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UPDATE! Pull NASA’s Funding


All they do with it is pay Hollywood to create their lies.

Yes, we have exposed this many years ago, but it still needs to be addressed.

To learn more about the NASA lie we exposed here first on just search for NASA in the search field.




NASA caught lying again and spending TAX dollars to do so.
Their official page

The writer for many of their stories page


Another FAKE Astronaut/Senator EXPOSED

So far I have identified all the Apollo astronauts as well known actors. Now add this one on top of the fake shuttle disasters and you have yourself one big mess they need to fess up to. The game is up, and the TAXPAYERS NASA robbed, want a refund as well as justice to be meted.




Are you going to be afraid of how others react to you showing them the facts?  Or are you going to tell them they are wrong, and if they don’t look at the facts they will be helping the enemy of humanity attack this country and every other country that they target?  If they try to poo poo the information, walk away and ignore them.  Tell the next person.  Eventually, there will be more of us than those who are acting like sheep.  At that point, the game is over for these liars regardless if others don’t want to listen.  The Facts stand on their own, regardless who is saying it.  Remember, it only takes one voice to start the chain reaction that will bring this lie and those behind it to their knees.




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The Shuttle Disaster HOAX

A story written by James Danie about my research.

I (James Daniel xdisciple) remember where I was on January 28, 1986… I was sitting in front of our family’s Zenith console TV, changing the channels on the corded remote control with the type of buttons that you had to push down and click on.  I still remember the color and shape, perhaps my parents still have the unit in their basement… It was like a mini keyboard, but ten times as thick.  When you pushed in one of the channel buttons, the previous one would click out.  I don’t remember which channel I clicked on, but I remember the image of the Space Shuttle Challenger  blasting off.    I had seen this before… Launches of the Space Shuttle were huge events back then, in school we would anticipate the launch with the near anxiety of a Christmas morning.  Our teachers, especially, would not fail to impress upon us the importance of the history of the space program and its upcoming missions.

As I sat there in amazement at the birdlike machine soaring into space, suddenly, and quite shockingly, it burst into a flash of flames and then white smoke.
You had to see it on live TV to understand how someone who was watching it was quickly immersed into a totally surreal feeling.  I literally could not believe what I had just seen.  I thought to myself: “Is this a movie?”  Was I somehow quickly transported in time to 2011 and then into Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Here is the evidence which exposes both the Challenger and Columbia disasters as fake media events:  I call it the Surviving Teacher Astronaut Theory or STAT.
Among the 7 crew members who were said to have lost their lives that day, was one person of particular interest to this blog post.  The official history relates that Christa McAuliffe was a teacher, who was chosen among 11,000 applicants for President Ronald Reagan‘s announced Teacher in Space Project.  The idea behind this project was to popularize the Space Program, and increase public interest and faith in the reliability of space flight. But we will soon realize that the real intention must have been something else entirely…
On February 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas and Louisiana during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in the death of all seven crew members.  Among these casualties was one Laurel Blair Salton Clark, flight mission specialist and medical doctor.
This person is the same person from the first disaster:  (Christa McAuliffe) from 17 years prior.  This single fact alone dismisses both disasters as a lie.  How can one person survive two disasters?  And not only these two characters, but the person who played this also likely played Lisa Nowak, the former NASA astronaut who was arrested at Orlando International Airport on charges of attempted kidnapping, battery, attempted vehicle burglary with battery, and destruction of evidence, out of a jealous fit over her former husband and his new romantic partner, allegedly.  More media fakery nonsense, most likely… Add to this Sally Ride, physicist and former Astronaut aboard Challenger in the early 1980s.  She helped to investigate the Challenger disaster!  The teeth, chin, hair and the shape of the face are all identical.

The Shuttle Disasters are a joke.

Sally Ride was supposedly the first American woman in space and also the youngest American at age 32.  Just a few hours ago, the media has reported that Sally Ride has passed away at age 61, no doubt as a result of Ed Chiarini’s exposition above.  And no doubt, the moon landings were faked, as is popularly believed.  What really is on the dark side of the moon?

The Rest of the crew are the same people just 17 years apart.


shuttle1 - 001


ShuttleChalleng_crew_portrai7t - 001

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US Congress Outed

Paul Davis Ryan is the 54th and current Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Ryan is a member of the Republican Party, who has served as the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 1st congressional district since 1999. Wikipedia

Paul Davis Ryan is the 54th and current Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Ryan is a member of the Republican Party, who has served as the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district since 1999. Wikipedia

  jan-hooks   senatorthompson   A Fan’s Tribute to And DallasGoldBug  
David Richmond Gergen

David Richmond Gergen, also plays Col. Tom Pugh

Sir Evelyn D Rothschild a.k.a. Bernie Sanders a.k.a. Gary Hoffman

Bernie Sanders, more like Bernie Rothschild. But really Gary Hoffman, friends of the Greenberg’s

Ted Cruz married to Anna gasteyer of Saturday Night Live

Ted Cruz married to Anna Gasteyer of Saturday Night Live

  congress woman sanchez shoot-me   576537_3831986723021_1378478661_3679132_1540961080_n   barber   belgard   538762_3719119101401_1378478661_3615086_635656478_ntedcruz-exposed
Charles Manson, Paul Tate, Michael Greenberg, Pat Boone, real house lives, bikers

Here is the a bunch of the family members, including Michael Greenberg and Paul Tate who actually played Charles Manson, and of course Pat Boone, who also played one of the Apollo astronauts, All playing the role of bikers in the latest story that came out of Waco that involve the shooting of the bikers at a local restaurant which will remain unnamed because the entire event was just too advertise that restaurant

Pat Boone, Michael Greenberg, Bill Nielsen, NASA, Greenberg, Paul Tate, Charles Manson

Pat Boone while known for his singing career also played the role of an astronaut as well as a senator we see him along with his friends Michael Greenberg, Paul Tate, Sharon Tates brother who also played. Of course Charles Manson on the news during the Waco biker shootout creating content for the network.

Hillary Clinton, Pauline Robinson Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, Marty

Hillary Clinton also played the role of Pauline Robinson Bush, who supposedly died as a child, but we see the stories that the family did not even grieve that day that the child died, which is typical because she did not die. We also find that Hillary is the daughter of Joseph Goebbels the Nazi from World War II and her stepbrother is better known as Pres. Johnson. Hillary also plays the role of Shirley Jones the actor from the Partridge family TV show

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  1. Tad O'Malley /

    Great article Ed, always LOVE your work. I had a quick question, I am not CHALLENGING (get it? Cause it’s the challenger haha) your facts, but I had a question about one of the crew members of this OBVIOUS HOAX. I couldn’t help but notice, not that I see color or anything (I am NOT racist) but it seems like one of the crew members in 1986 was Asian, but no Asian’s (again, I see past color) in 2003. Did this actor die of opioid overdose as most actors do? Or, did he get facial reconstruction surgery to become white (again, seeing past color). Ed you have truly opened my eyes and mind to a whole new world free of the government’s lies, and I am forever grateful and in your debt.

  2. Batman /

    Have you seen 200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning ball?

    • No because I know its not and only need one thing to prove it and they cant debate because they know they are misleading people. So when thy can address the above information then I might be convinced to view it, but until then Ill be waiting right here.

  3. Betcha the real no.of dead asstronaughts in their ‘black’ programs is in the thousands

  4. Emile /

    Why do you think this is a hoax, when you believe the ball theory over flat?

    • Why are you to stupid to look at the flat earth page and see how you are wrong? Ever hear of copernicus? The phases of Venus? Ever notice how tornadoes spin opposite per their respective hemisphere?

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