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UPDATE! London Terror Attack Is A HOAX

The Actor Based Reality – Dallasgoldbug

Before you read this,  understand they are reporting they ran a drill of the exact same scenario at the EXACT SAME LOCATION two days ago.  THE SAME THING WAS SAID ABOUT THE 7/7 bombings AND THE SAME ABOUT THE 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks.    I’m surprised with all the slaps to your face you aren’t completely awake by now.

In nearly every so-called TERROR attack, drills of identical scenarios are said to take place at that same location the same day as or just days prior.  Now use your brain people.  Stand up and tell them you are not going to take this nonsense anymore.  The dismantling of the media conglomerates must commence soon.

London Terror Attack Is A HOAX – When you spot well-known actors involved know it’s a drill. Colin Andrew Mochrie (born November 30, 1957) is a Scottish-born Canadian actor and improvisational comedian, most famous for his appearances on the British and US versions of television improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway?.


I withheld this information so I could trap the trolls who immediately bash my work, simply because that’s their job to do to anyone not pushing their lie.

What do I say all the time?  “When In Doubt Check The Spouse” and When you spot one actor look around for their spouse to be playing a role.  So the video of Colin making his eyewitness statement is FOLLOWED DIRECTLY by his spouse making hers.


When an event is real there is no need to fake anything.  This means eyewitnesses included.

THEY JUST HAD A DRILL TWO DAYS BEFORE THIS EVENT (Know that is when they shot the footage they are showing you today to fill in the story)

Watching the live footage streaming in online I recognized one of the eye witnesses as a well known BRITISH Comedian Colin Mochrie.   If you see this video clip pay attention to the reporter who mentions the name COLIN as he is talking to a person standing off camera.

Slip up after slip up they must think the British people are far more conditioned than the American viewers. Sloppiness like this is mind boggling.


These little clues are what you need to pay attention to, along with the typical words that I have said in the past to know that tell you immediately without a doubt the event you are watching is a DRILL.

You hear the words such as Multiple Agencies reporting, multijurisdictional, conflicting reports,  Dynamic event, along with the media covering their asses by saying, may have,  some people say, unconfirmed, non-official reports, we believe, possible additional shooters.  These are words of people playing their part in the production, that is made from a multijurisdictional event/Drill.

Notice the product placement in the productions.  You notice in this one the mention of Land Rover, Jaguar, Hyundai etc.  So know who is paying for the production.

Pay attention to the “Dick Joke” names BJ Harrington the Scotland Yard official.

Note the reporter’s name, Alistair BUNKALL. it’s all Bunk

Watch for logos and unusual and awkward placement of people standing in the shots looking at the cameras.  Those people you will find are the relatives of the actors involved.  Search for the actor’s SPOUSE (which are really their siblings) but you will see them being used as the supporting characters in the productions.


note the very last credits screen The Oregonian. That’s a Hurst production




See what I mean? Side note she was awarded an Oscar the following year (as her payment I believe)

patton Oswalt and spouse 77

This so-called eyewitness to the event that day is nothing more than a spouse Patton Oswalt who also plays a role in the event.


Richard Jones an eye-witness to the event known as the 7/7 bombings. Is just another comedy jackass.



  1. Nancy Kidd /

    Colin’s wife is debra or debbie at least it was her highschool name.they have a son think he might be 18-20 years old by now.

  2. Why was there such a lack of blood? Surely if the lady had been *crushed* by the bus her insides would be all over the road. The lack of blood was what made me suspicious and I also want you to look into the FAKE SILICONE DOLL that started the Syrian invasion. They only cost $1000 for the realistic ones. Google High quality silicone dolls.

  3. Usually police shoot before they are stabbed. And too many shoos lying around, even socks.

  4. I notice this morning that there have been (again) pre-dawn raids in Birmingham… (Which is 2 hours away from London – in good traffic – for those unfamiliar with UK geography/roads.) Sounds like this “attack” was an excuse…

  5. Roger /

    Your right! Saw several people laughing as people ran by them. Also image of attacker on a gurney w/o blood and not handcuffed was awake . And knife used on ground in same shot..No blood. Now attacker is shot dead by police. Just in time to make this president another wartime hero and improve his approval ratings.

  6. Just dropped the bomb on them. Spouse included, so be on the look out for their kid to play a role.

  7. But just wait. I was intentionally holding back additional actors I identified. What is the Rule I say when you spot one actor what to look for?

    Let’s see if anyone is paying attention.

  8. Shari /

    OMG…you can’t be serious? If those celebrities publicists get wind of this, you can be sued!! Accusing them of acting in this way….not a good idea – oh and by the way, Colin Michele is Canadian you hoser!

    • Sued for what? Calling them an actor? hahahah know your law but until you do zip it.

      • Just Here To Talk /

        Technically, there is a law for slandering other people, called slander or defamation laws. These laws are present in multiple states, including Michigan, and the code can be found in section MCL 600.2911(1). However, you can also defend yourself with the Constitutional Law of freedom of speech. In the end, it all depends on who can convince the jury.

        • And where is the slandering? Remember I’ve been doing this for 6 years, I have lawyers advising. So I’m trying to get you to think hard about your words. Think like a lawyer.

    • Did you mean Colin Andrew Mochrie? He is a Scottish-born Canadian actor and improvisational comedian, most famous for his appearances on the British and US versions of television improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway?

      • Roger /

        Fake is right! MSNBC coverage showed attacker on gurney, knife on ground (same still), bandage on attacker, no blood, no handcuffs, no injuries and no bleeding cop. Now they’re saying attacker was shot dead. All change subject on president. And possibly make D.T. the next wartime president.
        Keep up the good work! Info is power!

        • Gillian Linard /

          Exactly. No blood anywhere and as for the lady crushed by the bus….wouldn’t her insides be splattered all over the road?

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