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Oregon Shooter Identified

You know him from many other unrelated events.  Such as the Clackamas Mall shooter, and the actor that played the brother of Christina Taylor Green of the Gabby Giffords HOAX shooting.

He lives in that area as well so its mighty convenient.




More missing archives.

The latest update….

The media slips up and uses the same actor for dual roles in the same event.


More actors identified.



And Michael Keaton



Speaking of batman…


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  1. Just wanted to comment…

    It’s buyer beware sort of, I think… I mean, we’re all on an equal footing “down here”. Not to excuse their damnable behavior at all, just a look from a realistic perspective. Look around and believe what you will. We only have ourselves to blame, ultimately.

    Kind of like the, “ol’ bait and switch”. What’s that…?

    A used car salesman put an advertisement in the Sunday paper showing a brand spanking looking “new” car for sale, low miles, for half what it’s worth! Well, he knows what going to happen. First thing Monday morning, people start to show up on his car lot with that advertisement in their hand – their an easy mark. He sees them coming a mile away. Greed is their motivation, both salesman and sucker…

    “Hey, what ya got there,?” the salesman says.

    They hold up that paper with a tentative look on their face, pointing to that shiny looking “almost new” car…

    “Oh, man. I’m so sorry. I just sold it! But you know what? I’ve got a better deal than that right over here! Let me show you,” the shady character in our story says, as he waves his hand in total control of his subject.

    The next this fella knows is that he’s driving off in a car that he would have never purchased otherwise.

    That’s called, bait and switch, and it’s against State Law. You know why? Think about it before reading along…

    You know why? That brand spanking looking new car you saw in the Sunday paper? It doesn’t exist!!!

    That’s right. It was just a picture, maam. And the joke was on you, until the people elected representatives in their State Legislature to pass a law to punish that creep who suckered them in. They couldn’t see it coming, so they figured they would get revenge if they could, and wrap it all up in consumer protectionism…

    I guess we never thought that there would be people with rubber sh*t on their face running a gigantic “pigeon drop” game on the whole damn world!! But that’s the subject of a whole-nother post. Ha.


    • The law states they have to have at least one car that is sold at that sale price in the paper. (I used to do the layouts for the Greensheets, and auto trader publication) hehehe.

      But I would say it’s even worse than what you mentioned. It’s more like the sky is falling and you better get down here to get you special sky falling umbrella or you will die without it. So the threat is a complete fiction and they sell you crap you don’t need and continue pushing the fear mongering.

  2. Basil /

    You’ve got to feel sorry for the children of these actors, the mother of Christian Traemer or whatever his real name is has pushed her son into doing this with zero regard for his future or safety. Ed had just put out the video where she’s taking the lad to get his head shaved and she comes across as a psychopathic bully, joking about her fake cancer scam. I was just getting my head around the whole actor situation that Ed was exposing at the time and I was watching her youtube channel like a hawk because she was so pissed with Ed that they had been discovered.
    She (lonelygal4u) made a few abusive vids to Ed, but I saw one that maybe even Ed didn’t catch, she took it down the same day…I regret not downloading it (lesson learnt). She made the vid in a 4×4 vehicle and was very drunk and/or high on something, slurred speech and arms all over the place. It was only a minute or so long but it was a full on attack aimed directly at Ed but with no substance so it was funny and sadly embarrassing for her. Now her son’s a known treasonous criminal. Great parenting skills.

    • stefan /

      I’ve seen some of her videos. I do agree with the fact she is a bad parent. But they are no criminals unfortunately, else the show would be over… I believe they are all born into a world where some one told them it is OK for them to fake stories and mislead people. The question is when was the chain started… we might be talking hundreds of years back, if not thousands of years back… they are at least doing this since the time of jesus christ… our parents teached us that we could trust TV and media, looking back that wasn’t the best advice either… there really seem to be two kinds of people on earth.. now actually a third kind has evolved… the people that undo the programming and start a new chain. So, yes he becomes what his mother is… but we all do, unless we are motivated to change. Why would they change? This is how their ancestors made money… they don’t know better. They don’t change, unless we make it difficult for them…

      • You’re right; never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes. Not sure who said that (and they were probably a fake persona anyway!) but a child born and raised in any environment would see that environment as normal. I think Ed’s interview with Linda Joslin was one of his best and I reckon that the ‘Hidden Hand’ document that they discussed goes some way to explaining why the families do what they do… it explains what they believe on a spiritual level. If the HH GLP forum posts were genuine then it really has been going on for generations.

        I have a strange respect for some of the actors, especially John Cleese…but then I think of the ridiculous, oppressive society we have become and the millions of families in Spain alone who are suffering beyond anything we would have imagined ten years ago through their direct actions and I wonder if I have Stockholm Syndrome. I suspect that many of them want out.

      • Yes she is a bad parent for sure. But she is a royal so she doesn’t care. She thinks it’s their right to rule the peasant’s however they see fit. Lies are the truth to them and don’t care what happens to those who believe their lies they only care about staying in the same position they are in and have been in for the past 2000 years,

      • John Cleese and many of the others were my favorites. But knowing what I know leads me to believe they are not as talented as we once thought and are simply plagiarizing old skits their royal family members keep hidden from the rest of the population and they are handed down from generation to generation, or allowed access to the history vaults.

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