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Queen Elizabeth II

queen-mother queen2 queen3 queens-ear queen-2 queen-of-comedy queen-and-her-shill Queen Elizabeth II, Gary Morton, Lucille Ball, Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth II, Gary Morton, Lucille Ball, Prince Philip

The Queen Queen Mother and Princess Margaret

The Queen Queen Mother and Princess Margaret

DVD’s Are Almost Here! Reserve Your Copy Today!

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DVD’s Are Almost Here! Reserve Your Copy Today!

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Nov 23rd, 2016
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Template-101-CD-DVD-Disc-FaceThe Desilu Effect – WILL RELEASE ON NOVEMBER 22, 2016

What does the JFK Assassination, Columbine, and Sandy Hook all have in common?   Find out in this DVD!
Is a video documentary Produced by Ed Chiarini AKA Dallasgoldbug the founder of (To learn more about Ed’s work on the JFK Assassination click here) exposing the Desilu/CBS Involvement in the JFK Assassination Hoax, Sandy Hook Hoax, and The Columbine Massacre Hoax.  You will learn the families identities and who they play in each of the staged events.  You will discover their connection to the Military industrial complex as well as their royal roots.

This is a must see video.   Finally, all the connections are made, and you will see how this operation works, the rules they must abide by and most importantly what you can do to put an end to their attack on humanity.

This DVD is only available as a free gift for becoming an annual member to  It is set to release November 22, 2016 (on the JFK Assassination Anniversary) So reserve your copy now at this reduced price, and enjoy the benefits of becoming  WellAware.

The connections this video makes will amaze you and will give you the tools to identify the BS in the media.   You will be able to SEE the BS =  CBS.

About Ed Chiarini

forward2At the age of 15, Ed was hired by author Robert Groden to illustrate his book High Treason.

The book was number 1 for five weeks and stayed on the New York Times Best Seller List for 16 weeks; Oliver Stone later adapted the book into the movie JFK, as well as writing the forward for the second book that age 18, which Ed also illustrated.

“The Killing of a President” is considered one of the best graphical depiction of the believed events that took place that day, but if you watch Ed’s latest documentary you will see the real story as we have all been duped by those behind that event. Ed’s first video documentary on the JFK topic was a Co-producer with Groden and called “JFK: The Case for Conspiracy.” Which we released through Blockbuster Entertainment domestically.

Robert J. Groden (born November 22, 1945) is an American author who has written extensively about conspiracy theories regarding the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. His books include The Killing of a President: The Complete Photographic Record of the JFK Assassination, the Conspiracy, and the Cover-up; The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald: A Comprehensive Photographic Record; and JFK: The Case for Conspiracy (shorter version than his 1975 co-authored book).[1] Groden is a photo-optics technician who served as a photographic consultant for the House Select Committee on Assassinations.[2]

A harsh critic of the Warren Commission, he also testified at the 1975 United States President’s Commission on CIA activities within the United States (sometimes referred to as the Rockefeller Commission).

Groden achieved his first national exposure on March 6, 1975, when he and Dick Gregory were on Good Night America, a late-night TV program hosted by Geraldo Rivera, and they showed Groden’s copy of the Zapruder film. It was the first time it was shown in motion to a national TV audience.




Desilu Productions (/ˈdɛsl/) was an American television production company co-owned by husband and wife Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, best known for shows such as I Love Lucy, Star Trek, and The Untouchables. Until 1962, Desilu was the second-largest independent television production company in the U.S. behind MCA‘s Revue Productions until MCA bought Universal Pictures, and Desilu became and remained the number-one independent production company until being sold in 1967. Ball and Arnaz jointly owned the majority stake in Desilu from its inception until 1962, when Ball bought Arnaz out and ran the company by herself for several years. Ball had succeeded in making Desilu profitable again by 1967 when she sold her shares of Desilu to Gulf+Western / Paramount Studios for $17 million.[1] After the sale, company officials renamed it Paramount Television.

Its entire library is currently owned by CBS Television Studios. The pre-1960 library is copyrighted by CBS Broadcasting, Inc., while CBS Studios, Inc. holds the copyrights to the 1960s library (previously copyrighted byParamount Pictures Corporation).

Paramount should Be PARAMILITARY really.  You will learn why this is true.

desi-arnez-desilu desilu desilubrother

1 History

Desilu Productions was formed in 1950 using the combined names of “Desi Arnaz” and “Lucille Ball.” Desilu Productions was initially created to produce Lucy and Desi’s vaudeville act to sell the television series to Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) executives. Both Arnaz and Ball wanted to adapt Ball’s CBS radio series My Favorite Husband to television. The television project eventually became I Love Lucy.[2] During the first few years of I Love Lucy, Desilu rented space at General Service Studios (now the Hollywood Center Studios), on Santa Monica Boulevard and North Las Palmas Avenue. Desilu Productions used Stage Two which was named Desilu Playhouse. Later, a special entrance was created at 6633 Romaine Street on the south side of the lot allowing entrance into the Desilu Playhouse.[3]

You will see how they all connect.
66 3+3 = 6    666
The Disney signature has 666 within it.
33 1933 when the first tv broadcast took place in Berlin Germany
the 33 Club  Walt Disneys private club
33 degrees in Freemasonry
Hitlers fake death Died: April 30, 1945,  that’s 33
He took over power in 1933
One of the symbols of Ku Klux Klan. (K is the 11th letter of the alphabet; 3 times 11 is 33, KKK.)
Jesus‘s age when he was crucified in 33 A.D
33s are also known as long playing records; You will see how the music Industry all connects


1.1 Ball’s role in the company

Ball’s contribution was more on the artistic side. Ball had developed a sense for making many Desilu program proposals which would be popular with broad audiences and be successful in both their original broadcast and syndication reruns. Before starring in I Love Lucy, Ball had starred in many B movies before co-founding Desilu Productions, and based on that experience, she had a good idea of what television audiences wanted.[original research?]

Ball approved high-quality, original production concepts (such as The Untouchables or Star Trek) for development into broadcast series.[4] She assessed proposed projects based on how the public would enjoy the production and their potential for long-term acceptance and enjoyment. This ensured a profitable revenue stream from the programs through reruns, which would recover the studio’s initially high development and production costs. As a result, even decades after the absorption of Desilu Productions and the production end of all of the original television series Desilu approved for development, certain series have achieved enduring success, and in some cases, redevelopment into feature-length motion picture franchises in their own right. Star Trek, Mission Impossible, and The Untouchables are examples.[5]

1.2 Arnaz’s role in the company

Much of Desilu Productions’ early success can be traced to Arnaz’s unusual business style in his role as producer of I Love Lucy.[6] For example, lacking formal business training, Arnaz knew nothing of amortization, and often included all the costs incurred by the production into the first episode of a season, rather than spreading them across the projected number of episodes in the year. As a result, by the end of the season, episodes would be nearly entirely paid for, and would come in at preposterously low figures.

At that time, most television programs were broadcast live, and as the largest markets were in New York; the rest of the country received only images derived from kinescopes. Karl Freund, the cameraman on I Love Lucy, and Arnaz himself have been credited with the development of the linked multifilm camera setup using adjacent sets in front of a live audience that became the standard production method for situation comedies. The use of film enabled every station around the country to broadcast high-quality images of the show. Arnaz was told that it would be impossible to allow an audience onto a sound stage, but he worked with Freund to design a set that would accommodate an audience, allow filming, and also adhere to fire, health and safety codes.

Network executives considered the use of film an unnecessary extravagance. Arnaz convinced them to allow Desilu to cover all additional costs associated with filming, rather than broadcasting live, under the stipulation that Desilu owned and controlled all rights to the film prints and negatives. Arnaz’s unprecedented arrangement is widely considered to be one of the shrewdest deals in television history. As a result of his foresight, Desilu reaped the profits from all reruns of the series.

Katz the person who owned the alternative media market we see all the bullshit being launched from.  iHM, Clear channel, GCN are or were owned by Katz and that means Disney  You will see the connections soon.  Seach for KATZ in the US Trademark website and you will see where all the crap that is being used to program you is coming from.  You will see the NAZI war machine at work.

1.3 Early years

Desilu soon outgrew its first space and in 1954 bought its own studio: the Motion Picture Center on Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood,[7] what is now RED Studios Hollywood. Most of the I Love Lucy episodes were produced here.

The LADY in RED at the JFK Assassination  – -Look it up or wait for the video to show you the connection.

In late 1957, the company also bought RKO Pictures production facilities for $6 million from General Tire and Rubber, including RKO’s main facilities on Gower Street in Hollywood and the RKO-Pathé lot (now Culver Studios) in Culver City.[8][9]

TEX Ritter one of the founders of RKO

texandroc2k texrittergood

This purchase included Forty Acres – the backlot where Mayberry was filmed.[10]

The studio’s initial attempt to become involved in film production was the 1956 film Forever, Darling, Arnaz and Ball’s follow-up to their highly successful MGM release The Long, Long Trailer (1954), but it failed at the box office. It was produced at Desilu but under the banner of Zanra Productions (Arnaz spelled backward). Most subsequent attempts to bring projects to the big screen were aborted, until Yours, Mine and Ours (with Ball and Henry Fonda) in 1968. This film was a critical and financial success.


In 1960, Desi Arnaz sold the pre-1960s shows to CBS. Desilu Productions retained ownership of those shows which premiered before 1960, but were still in production.

1.4 Ball as sole owner

Ball and Arnaz were divorced in 1960.[11]

Ball served as president and chief executive officer of Desilu, while at the same time starring in her own weekly series. In November 1962, Arnaz resigned as president when his holdings in the company were bought out by Ball, who succeeded him as president.[12] This made her the first woman to head a major studio, and one of the most powerful women in Hollywood at the time. Ball later founded Desilu Sales, Inc., that later became part of CBS Television Distribution.

Desilu developed popular series such as Mission: Impossible, (1966) Mannix, (1967) That Girl, (1966) and Star Trek.(1966)

A Desilu loss during this time was Carol Burnett, who declined to star in a sitcom for the studio in favor of The Carol Burnett Show, a weekly variety show that ultimately lasted 11 seasons. Burnett and Ball, however, remained close friends, often guest-starring on one another’s series.

In February 1967, Ball agreed to sell her television company to Charles Bluhdorn of Gulf+Western, which had just acquired Paramount Pictures. The company was renamed Paramount Television and the former RKO main lot on Gower Street was absorbed into the adjacent Paramount lot. The old RKO globe logo is still in place.[13] The company is now called CBS Television Studios. Perfect Film purchased Desilu Studios other lot in Culver City during 1968.[14]

1.5 Independent Arnaz

Arnaz left television production for a few years, but returned in 1966 when he formed his own company, Desi Arnaz Productions, based at Desilu. Desi Arnaz Productions, along with United Artists Television, co-produced The Mothers-in-Law, for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Arnaz attempted to sell other television pilots, including a comedy with Carol Channing and an adventure series with Rory Calhoun. Neither series sold. Arnaz also tried to create a law drama called Without Consent, with Spencer Tracy as a defense attorney, but after several attempts at developing a suitable script failed, and insurance concerns regarding Tracy’s heavy drinking, the project was abandoned.

1.6 Independent Ball and Desilu Too

After selling Desilu, Ball established her own, new production company, Lucille Ball Productions (LBP), in 1968. The company went to work on her new series Here’s Lucy that year. The program ran until 1974, and enjoyed several years of ratings success. Ball returned to network television in 1986 with the short-lived Life with Lucy. It lasted eight episodes before, a first for Ball, it was canceled due to poor ratings. LBP continues to exist today, and its primary purpose is residual sales of license rights for Here’s Lucy.

Desilu-Paramount TV’s holdings are currently owned by CBS Corporation, the eventual owner of the pre-1960s shows. Desilu Productions Inc. (Desilu Too, LLC) was reincorporated in Delaware in 1967 and still exists as a legal entity, mostly as a licensee for I Love Lucy-related merchandise. Desilu Too also partners with MPI Home Video and Lucille Ball Productions (formed by Ball and second husband Gary Morton) on the video releases of Here’s Lucy and other material Ball and Arnaz made independently of each other. Recently, Desilu Too officials worked with MPI Home Video for the home video reissue of The Mothers-In-Law. Paramount Home Entertainment (through CBS DVD) continues to hold DVD distribution rights to the CBS library. Syndication rights for Here’s Lucy were sold by Ball to Telepictures, which later merged with Lorimar and ultimately was absorbed into Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. Warner Bros. is the show’s current distributor, although MPI now holds home video rights under license from Lucille Ball Productions and Desilu, Too.

Whether Desilu Too has interests in the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center in Jamestown, New York, is not known. Neither Desilu Too nor LBP currently operates as production companies.

2 Technological innovations

Desilu is often mistakenly credited with being either the first television studio to shoot on film instead of making a live broadcast or as the first television studio to shoot on film with a multiple-camera setup. However, neither is true. Earlier filmed series included Your Show Time, The Stu Erwin Show, The Life of Riley, and Jerry Fairbanks had developed and were using multiple-camera film production for television in 1950.[15] Desilu has also been credited as first to use a multiple-camera film setup before a live studio audience, but You Bet Your Life was produced using a multiple-camera film set-up before a studio audience one year before I Love Lucy. On You Bet, Your Life, the host, announcer, and contestants stayed in their places. Karl Freund‘s innovative lighting set-up for I Love Lucy allowed performers to move freely about the stage set and to be recorded by each film camera with proper lighting.

Desilu began the creation of its productions using conventional film studio materials, production, and processing techniques. The use of these materials and techniques meant that the 35 mm negatives (the source material for copyright purposes) were immediately available for production and distribution of prints when the Lucy series went into syndication at local stations around the country. As such, no “lost” episodes of programs occurred, and no programs were recorded by kinescope from the television broadcast.

Through the use of orthodox Hollywood filming and production techniques, the content and quality of Desilu productions displayed a high standard (for the 1950s – 1960s television productions) from the very outset. Moreover, they were readily adaptable to either comedy or drama formats and were able to handle special effects or feature interior or exterior sets and locations with equal ease.[16]

Another Lying Police Chief


Another Lying Police Chief

The Brother of Dan Aykroyd is a police Chief and a liar.

Deal with him and make an example for the rest of the liars in office.
Peter Dale, Chief of Harahan, Louisiana Police Department is Realy Peter Aykroyd.  The brother of Dan .

Peter Dale, Chief of Harahan, Louisiana Police Department is Realy Peter Aykroyd. The brother of Dan Aykroyd

Guess you can just sit back and wait for a hoax event to happen where he is Chief if it hasn’t happened already and I missed it.  Or you can expose him and hold him accountable for lying to the people about who he is and that he is really Canadian. But this story is not done as you will see much more about him and the rest of his Desilu connection in my upcoming DVD release.

John Kerry Fail


John Kerry Fail

The silicone mask inconsistencies throughout the years was a big clue.  Must of hired new FX artists to work on him and they dropped the ball.

I knew it but couldn’t figure out who he was until I happened to see a video of Michael Ignatieff and instantly I could tell it was Kerry.  Do a little search for his spouse, and you see she’s a match as well.

John Kerry is Canadian Michael Grant Ignatieff

John Kerry is Canadian Michael Grant Ignatieff


John Forbes Kerry (born December 11, 1943) is an American diplomat and Democratic Party politician who is the 68th and current United States Secretary of State. He previously served in the United States Senate, where he chaired the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Kerry was the Democratic nominee in the 2004 presidential election, losing narrowly to Republican incumbent George W. Bush.

Kerry was born in Aurora, Colorado and attended boarding school inMassachusetts and New Hampshire. He graduated from Yale University in 1966 with a major in political science. Kerry enlisted in the Naval Reserve in 1966, and between 1968 and 1969, he served an abbreviated four-month tour of duty in South Vietnam as officer-in-charge (OIC) of a Swift Boat. For that service, he was awarded combat medals that include theSilver Star Medal, Bronze Star Medal, and three Purple Heart Medals. Securing an early return to the United States, Kerry joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War organization in which he served as a nationally recognized spokesman and as an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War. He appeared in the Fulbright Hearings before the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs where he deemed United States war policy in Vietnam to be the cause of war crimes.

After receiving his J.D. from Boston College Law School, Kerry worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Massachusetts. He served as Lieutenant Governor under Michael Dukakis from 1983 to 1985 and was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1984 and was sworn in the following January. On theSenate Foreign Relations Committee, he led a series of hearings from 1987 to 1989 which were a precursor to the Iran–Contra affair. Kerry was re-elected to additional terms in 1990, 1996, 2002, and 2008. In 2002, Kerry voted to authorize the President “to use force, if necessary, to disarm Saddam Hussein,” but warned that the administration should exhaust its diplomatic avenues before launching a war.

In his 2004 presidential campaign, Kerry criticized George W. Bush for theIraq War. He and his running mate, North Carolina Senator John Edwards, lost the election, finishing 35 electoral votes behind Bush andVice President Dick Cheney. Kerry returned to the Senate, becoming Chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship in 2007 and then of the Foreign Relations Committee in 2009. In January 2013, Kerry was nominated by President Barack Obama to succeed outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then confirmed by the U.S. Senate, assuming the office on February 1, 2013.

Michael Grant Ignatieff, PC (/ɪɡˈnæti.ɛf/; born May 12, 1947) is a Canadian author, academic and former politician. He was the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition from 2008 until 2011. Known for his work as a historian, Ignatieff has held senior academic posts at the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and Toronto.

While living in the United Kingdom from 1978 to 2000, Ignatieff became well known as a television and radio broadcaster and as an editorial columnist for The Observer. His documentary series Blood and Belonging: Journeys into the New Nationalism aired on BBC in 1993, and won a Canadian Gemini Award. His book of the same name, based on the series, won the Gordon Montador Award for Best Canadian Book on Social Issues and the University of Toronto’s Lionel Gelber Prize.[1] His memoir, The Russian Album, won Canada’s Governor General’s Literary Award and the British Royal Society of Literature‘s Heinemann Prize in 1988. His novel, Scar Tissue, was short-listed for the Booker Prize in 1994. In 2000, he delivered the Massey Lectures, entitled The Rights Revolution, which was released in print later that year.

In the 2006 federal election, Ignatieff was elected to the House of Commons as the Member of Parliament for Etobicoke—Lakeshore. That same year, he ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party, ultimately losing to Stéphane Dion. He served as the party’s deputy leader under Dion. After Dion’s resignation in the wake of the 2008 election, Ignatieff served as interim leader from December 2008 until he was elected leader at the party’s May 2009 convention.[2] In the 2011 federal election, Ignatieff lost his own seat in the Liberal Party’s worst showing in its history. Winning only 34 seats, the party placed a distant third behind the Conservatives and NDP, and thus lost its position as the Official Opposition.[3] On May 3, 2011, Ignatieff announced that he would resign as leader of the Liberal Party, pending the selection of an interim leader,[4][5] which became effective May 25, 2011.

Following his electoral defeat, Ignatieff taught at the University of Toronto. In 2013, he returned to the Harvard Kennedy School part-time, splitting his time between Harvard and Toronto. On July 1, 2014, he returned to Harvard full-time.[6] He continues to publish articles and essays on international affairs as well as Canadian politics.


Rep. Gowdy’s A Goner


Rep. Gowdy’s A Goner

Rep Trey Gowdy is Comedian Thomas Lennon

This one is unfortunate but expected.  If you can look at this character and believe that he is a real person and not some make up covered Hollywood studio script driven phony.  Well i was close, and even though it took me a while to finally identify who is playing the role of Rep Gowdy, I knew from day one he was not who he claims to be.


So he is just a part of the Dog and Pony show we call congress.  All his Hillary bashing is just a scripted out SNL act like all the other senators are.




Lennon was born in Oak Park, Illinois, the son of Kathleen and Timothy Lennon. He is a 1988 graduate of Oak Park and River Forest High School. At age 16, Lennon met friend and future co-worker Kerri Kenney at Theater Camp at Northwestern University. The two later attended NYU,[2] where they joined a comedy troupe called The New Group.

Acting and performing

The New Group changed their name to The State. While performing their material at theaters and clubs in New York City, they started work on the MTV show You Wrote It, You Watch It. This led to the self-titled series The State (1993–95), which was nominated for a Cable Ace Award for Best Comedy Series.

Following the cancellation of The State after one special on CBS, Lennon, along with Kenney, Robert Ben Garant and Michael Ian Black went on to create and star in the Comedy Central program Viva Variety (1997–99). The show was based on a sketch that Lennon had written for the final season of The State, called “The Mr. and Former Mrs. Laupin Variety Programme”. Viva Variety received a Cable Ace Award nomination for Best Comedy Series. After Viva Variety, Lennon, Kenney and Garant created and starred in Reno 911! (2003–09). Initially slated for Fox, the program later debuted on Comedy Central.

Lennon has appeared in dozens of TV shows, including The League, Childrens Hospital, Party Down, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Comedy Bang Bang, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, and appeared as Joey Tribbiani‘s blackjack dealing, “identical hand twin” on the Friends fifth-season finale (“The One In Vegas,” Pts. I and II).

Lennon has appeared in dozens of films, including Bad Teacher, Memento, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and I Love You, Man, for which he and costar Paul Rudd were nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. He has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show, The Daily Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and at 31, has the second-most number of appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Lennon appeared as a doctor in the Christopher Nolan films Memento (2000) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).[3]

Lennon’s voice acting work includes Kim Possible, Bob’s Burgers, Archer and Planet Sheen, in which he played the character of Pinter. He plays Scribble in Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings and Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast. He supplied the voice of Eddie the Shipboard Computer in the film version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and plays the voice of Fearless Leader in the 2014 Dream Works short film version of Rocky and Bullwinkle and he is the voice of Munk on Dawn of the Croods and the voice of Chief O’Hara in the upcoming Warner Brothers animated film: Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.

In 2008, Lennon started doing stand-up comedy, occasionally playing guitar and incorporating music. He has appeared on The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show, The Jeselnik Offensive, and The Benson Interruption. He was the guest on the first episode of The Nerdist Podcast, which was also recorded in his garage.

Lennon and Garant created and starred in a 2010 sitcom pilot for NBC called The Strip. In May that year it was announced that NBC had decided not to produce it as a series.

Lennon filled in as guest voice for the robot sidekick Geoff Peterson on the CBS show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in November and December 2011.

Since its premiere in October 2013, Lennon has appeared 17 times on the late-night internet-based improv panel game show, @midnight (which he also produces), winning a total of seven times.[4]

In 2014, Lennon was cast as Felix Unger in the reboot television series The Odd Couple opposite Matthew Perry, who plays Oscar Madison. He also will star in Paramount Animation‘s Monster Trucks.

At the 2016 People’s Choice Awards ceremony, he participated in an on-stage sketch parodying the recent gaffe by Steve Harvey at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. 


Lennon is a screenwriter and script doctor. Most of Lennon’s screenplays are written in collaboration with partner Robert Ben Garant.[2] Their films have earned over $1.4 billion at the worldwide box office.[8]

Among Garant and Lennon’s credits are the Night at the Museum films.

Lennon is the author of four of IFC‘s “50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time”.[9]

In August 2010, John Landgraf, president of FX Network, announced that his network had ordered a pilot episode for a new Garant/Lennon science fiction television comedy called USS Alabama, set 1000 years in the future, aboard a United Nations peacekeeping spaceship, the U.S.S. Alabama.[3]

Garant and Lennon released a book about writing for film called Writing Movies for Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at the Box Office and You Can Too! in 2011.[8]

In 2012, Garant and Lennon wrote a film version of Baywatch. They wrote The Machine, which is set to star Vin Diesel. Garant and Lennon wrote, directed and starred in the 2013 film Hell Baby starring Rob Corddry and Leslie Bibb. The film was produced by Darko Entertainment, and shot on location in New Orleans, Louisiana. Hell Baby premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.[3]

The Disney Hitler Roosevelt German Royal Problem


The Disney Hitler Roosevelt German Royal Problem

Did Adolf Hitler draw Disney characters?

The director of a Norwegian museum claimed to have discovered cartoons drawn by Adolf Hitler during the Second World War.

If you’re familiar with my work over the past six years, you are in the know about my research on Kermit Roosevelt. If you’re not briefly here, it is in a nutshell. (be sure to use the search engine on this site to find out more about this topic some of the search words you can use are noted in the tags attached to this story)

Kermit Roosevelt son of Teddy Roosevelt was a banker from Argentina. In fact, he was the head banker for that country, and you can still see the ties to that location today as I just outed the current president and made her step down. She is the sister of Columba Bush who is Jeb Bush’s wife. This news comes after we find that the Bush family has bought one of the largest aquifers in Argentina and own a gigantic portion of land there as well. The deal that they used to get that land, of course, went through the president of Argentina, and you can imagine the insider trading information and favoritism that came along with it.


the following images come from numerous stories that are written over the past six years about this topic feel free to through the mall and make sure to use a search engine when looking for additional information on the site  since this topic is a very broad and massive part of the work that I’ve done.


just two days after releasing this information about Columba bushes sister she stepped down and was impeached.



Use this information to learn about the history of this country and you will see the bloodlines of the family that reach back to the Royals and encompass the publishing industry here in the United States  this is why you will never find anything of substance printed in a book or on the TV or on any form of news media because they are all owned by the big six who are owned by the royal families


William Henry Harrison, Pres. John Tyler, Benjamin Harrison, Gen. Grant, Andrew Carnegie, Caroline Harrison, Louise Whitefield, Carnegie, John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Davis,

The game has been rigged since day one of this country, and those responsible for it are still in power via their long family lineage.



Winston Churchill also plays a role of Herman William Goering and is also the son of Pres. Grant




Winston Churchill also plays a role of Herman William Goering and is also the son of Pres. Grant


hitler-disney-kermit hitler_child hitler-practice

Werner Von Braun is James Roosevelt the son of FDR

Werner Von Braun is James Roosevelt the son of FDR


Tony Greenberg, Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper, of course, playing the role of the of Werner Heid. The author of the books about Werner Moulder who is played by Tony Greenberg

bushallTwitter - Copy - Copy bush-3-in-london-1939

Prescott Bush, Quentin Roosevelt, Joseph P Kennedy Senior

Joseph P Kennedy Senior was also Quentin Roosevelt, who died at age 20, was shot down in a airplane in July 1913. We can see by the crash. It has staged event and we know that Joseph P Kennedy Senior also played Prescott Bush. You can validate this information by looking at the wife.


Neil bush playing the Waco Police Departments Leasion for the Twin Peeks Biker Shooting Hoax

Neil bush playing the Waco Police Departments Liaison for the Twin Peeks Biker Shooting Hoax


Teddy Roosevelt, Joseph P. Kennedy

Teddy Roosevelt, and Joseph P. Kennedy the senior are the same person. His son Quinn Roosevelt is also Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Giuseppe Kennedy Jr. is the father of its debut bush. We can sell this is correct not only from the biometrics being a match but the fact that the spouses are the match as well confirming the work.


Hitler was Kermit Roosevelt and the wife validates it

Hitler was Kermit Roosevelt and the wife validates it


John F. Kennedy, Joseph P Kennedy Junior, Ted Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy,

The Bush boys and Ross Perot are visiting their relative Hitler, who was Kermit Roosevelt.


Hillary Clinton, Pauline Robinson Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, Marty

Hillary Clinton also played the role of Pauline Robinson Bush, who supposedly died as a child, but we see the stories that the family did not even grieve that day that the child died, which is typical because she did not die. We also find that Hillary is the daughter of Joseph Goebbels the Nazi from World War II and her stepbrother is better known as Pres. Johnson. Hillary also plays the role of Shirley Jones the actor from the Partridge family TV show


We can see that Prescott Bush also played the role of Joseph P Kennedy senior HW Bush's father.  If you don't believe me me just look at the spouse

We can see that Prescott Bush also played the role of Joseph P Kennedy senior HW Bush’s father. If you don’t believe me me just look at the spouse


Ross Perot is the Great grandson of Elliot Roosevelt the brother as Teddy Roosevelt, who played his Vice President then became president as Taft.

Ross Perot is the Great grandson of Elliot Roosevelt the brother as Teddy Roosevelt, who played his Vice President then became president as Taft.



HW Bush, Nazis, Hoffmann

HW Bush gets his makeup done by Hoffmann Hitler’s personal photographer


Hitler, Disney, Kermit Roosevelt

Hitler_Disney_Kermit_Roosevelt, all the same person. You can see the extensive biometric study I performed on them all to prove the case.


Hitler's Father Played by Teddie Roosevelt, and the younger images played by Kermit Roosevelt brother Leo Jr

Hitler’s Father Played by Teddie Roosevelt, and the younger images played by Kermit Roosevelt brother Leo Jr

But of course that is what this family does, and they have been doing since Teddy Roosevelt put in place the laws to stop monopolies on the industry. Now you say well if you put laws in place to prevent the monopoly how are they monopolizing current markets? Simple for those that are in the know no for those that are in the know abide by the laws. So while the law affects those who are not the family of Teddy and efficiently caps their growth those that are in the know that are using pseudonyms to identify themselves and to hide the fact that they are related to the family can conduct business freely and therefore monopolize any industry they choose.

All you have to do is look back as far as the Teapot Dome scandal, and you will find the connection between Theo Roosevelt Junior who is Teddy’s other son and Kermit’s brother who was in charge of the land lease the Navy owned.   Instead of giving those contracts out to third-party corporations to manage the correct way, he gave them to corporations that had his family members running them. They got caught and nearly lost everything because of it.

You have to do some digging to find out Theo’s involvement in that because it’s something that they try to cover up since they are the ones that own the publishing industry they are the people who owned the media outlets, so you have to do some digging, but you’ll find it.

So as Kermit being a banker and an American at best he decides to give up his American status and joins the British Army during World War II while at the same time his cousin FDR is our president his other cousin Winston Churchill as we see here has his connections to the Emperor of Germany Wilhelm the second and all these individuals I just spoke of  our blood relatives.  Let’s not forget that James Roosevelt during World War II events played the role of Werner von Braun.  And we know that Werner signed a deal with Disney after the war to be a marketing person for them.

At the same time remember Nelson Rockefeller was in charge of the propaganda for the war and also in charge of the CIAA, which was the media and propaganda arm of the government at that time headed up by Disney himself. His job was to go to South America and to stop the influence of communism by the use of propaganda which he did, and this is where you see the connection to Argentina.

Disney, of course, is Hitler and is Kermit Roosevelt which I have said for the past six years. His sister played the role of Ava Braun.  Kermit’s other two brothers Archibald Roosevelt has supposedly killed an airplane crash, but as you can see with the photographs of the accident it is staged and fake so what happened to Archie? He became known as Joseph P Kennedy senior also named Prescott Bush. Yes, that means he is the father of Joseph P Kennedy Junior who is really HW Bush. He is also the father of John Kennedy and that makes John Kennedy the brother of HW Bush. This is why you see HW Bush at the funeral for Pres. Ford making a comment and then smiling at someone in the front row about a crazed gun-toting assassin killed Kennedy he was looking at Kennedy himself who is really Jimmy Carter. If you think this is crazy, all you have to do is look at the spouse of each of these individuals, and you will see they all match.

By the use of biometric technologies, we can analyze the year the dorsal hand vein pattern the sibling and parental events as well as motive and opportunity to complete the evaluation of each of these individuals.  You will see that this family has been doing this for a very long time and we know their connections to the German Royals in photographs were Kermit and his father Teddy are with Emperor Wilhelm the second in the battlefields those photos are hardly available in the United States, but in Germany, they were quite accessible.

To support this evidence all you have to do is look at the brothers and their roles as the Nazis that surrounded Hitler the photographic evidence is clear that Winston Churchill was one of them. The rumors of him hiding in the bunker the entire time of the war are false. We can also conclude that this is fact by examining Hitler’s Berg, which was his home.  Overlaying the images on top of Disney’s home we can see that they are the same.  And just as a bonus during the sale of this house a few years ago I managed to grab some of the photographs that were being used to promote the sale. In one of those photographs we can still see the latticework on the windows that are consistent with the ones in the pictures of Hitler’s home, but most of all we notice the German Royal crest inlaid in the window.

So if you’re wondering if the war was fake no of course not it wasn’t that makes this even more important that you understand the fact that the wars that we fight are manipulated and are not the results of real disputes between countries. The agreements that the people in charge have with the other nations in the conflict is purely a for-profit scheme.   The maintaining of the war as long as possible produces the most profits.  Therefore when you see the Bush family involved in the last Middle Eastern conflict that is still going on today you can understand how much the money they made from that fake staged event.

These people are all the relatives of the Royals of Germany who were kicked out of the country for being too warmongering where did they go to get kicked out well that’s for you to find out because most of them I find are from the White House. This family has been manipulating your reality and affecting your lives as far back as the beginning of this country be sure to check back with the site to learn more.

Just to point out the fact that during these wars these individuals that are involved in a scam sat back and watched body bags come home to both countries involved and did nothing to stop it.  That in itself is the absolute epitome of evil and is one of the main reasons why I do what I do because I too was involved in the military as an airman in the Air Force. When I found out that the chain of command that goes up to the commander-in-chief are compromised with these individuals, you better believe I made a mission in my life to expose every single one of them to stop them from being able to put other people in harm’s way for false reasons. Maybe that’s the one thing that I learned while in the Air Force was the core mottos and those are:
Integrity first.  Service before self and excellence in all that you do.

Some things just take with you.


“The Family” – The Greenberg Domestic Terrorists


“The Family” – The Greenberg Domestic Terrorists

The Greenberg’s domestic terrorists 

If you only do one thing I ask, please let it be to remember the name, Greenberg.  

Before you attempt to disregard the information on this page I suggest you take a step back and realize it’s that knee-jerk mentality that got us into this situation.  You must learn to break free from the conditioning the TV creates via its programming Understand the events you view on it,  are produced by a hand full of families that you are about to learn about.

These people are true domestic terrorists who use freedom of speech to protect themselves from prosecution.  

What you think you know about the world is either partially, or entirely based on a scripted out lie that these families play the roles as the actors you believe are real.  

Your clues are the keywords they use to tag their productions.  Words like Green, Brown, or their favorite the Dick joke.  Pay attention to these codes and you will know the stories are fake, and more importantly, you will know who is behind the production.  That will tell you who to look for within these made for TV dramas,  as the family members to hold accountable.

They are the descendants of the ruling elite that date back to the Roman Empire. They are the families of the US presidents and the owners of the BIG 6 Media Conglomerates like Disney.

If you commit their faces to memory, you will be able to decipher the news and KNOW THAT IT IS ALL STAGED.

This is where it gets good and you see what I’m saying is valid.

In the following article, you will learn the connection to the Greenberg family members, the MTV Jackass members, the Rothschild banking, Israel Finances, and other elite shadow families that I have been uncovering, as well as their participation in the political presidential race.  They are all family Clintons (which is a fake name, That is publicly known, the Greenbergs, the Wohl’s, the Kaplan’s, the Harmons, and the Hoffman’s,

alaska (2016_03_19 02_30_33 UTC)

Just a few of the Greenberg, Kaplan, and Sexton families

Harmon's, Kaplan's, Greenberg's, Blumberg's, Sexton's, and the De Vincent'a

Harmon’s, Kaplan’s, Greenberg’s, Blumberg’s, Sexton’s, and the De Vincent’a

Greenberg Family 0000091

Harmon, Greenberg, and Sexton

The Harmons

The Harmons


I am the one that found the over 5000 personal family photos of these families who are controlling this country.  Without my work no one would know the name, Greenberg. So when you see others talking about these families Know they got it from me and you might as well come to the course for the truth because there are many of these people posing as researchers trying to throw you off.



The fake researchers have attempted to steer you the wrong direction by saying the person from the sandy hook hoax is Michael Greenberg. This is not correct and you can see I know who he really is and his connection to UT

Back to the story

These families combined are a massive part of the media conglomerate ownership that feeds you crap and keeps this country believing in the next boogie man is out to get them.  They Have direct ties to Israel as you will soon find out and I will go into more detail in a follow-up story.   Yes, they are Royal family members and they are associated directly with the Queen and The German Emporer Wilhelm II.

Emperor Wilhelm the second we see has infiltrated into the United States government, along with the rest of the German Royals

Emperor Wilhelm the second we see has infiltrated into the United States government, along with the rest of the German Royals

They control everything you see on the TV and ALL the candidates that are running for office are their Blood Relatives. It doesn’t matter who you vote for you are voting for the same people that have been in office since the beginning of this Nation.  They are the root of all the problems so they need to be rounded up and tried for treason and acts of aggression on this country.  They are filling your mind with crap as a means for them to divide the public and keep us fighting amongst each other when we really need to be focusing on them as the problem.

PROOF – They don’t need to rig the vote when the entire game fixed

Remember this election?  HW Bush, Ross Perot, and Bill Clinton?


A young Bill Blythe Clinton with HW his relative.


Perot along with the rest of them are Nazi

Ross Perot is the Great grandson of Elliot Roosevelt the brother as Teddy Roosevelt, who played his Vice President then became president as Taft.

Ross Perot is the Great grandson of Elliot Roosevelt the brother as Teddy Roosevelt, who played his Vice President then became president as Taft.



HW with his younger cousin Ross Perot playing their roles as Nazi


HW Bush, Nazis, Hoffmann

HW Bush gets his makeup done by Hoffmann Hitler’s personal photographer



JP Morgan is the Great Grandfather of Ross Perot. You won’t find that in the history books but you will see them listed as bankers.



That is solid proof your vote only matters to them because they are battling for the white house control so that particular family branch can control the media and profit from it.  But remember they are all blood and not related to you.


The BASICS (you need to know this)

Yes, I know you will say you don’t watch TV and you don’t know who the Jackass MTV crew are.  Well, Google it because you need to know their faces.  In fact, EVERY name you hear me say you should google it so you can put that face to the name and remember it because you will see them again I guarantee it!

I have stated in the past that Steve-O from the MTV Jackass Show is the son of Sir Evelyn De Rothschild.  Here is the photo to prove it.  But wait it gets better.


Steve-O top left, next is the Son of Sir Evelyn and then his daughter who you see the photo next to her is a screen shot from Steve O’s documentary about his life and is his sister. You can see his father in the documentary who was the CEO of Pepsi Co Latin America

You can watch the bio here

Remember 2004 above, and 2007 below

Steve O 2009



You might remember her from the Sandy Hook HOAX shooting where the Greenbergs are all spotted there as well as Tony Greenberg who lived at 12 Flower Farm Lan in CT a 2.1 Million dollar home listed to Hoffman Contracting.



Tonys old home 12 Flower Farm Ln in CT


Hoffman Contracting 12 Flower Farm Ln, Westport, CT 06880 (203) 594-7307

Hoffman Contracting
12 Flower Farm Ln,
Westport, CT 06880
(203) 594-7307

About 25 minutes from the SANDY HOOK SCHOOL SHOOTING HOAX  and guess who we see at that event but Tony Greenberg’s Cousin Brett Greenberg


Brett Greenberg at the Sandy Hook event

Parents pick-up children outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. At least 27 people, including children, were killed on Friday when at least one shooter opened fire at the elementary school. (Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters photo)    The short person in the back is Brett Greenberg.


We see Hillary tied to Bernie.  Do we see Steve-O tied to the Clintons?  yes, we do since Chelsea played the role of Natilly Hollaway.  The girl who went missing in Aruba (just so happens to be at the same time Hillary and Chelsea were there on official business so they claim.)


Natalie Holloway, the abducted and murdered teen from Aruba was played by Chelsea Clinton. Her mother at the time was in Aruba on government business, so they claim.

Natalie Holloway, the abducted and murdered teen from Aruba was played by Chelsea Clinton. Her mother at the time was in Aruba on government business, so they claim.


Natalie Holloway is played by Chelsea Clinton

Natalie Holloway is played by Chelsea Clinton

Remember they are using an OLD image of Steve o

Natalie Holloway's play by Chelsea Clinton and we see her abductor's play by Steve O. The connection is, of course, her mother and of course Steve O's father who is Evelyn D Rothschild. He also plays Bernie Sanders and this is why we see Bernie and Hillary together.

Natalie Holloway’s play by Chelsea Clinton and we see her abductor’s play by Steve O. The connection is, of course, her mother and of course Steve O’s father who is Evelyn D Rothschild. He also plays Bernie Sanders and this is why we see Bernie and Hillary together.


In SteveO’s life of documentary we are introduced to his father who they claim worked as the President of Pepsi Co in South America  Hmmm  that’s funny since Argentina has so many ties to the Bush family and the so-called Nazi’s they always find there (which we know all about that and the Roosevelts but that info can be found by searching Roosevelts on this site)



I have also stated that Sir Evelyn De Rothchild is, in fact, Bernie Sanders (who’s AKA is Gary Hoffman)
What?  you say that’s not Bernie or Gary.  Ok let’s examine the evidence, shall we?


Bernie Sanders a.k.a. Evelyn D Rothschild is using his niece as his spouse, Camilla Sereys De Rothschild, and is also the character known as Jennifer Disney and can be seen in the Sandy Hook shooting as plain. The role of an aunt of one of the victims

Bernie Sanders a.k.a. Evelyn D Rothschild is using his niece as his spouse, Camilla Sereys De Rothschild, and is also the character known as Jennifer Disney and can be seen in the Sandy Hook shooting as plain. The role of an aunt of one of the victims

Within the 5000 family photos that I snagged from the Greenberg, Harmon, Whol, and Kaplan family members (who are the producers of the BULLSHIT you think is reality and news on your TV, when, in fact, it’s all scripted and made up and they the family members are the ones p[laying the roles in the said events)  We see Michael Greenberg, the head of the family and his wife Vicky on safari with the Hoffmans.





phone 8595

I have several hundred of them so feel free to ask for more if you still are unable to see the facts.


The caption of this photo when I found it was “Michael with Yair” 2008

STEVE-O and the Greenbergs trip to Israel

We also see STEVE-O  with the Greenberg’s and on a trip to Israel.  listed in the photos that his real name is Yair. So since we see him with the Kaplan’s in most of the Israel photos we I assumed its Yair Kaplan.  So I did a little google for that name and bingo.

Yair Kaplan Is better known as Steve O

Yair Kaplan Is better known as Steve O From MTV jackass

Yair Kaplan

Co-CEO at Paz Group

In case he deletes his Linkedin account here is his screenshot.

Note the links to Citibank so know since his father also plays the role of Sir Evelyn De Rothchild that city bank is a Rothchild bank.

Yair Kaplan LinkedIn


Steve-O in Israel Wohl, Kaplan , and Harmon families 2009


Steve O in Israel 2009

Steve-O in Israel 2009


Steve O 2009

Steve-O in Israel with the Greenbergs 2009

MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT HIS LINKEDIN IMAGE  you will see the ties to Israel are undeniable.

The Wohl family own several Museums in Israel
You can thank Arden Wohl for the Gulf War since she is the one who testified before congress and lied about the babies and the incubators.

nursen-ny_final (2016_03_19 02_30_33 UTC)


Of course, as she aged her tip of her nose drops and her lobes become stretched




Since you see that jackass with the Greenbergs have we seen them hanging out together before?  

WE SURE HAVE.  At a protest surrounding the Gabrel Giffords HOAX shooting where we see Johnny Knoxville, his Daughter, Spike Jones and Michael Greenberg walking behind them.

Johnny Knoxville

Michael Greenberg in the background with Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jones (an MTV Jackass Partner) Johnny’s former wife and daughter



AND who is this we see playing a cameo role in a protest said to of taken place in …..  There’s Johnny and who is following right behind him?  Michael again.

Watch the following clip from HBO Vice and you will see (RIGHT IN THE LAST FEW SECONDS ) Johnny Knoxville (CARRYING A FLAG) in the foreground and Michael Greenberg (IN THE WHITE SHIRT) in the background.  This is not by accident and remember one of the producers of this is JOHNA KAPLAN, and the executive producer is BILL MAHER

Now let me show you what you can think about VICE and this comes from the founders own clip.  AND notice the Jackass mention and of course he is talking to SPIKE JONES who you see in the photo with Michael Greenberg and Johnny Knoxville and family.


Michael Greenberg in China 2007



Michael Greenberg at the Dallas Gun Rally 2015

And we see Michael Greenberg at the Dallas Gun Rally.  This is a photo I took of him.

Look at the other family member that was there that day in Dallas sneaking up behind me.

Warren Buffett at the Dallas gun rally, almost running into me

Warren Buffett at the Dallas gun rally, almost running into me



Warren also played a big role in the JFK assassination hoax, as the judge for the Clay Shaw Trial.

It all made perfect sense that we would see YET AGAIN Johnny’s daughter producing a piece at a Bernie Sanders Support Rally.

So obviously we see these protest and the organizers of them are all blood-related  (aka Rothchild, Hoffman, Greenberg, Kaplan etc)  Know everything you see on TV is staged THIS INCLUDES YOUR NIGHTLY NEWS.


Johnny’s daughter you might also recognize her as one of the pepper spray girls during the Occupy Wallstreet FAKE paid scripted out protests.  She was also one of the Actors I filmed at the Dallas Occupied protests.  ALL OF THESE PROTESTS ARE CREATED BY BUSSED IN ACTORS.


He plays the protester that stormed the stage at the TRUMP RALLY

Say Hello to BRETT


OH And Here’s Brett Again at the Occupy Wall Street.

Brett Greenberg at occupy Wall Street

Brett Greenberg at occupy Wall Street



Brett again


Michael Greenberg, Brett Greenberg, and his father Leon Greenberg

Michael Greenberg, Brett Greenberg, and his father Leon Greenberg

Leon you might know as
leon-faces leon_greenberg_son_of_sam2

So you can see where Brett gets it from.

Brett Greenberg

Brett Greenberg at the Tennessee shooting


Brett Greenberg, Ferguson, Michael Brown

Brett Greenberg in person getting accosted by the crowds as he was throwing rocks at the cops all staged. Of course

Here is brett again at Ferguson playing a different role
Fullscreen capture 762016 41514 AM


These protests are paid for and not real.  DO not let them get you emotional because they are designed to get you wrapped up in the script and then get you to talk about it as well as come back to view more video and watch more clips they produce that also come with ads they make profits from as you watch.

This world is a fully scripted out fake existence that is being run by a few elite families.  They do not want you dead.  THAT IS BULLSHIT if they did who would buy their goods and watch their productions?  Use your common sense when you are watching TV and know if it seems far fetched, IT PROBABLY IS.


UPDATE 10/10 John Lennon & Prince Harvey Keitel

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UPDATE 10/10 John Lennon & Prince Harvey Keitel
Finally the confirmation with the first wife of Lennon and Jobs being the same person. From Apple Records to Apple Computers. showbiz-cynthia-lennon-2  

John Lennon’s murder was fake and staged. The first officer to the scene is none other then Harvey

Once you know this, you know the rest of it was fake.  That’s it.  It’s so simple that it’s confusing to so many of you. This isn’t Harvey’s first Rodeo.
princeharvey - Copy

Prince Harvey plays Father Guido Sarduchi


UPDATE 10/09 Lucille Hunt Ball Is Queen Elizabeth II


UPDATE 10/09 Lucille Hunt Ball Is Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen of comedy isn’t very funny when you know the truth.

This country as well as many others are being attacked and have been under attack for many, many years.  Not an attack like you normally perceive one but an attack from within by the Royal families.  They do not care about the history of this nation, as you will see.  They don’t care about what you believe is the reality.  They want to control this country and have been through the laws they put in place.  Why do you think the IRS gives you an EMPLOYMENT Identification Number?  The Federal Reserve is owned by the banking families who are the Royals.  This is why they push so hard for the creation of jobs.  That is how they get paid via the tax they hold over you.  You work for them and have been your whole life.

Originally  Published on: Apr 30, 2015 @ 16:11



The following information is found on Fred Ball’s (lucy’s brother) Wikipedia page.

Fred Ball was born on July 17, 1915, to Henry Durrell Ball (September 25, 1887 – February 28, 1915) and Désirée “Dede” Evelyn Hunt (September 21, 1892 – July 20, 1977) in Jamestown, New York, U.S.A. He was named after his grandfather. He grew up in a Baptist family; his father was of Scottish descent and related to the first President of the United States, George Washington (whose mother was Mary Ball). His mother was of French, Irish and English descent. His genealogy can be traced back to the earliest settlers in the colonies, including Edmund Rice, a founder of Sudbury, Massachusetts.[3][4] Another direct ancestor, William Sprague, left England on the ship Lyon’s Whelp for Plymouth/Salem, Massachusetts. He helped found the city of Charlestown, Massachusetts.

If you know the research I have published that pertains to the war for our independence you will be aware that we didn’t win the Revolutionary war.  We were tricked into believing we won by the King who’s name was George just like out the first king George Washington who was one of his sons.  Since they admit Fred (lucy’s brother) is related to the king, I guess that means Lucy is as well.  Let’s not overlook Gary Morton sitting right next to her.






That ear is a match 100%


George Washington, Marquis de la Fayette, Thomas Jefferson

Here we see the photographs of King George the third who I believe is George Washington. We can see by the spouse that they are a match. Also, the Marquis de Lafayette, I believe, is Thomas Jefferson.


They continued the lie with every one of our presidents being related to the royals families.

Ulysses S Grant is also James A Garfield and Winston Churchill was Grant's son Jesse Route Grant you can verify this by looking at the spouse and see the connection to Emperor Wilhelm II

Ulysses S Grant is also James A Garfield, and Winston Churchill was Grant’s son Jesse Route Grant you can verify this by looking at the spouse and see the connection to Emperor Wilhelm II



Winston Churchill also plays a role of Herman William Goering and is also the son of Pres. Grant


The Civil War was a hoax and was a scam designed to cripple this nation and for the Royals to overthrow the South and take their tobacco plantations this is why we see the tobacco products of Philip Morris all have UK names and the tobacco is owned by the royal family

The Civil War was a hoax and was a scam designed to cripple this nation and for the Royals to overthrow the South and take their tobacco plantations this is why we see the tobacco products of Philip Morris all have UK names and the tobacco is owned by the royal family

So as you can see, we all have been and still are being conned by the royal families.
They are the mainstream and alt media that have been systematically attacking everything that is American, including the constant push to take away your ability to defend yourself by the removal of your guns.

Alex Jones is Prince Gustav and of course we see the guest on his show who is actually his ex-fiancé Morningmyan or Linda West

Alex Jones is Prince Gustav, and of course, we see the guest on his show who is actually his ex-fiancé Morning Mayan or Linda West



billcooper-deanrusk Bill Cooper Phone Call

Tony Greenberg, Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper, of course, playing the role of the of Werner Heid. The author of the books about Werner Moulder who is played by Tony Greenberg




One of the members of Monty pythons flying circus.   He as well as many others of the group has their royal bloodline

One of the members of Monty Pythons flying circus. He, as well as many others of the group, have royal bloodline

Princess Beatrix, Paula Deen, Tina Towner, Prince Pinard, Builderberg Group

Paula Deen is also a royal as you can see clearly. She also played a role in the Kennedy assassination Oaks as Tina Towner. If we examine Tina’s father, we know that he is the same as the Princess’s dad. He is the person that started the Bilderberg group. So next time you see Alex Jones outside of their meetings. Remember that he is one of them a royal.

Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks we can see by the photo that they are cousins.  But they are still both Danish royals.

Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks we can see by the photo that they are cousins. But they are still both Danish royals.

Alex Jones and Linda West AKA morningMayan are royals that need to be arrested and tried for crimes agains this nation with their fear mongering and lies that cause people to live in fear.

Alex Jones and Linda West AKA morningMayan are royals that need to be arrested and tried for crimes against this nation with their fear mongering and lies that cause people to live in fear.

Ruth Paine, Princess Elisabeth

Ruth Paine, the friend of the Oswalds, is Princess Elisabeth of Denmark

Alex Jones a ROYAL pain in the ass, literally.

Linda McAvan is the Royal Camilla Parker Bowles

Linda McAvan is the Royal Camilla Parker Bowles


Kevin is the producer that was also the cameraman for Bill Hicks and also is a producer for the Alex Jones show. Alex Jones is Bill Hicks cousin.

Kevin is the producer that was also the cameraman for Bill Hicks and also is a producer for the Alex Jones show. Alex Jones is Bill Hicks cousin.


Kevin is the producer that was also the cameraman for Bill Hicks and also is a producer for the Alex Jones show. Alex Jones is Bill Hicks cousin.

Kevin is the producer that was also the cameraman for Bill Hicks and also is a producer on the Alex Jones show. Alex Jones is Bill Hicks cousin.



Lee Ann McAdoo

Lee Ann McAdoo is the daughter of Queen Noor and works at AlexJones info


Bill Hicks, Alex Jones, their mothers are not the same.

Bill Hicks mother is clearly not Alex Jones. His mother, but they are sisters.


Alex Jones and Linda West

Alex Jones and Linda West

Beware of the words they publish.  Know they are the enemy of your freedom.  Arrest them and put them on trial for treason and acts of aggression toward this nation.  If they are found guilty, execute them and make examples of them, so this will send a message to any foreign country that believes they can attack us from within.

This is the official authorized backup channel for the work of DallasGoldBug, Ed Chiarini, Jr. at I have written contracted permission to upload this material. During 2015, his videos are being re-released from the WellAware1 resources vault. Comments are inactive on this

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Wellaware1 is making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material in this video is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to:

Jimi Hendrix AKA Morgan Freeman

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Jimi Hendrix AKA Morgan Freeman

For those who still doubt what I’m saying, you have the proof here so deal with it.



You can attempt to deny this all you want, but the evidence is clear. Morgan Freeman (the actor known as that pseudonym) was also known as the Musician Jimi Hendrix. I was the first to report this, and stand by my findings.


Do I need to go on?  No, not really, because if you have any ability to critically think and apply common sense you know for a fact with this scientific evidence as well as the supporting proof of his spouse, know what I am saying is FACT.  If you claim to disagree, even after you are looking at the proof in front of you, it shows you are thinking in a conditioned state and or are benefiting from this lie somehow.

The facts are clear, and the evidence is sound.



James MarshallJimiHendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix; November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Although his mainstream career spanned only four years, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music, and one of the most celebrated musicians of the 20th century. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame describes him as “arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music”.[1]

Born in Seattle, Washington, Hendrix began playing guitar at the age of 15. In 1961, he enlisted in the US Army; he was granted an honorable discharge the following year. Soon afterward, he moved to Clarksville, Tennessee, and began playing gigs on the chitlin‘ circuit, earning a place in the Isley Brothers‘ backing band and later with Little Richard, with whom he continued to work through mid-1965. He then played with Curtis Knight and the Squires before moving to England in late 1966 after being discovered by Linda Keith, who in turn interested bassist Chas Chandler of the Animals in becoming his first manager. Within months, Hendrix had earned three UK top ten hits with the Jimi Hendrix Experience: “Hey Joe“, “Purple Haze“, and “The Wind Cries Mary“. He achieved fame in the US after his performance at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, and in 1968 his third and final studio album, Electric Ladyland, reached number one in the US. The double LP was Hendrix’s most commercially successful release and his first and only number one album. The world’s highest-paid performer, he headlined the Woodstock Festival in 1969 and the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 before his accidental death from barbiturate-related asphyxia on September 18, 1970, at the age of 27.

He was discovered while in the Army. He received recondition, while graduating from Jump school. Now I ask you this, how do you go from being recognized and awarded a metal to just shortly after that being discharged by your superiors who claimed you were not fit to serve in the Army? I call bullshit on that, and will speculate that he was recruited to be a spy.


Morgan Freeman[3] (Born June 1, 1937) is an American actor, film director, and narrator. Freeman has received Academy Award nominations for his performances in Street Smart, Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption and Invictus, and won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2005 for Million Dollar Baby. He has also won a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Freeman has appeared in many other box office hits, including Unforgiven, Glory, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,Seven, Deep Impact, The Sum of All Fears, Bruce Almighty, Along Came a Spider, The Dark Knight Trilogy, March of the Penguins, The Lego Movie and Lucy. He is known for his distinctively smooth, deep voice. He got his first break as part of the cast of The Electric Company.

Car accident

Freeman was injured in an automobile accident near Ruleville, Mississippi, on the night of August 3, 2008. The vehicle in which he was traveling, a 1997 Nissan Maxima, left the highway and flipped over several times. He and a female passenger, Demaris Meyer, were rescued from the vehicle using the “Jaws of Life“. Freeman was taken via medical helicopter to The Regional Medical Center (The Med) hospital in Memphis.[35][36] Police ruled out alcohol as a factor in the crash.[37] Freeman was coherent following the crash, as he joked with a photographer about taking his picture at the scene.[38] His left shoulder, arm, and elbow were broken in the crash, and he had surgery on August 5, 2008. Doctors operated for four hours to repair nerve damage in his shoulder and arm.[39] On CNN‘s Piers Morgan Tonight he stated that he is left handed, but cannot move the fingers of his left hand. He wears a compression glove to protect against blood pooling due to non-movement. His publicist announced he was expected to make a full recovery.[40][41] Meyer, his passenger, sued him for negligence, claiming that he was drinking the night of the accident.[42] Subsequently, the suit was settled.[43]

Now if you believe that Bullshit then you are a clown.


So what does Morgan do today?  He owns a bar in Memphis that plays live music.  Go figure!