings.), and step sister to Liz Harmon (AKA Jill Rappaport from the Today show), and Liv Kaplan (AKA Randi Jayne Zuckerberg )

The SEC is being notified of this offense, but has failed to react to previous notifications of the fraud that is Zuckerberg. 

Alissa is married to Kenny Blumberg you might recognize him as the Tattoo shop owner in the Casey Anthony Fraud or Giffords AstroNOT husband..
kenny blumberg

Here is Alissa and her husband Kenny in the middle is either Kenny's father, or brother. I'm leaning towards brother, but that's not important. What is important is the fact that he is the same person that plays the role of Caylee Anthony's Grandfather on the Youtube Videos that were released during the HOAX trial.

Alissa and her husband Kenny

Here is Alissa and the whole family in Israel. We also see her nephew Jacob who you know as Mark Zuckerberg. Can anyone say INSIDER TRADING? I sure can.

Here is Alissa doing some acting for the Holly Bobo missing teen HOAX, and can be seen in the Pima County Sheriff Dupniks Annual Awards booklet available from


Here is Alissa at the Pentagon During 9/11     

Here she is in my video where I exposed David Icke at the HOAX Occupied event

Here is Alissa reporting on the Giffords HOAX shooting. BUT I thought they said she worked for Google.  LIARS.

Liv Kaplan (aka Liv Tyler, the fictional daughter of Steven Tyler who is Gay, so they use her as proof he is not. But I recently caught him appearing on the internet as a cross dresser.(video to come)

Benjamin Kaplan
Was the Nuremberg Trial Lawyer and was said to of died at age 90 but this photo was taken at his 92 Birthday party in 2010


Joan Kaplan
AKA Morning Mayan, Joan Hamburg, Linda West, Lonleygirl4U

She is a real disgusting person who we have video of telling her 12 year old son he should take advantage of having his head shaved (for a role in a film) and tell people he has cancer so he can get presents like his mother did.

In fact you can go to and see the opposition photographs. In that section you will find here photos of her getting her head shaved and pretending to have cancer. she even went as far as producing a video showing a fake tumor on her back, all the while accepting donations like all of these actors do.

Associated with:
Alex Jones Show, David Acton (AKA Birth Name William Witherill owner of, actontheacotor, Mr David Acton, Mr disaster, and many many other accounts on Youtube.) as well a the son of Billy Graham Franklin Graham II

Liz (Kaplan) Harmon (AKA Jill Rappaport on the Today show) Playing the defense Lawyer for the recent HOAX Batman Movie Shooting. All the Kaplan's , along with some Greenbergs, Harmon's, Rowan's, with the help of the Greenberg SNL staff actors make up the majority of the actors you saw associated with that HOAX event.

Liz with Michael Greenberg and his Wife Vicki

Liz with her nephew Tim Whale who is actually Royalty. which we will get into later.

Glen Kaplan. Lead singer and bass for the band Primus  Les Claypool.

Alissa with family members Tony Greenberg, Liz (Kaplan) Harmon, and Vicky Greenberg. To view the over 5000 photos of their family go to


Alissa (Kaplan) Blumberg, Tony Greenberg, Liz Harmon, and Vicky (Wohl) Greenberg Tony's Step mother.

I believe its quite clear that Alissa has her hand in numerous HOAX events that were then propagated globally via her families ownership of the network TV stations. I hope you can begin to see the influence these individuals have on your perception of reality, because that is key if you are to understand the full size of this families activities.

Here she is reporting on a another CBS story using the AKA Karen Brown

Jennifer Greenberg Sexton, Daughter of Michael Greenberg, Granddaughter of Kermit Roosevelt AKA Walt Disney

Jennifer is the actor that plays the roles of Tina Fey, Sarah Palin, Gabby Giffords, Rebecca Joy, Jennifer Rio, Jennifer Joy, Sonya Truthergirl (internet radio host of "The Truthergirls") and many many others.  Her entire family is full of the individuals that are taking part in a massive lie that I can trace back to at least Teddy Roosevelt and his family.  Watch my videos and you will see their faces.  Remember them and hold them accountable as they will be getting ready to cut and run very soon




IF you've invested in Facebook and lost money then you need to understand who is behind the lie.


Joel Hockmuth is Max Keiser from RT and is married to the actor that plays Morning Mayan on Youtube (who is a family member of the crew I've been investigating.

Max Keiser plays the role of a financial Guru on
and frequently appears on Alex Jones show.

Kerry Cassidy - Liz Harmon?, and Julie Mitchell is her sister Joan Kaplan?

crazy Julia Mitchell

In response to the article (and I use that term loosely)  I will point out that the author of said piece Julie Mitchell is none other than Kerry Cassidy, founder of the fraudulent group called "Project Camelot"  more like "Project Scam-a-lot" but have revisited the information that has recently come to me from people that want to see her held accountable for her lies and scamming of many a person hard earned cash through her pushing of her donations.

.  Her partner involved in that fraud who we though before to be Frank Giffords turns out after we received much higher quality footage to evaluate, to be none other than David Icke.  If you know anything about what I've been working on rest assured that is a lie as well.    So I could go into her story line by line and waste your time  (and might if I get a few free moments) but for now understand this is a person that has posted on my FaceBook account that she believes I'm Dee Snider from the band Twisted Sister, and prior to that said I am none other than Steven Baldwin.  Those thing aside when she is accusing me of here lacks any bit of logic since she is stating that I am a deputy that works for the Pima County Sheriff Dupniks office. If you are even remotely familiar with my work you will be just now picking yourself up off the floor after falling from not being able to breath due to laughing. I am the person that is EXPOSING Dupnik and all the other crooks and conspirators associated with the Pima county Sheriffs office, and have produced over 200 videos outlining and identifying their top officers and neighboring Sheriffs like ARPAIO who is David Rockefeller Jr.. If I was an employee of their organization, the same organization that has publicly stated how angry they are with my work you would think that , oh I don't know maybe ONE of them would recognize me as an employee since my face is on all my videos? 

What she is really mad about is she has been exposed and soon the people will learn about it and that will be the end to her and her Project Scam-a-lots friends meal ticket.

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