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Another ANTI Gun Senator EXPOSED

Another ANTI Gun Senator EXPOSED

Jul 30, 2016

How many will it take before you start to hound these actors? If you want to put the pressure on them don’t go after the government officials they play, GO AFTER THE advertising and the supporters of the Actor Daniel Tosh.  This now not so funny comedian is not even American and was born in Germany.

Protesting 101 Ferguson tips

Protesting 101  Ferguson tips

Jan 28, 2011

Lesson 1 on how to fight back during the uprising according to Swim.

How to Fight Back Swim said… Civil Unrest Episode 1

I was talking to Swim the other day and when Swim talks…nobody listens, but me, and hopefully you. When you think Swim, think Confuses, Plato, Aristotle, or maybe Gump. The man tells it like it is and always has his own take on the situation. When the Sh*t hits the fan, Swim is the man you want in charge. Take a listen and see what you think. If you like it and rate it, maybe Ill convince Swim to spill us some more ideas that will be helpful in the events to come..

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