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Arizona Cardinals Coach is AKA Ned Beatty


So why would I be bringing this up when there is obviously more talented individuals to be exposing since there’s a presidential election coming up?  This one perfectly demonstrates what I am talking about when it comes to how the conglomerate protects the company by hiring a CEO.  Employing this type of person to head up the company is a way of building in a scapegoat in case there is a problem.,  They can take the hired frontman and put him out in the spotlight, and fake punish him, then fire them.  The fans think the problem is solved, and it is back to business again when it is not.  It is the same old corporate bullshit over and over again with just a new frontman heading up the act.  Also as an actor, you have a person who is obligated to do whatever the board of directors wants.  The actor is beholden to whoever is paying their salary or whoever has put them under financial contract.

ned-betty You also have to understand that what you are looking at is a franchise.  I am here in Dallas, and Jerry Jones does not own the Cowboys.  He owns a franchise he has licenced the Cowboys logo from the NFL.  Therefore, he does not own the logo it is the property of the NFL.  This is why they say during the broadcast “You cannot use any of the game footage without the permission of the NFL.”  not permission from the Dallas Cowboys or whoever the other team, but permission from the NFL.

Now this is important because you can legally bet on games and where there is betting there is going to be corruption.  So understand the coaches, players and referees all work for the same corporation.  They do not work for Dallas Cowboys they work for the NFL.  That is the conglomerate owner of the entire league.  Therefore, remember what I said in the last video about thinking of the conglomerate as you would its country.  Their corporate guidelines dictate what they do.  Therefore, the referees can cheat as well as the players can be told to throw games or not make plays. Since the are working for the same corporation its legal.  If they were not and someone cheated, then he or she would get sued by the other team because they would be damaging that teams business.  So next time you see a ref playing favourites you know why and who.

The conglomerate is the one that wins; they do not care who or what team wins because they own all the teams.  This goes for all the various leagues including NASCAR.  Keep in mind and understand when you have an actor such as, Ned Beatty, playing the role of the Coach know he is beholden to whoever is paid his bill, and whoever has him under contract.

He may be a real coach because the actors have real lives too.  However, when you see them use the name Aryan and you see the daughter with the cut hair like a neo-Nazi skinhead, but when you look at what she looks like as Neds daughter you know what they are trying to do with the Aryan name.  Therefore, it is fake and they are attempting to beat people in there trying to trigger a psychological reaction to the name Aryan.  This is all done to create drama.  This is what they do; this is how they make their money.  If you know what to look for then you know what the whole underlying reason for it being on TV is going to be.

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  1. As to “foreign countries”–Ed has shown again and again that prominent figures in the U.S. are “titled” (“Lords”,”barons”, etc) people from England. Our first two presidents were Englishmen. Why would it be any different now? Unless the corporation finds it more profitable to do something else, there is no need to change what works.

  2. JustnAmurrican /

    That is an incredibly interesting concept that the NFL is a conglomerate of corporations who are the same as the individual teams… This reminds me of a movie I saw when I was maybe a teenager? It was called Rollerball and a rather young James Caan (ooops, look at that name and I thought it was maybe just a spelling variant or German form of Cohen, for example. Hmmm… The fans cheered for thier favorite guy and the flags were the CORPORATION FLAGS… A guy was pointing out that there were no more recognized nations but only corporations that the fans could cheer for… I never thought I would live to see the truth of that one! The US gubmint itself IS a conglomerate too… O geez Wally, what’dya go an do that for?

    The Devil loves a corporation… do he not?!

    • Yes all the league conglomerates are. NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NHL et, al. This is why they can cheat and have the refs play favorites. They even call the team what they are franchises.

    • The supposedly different countries in the world are like the many different packages you see at the super market. Put 156 or so of those packages in your cart. Then examine the corporate ownership and ties. You’ll be down to less than a handful, I bet. Indonesia still is being drained by Holland, U.S. still “owned” by The Crown and wealth siphoned off. The word “colony” is out of fashion now, but the economic dynamics are current.

  3. This fits with presidential elections because the game is the same. The president is the the CEO of the corporation of the United States of America. All of what you just said about coach and team “owner” applies. Our actor presidents, congress persons and other highly visible positions are simply “front men” for the corporation.

    • But what is different about the President and all elected officials is the fact they can run using a pseudonym and can be funded by anyone including foreign countries. The oath of candidacy form and all the forms for that matter have at the bottom the check box that allows a third person to vouch for their identity. Therefore, the candidate never has to show any form of ID.

      • Seems to me getting ID for these people would be pretty easy even if it were required. They are “in with” the ID making folks. Who’s to say what their “birth name” is anyhow? As you say they don’t like expenses and having to make a lot of false IDs would get expensive and be open to glitches. Yet if return on investment warranted it, it would be done quickly and easily enough I reckon.

        • The current Texas ID is very secure. It’s not like just printing up on a laser printer and getting your white and gold powder to make your hologram. It has micro-drilled holes (or laser most likely) in the shape of the state cut in the material. It would take a very special CNC router to duplicate and even with that I don’t know if you can find a bit that is that small. The holes are about the size of a human hair. So that ID cuts out a huge portion of the fake makers.

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