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 Al-Fayed, Juppe, MS804 hoax.

Al-Fayed/Juppe as a “security analyst” in the EgyptAir flight MS804 hoax.







  1. The older woman doesn’t look like Diana. I have to say the nose is close in both photos though. Of the comparison photos of each waving, the lines on each hand are different. The older woman’s hand shows the lines make an “M” and the photo of Diana does not. I don’t know palm reading but I notice one of the lines forks or splits in different directions on Diana’s hand which would be interesting to know what line that is and what it might mean.

    I imagine the person posting this knows the hands are obviously different but posted it any way.

    • Ok, sorry I didn’t realize there was a video Looking at the hands from the photo I didn’t see the M on Diana’s hand as you point out in vid. I do believe that there are many disguises out there, but until I watched your video I didn’t believe THAT woman could be Diana. Good analysis and I’m seeing that that may indeed be her.

  2. Big problem: The older woman has gray hair, which means she doesn’t color her hair. Her hair also reveals dark hair as well, “salt and pepper”. That means that her natural color was dark brown, which Diana’s never was. Before Diana began lightening her hair, it was a sandy blond, or a dishwater blond. It was never dark. This reveals genetics. Because Diana never had dark brown hair, this old woman is not her, regardless of any other similarities.

    The above is MORE THAN sufficient for me. It does away with your proposal.

    More trivially, It could also be noted that Diana would be 55 years old right now, and this older woman is clearly in her late Sixties. The creases on the hands are the same as mine, so that has no value.

    So long.

  3. A Eagle /

    Dear Lord, this site is a hot mess.

  4. Never ending work to do Ed. Check out more royal connections..

  5. You also find Al-Fayed/Juppe as a “security analyst” in the EgyptAir flight MS804 hoax. Obviously here he is just another actor, bad acting:
    And this image shows other connections shown previously by Ed , Sir Richard Branson AKA David Icke, and more:

  6. Unbelievable! Why would you do this! Looks nothing like her

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