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Anti Trump Protests -Staged Scripted And Made With Actors

Do I have to do a write-up? Isn’t it obvious?


  1. BillyBob /

    Hello every one, i’m finally in the loop. Ha. I’m self employed hard to keep up.

  2. /

    Ed your work is fascinating! I new to your channel and didn’t receive the deisy lou vid. Can u help me? Dennis Lamond

  3. Now you Are “sleeping” with the enemy. Be Aware. Crap, that hurts to say. I told you they were good people. They became greedy a long time ago. That is real.

  4. Rebekah /

    So how are these “actors” able to pull off playing an Arab? Do they learn the language to be able to sound just like the people from the country?

  5. Hey are these whiteboys doing all this friggin crap?…Ahaha. Ah shouldn’t a said that though,cause that based crew’ll probably take it as a compliment lol

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