Behold The Power Of One

Philando Castile Behind the Scenes of the HOAX

carlie ritter


john-bush-002 cathern2 (2016_03_19 02_30_33 UTC) sovereign-living-tv-blush-family Fullscreen capture 7162016 42306 AM

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  1. joymor /

    On this website is a video of Naomi Wolf, a former Clinton advisor, warning about fake news.

  2. Kristen /

    This is epic, lmao! Catherine and John are real life friends and this is so tin foil lol

  3. Mary /

    Umm you do realize those two women are NOT the same. Similar name but not the same! Also they do not even look alike. You had both names up you didn’t realize they didn’t match? Try again

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