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Vaxxed Documentary

If you have the need to control the people because you think that if they knew the truth about what you were lying about they would string you up, you might want to insert agents loyal to you within the populous.  This way you would have the ability to know if a threat were brewing, and or be able to steer this menace another direction.  Ultimately, you need a way to combat the people from getting the idea that they can challenge the establishment, to begin with.  That is accomplished by cutting off any unified movement from ever starting and through the media you would embed the beliefs and morals which you know will keep the people in a constant state of fear.


Pick a movement, any movement

If the people believe there is someone already fighting for their rights against a tyrannical corporation that has become a threat, they are more likely to stand on the sidelines and watch others do the fighting than they are to get in the mix themselves.  There are many legitimate reasons for their actions, family, friends, job, or lack of leadership qualities can all be a deterrent from the average joe citizens from standing their ground.


Examine the obvious problem vaccinations have become and their link to the developmental stage in a child’s life.  The current number of 99 vaxx’s a child must receive throughout its life is cause for alarm, and the corporations that manufacture them know will be a war they will not win, but they will fight until it becomes not profitable.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is the government agency outfitted with the most funding (second to the war machine that is) but their responsibility is believed to be the agency that protects the people from bad medicine and is supposed to set the standards by which physicians are to practice medicine.  But we see whenever money is involved, and a corporation is in control their loyalty is diverted to protecting the people to protecting its own existence and that means being friends with their funding rather than the unprofitable perspective that protecting the people from those looking to profit from their fears the media creates every time you hear “get your flu shot, or bad things will happen to you”


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  1. JustnAmurrican /

    Okay, John Ritters son Jason really had a different appearance as Dr Lakey. In THAT picture his resemblance to John Ritter was obvious. His resemblance to himself (I know. Sounds quite odd) when not in character as Dr Lakey, . For one thing the teeth are not great match because the front two have been enlarged with dental veneers? For other feature matching, I tried to concentrate on the sort of ‘biometric’ aspects nose length and shape, filtrum and lips,,, wouldn’t an overlay of the faces be helpful?

  2. Lisa knowles /

    Typo on Nigel’s name too. It’s Farage but maybe irrelevant.

  3. Controlled Opposition – Cut and Dry…

    Oldest trick in the book…


  4. susan dever /

    Again Ed & co. you expose how “low” these vaccine makers will go! These families are being exposed one by one. God has given you this ability for such a time as this. Everything done in the dark is being exposed to the light. Ed your hard work is vital now more than ever. As one of your supporters, words cannot express my grattitude for your strength & courage! I stand with you 100% & the truth. I have researched the horrors of vaccines & told so many to do the research ,if not for themselves but their CHILDREN! We must stand together. Take care & I pray for your safety. Susan

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