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48 Hours Fake Murder

Posted by dallasgoldbug

You must understand that all these shows are fake.  EVERY STORY you see on them is fake. They cannot show you real events with real people, or they would get sued.  You must understand the laws that restrict the content they can air to you.  Once you know the rules, you will know the TV is fake, and all the content on it is scripted out THIS INCLUDED YOU NIGHTLY NEWS.

Stop wasting your time sitting in front of the TV allowing your perception of the world to become conditioned and you fearful.

When you identify one actor in a TV news story, it’s as simple as looking at that actors family to find the rest of the supporting cast.  Then once you know who they are you can figure out the producing network and look at their affiliates to find the rest.  THATS IT! It’s very easy to decode the “Actor Based Reality” that I present to you.

Fullscreen capture 582016 61838 PM

Here we see his son playing a role in the fake murder.

Fullscreen capture 582016 61828 PM

Liz Harmon aka Jill Rapaport from the today show.

Fullscreen capture 582016 61758 PM

Martin Landau and wife at the Greenberg’s family event.

Fullscreen capture 582016 22324 PM

Medea Benjamin founder of Code Pink. Family member of the Greenbergs and the Rockefellers

Fullscreen capture 582016 22238 PM
Fullscreen capture 582016 22229 PM
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  1. /

    Is all the bad stuff, like the Congressional Hearings I’ve been watching, about Hillary true? Are the CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS just a pretense? Thats appalling if so. She sure acts like, no matter what, she KNOWS nothing will come of it and barely even pretends it matters. Was Benghazi just a hoax?

    • Think about it, if a person was under investigation by a federal agencywould, do you think they would be told that are.or that I formation would be told to the press before an investigation had finished? They don’t tell people they are being investigated because that would give them time to hide evidence and discuss with those involved. So you would never hear anything about an investigation till after the courts had rendered a verdict.

  2. RbM /


    The creators of these characters do not intend for a Trump Presidency, but rather that Hillary wins unanimously, after Trump creates the necessary diversion for her to do so…???

    Have I got this right…???


    • Berta /

      Yes, it’s her turn. But we gotta have a contest! Now we have a real cliff-hanger! Hillary fighting on two fronts, they say. Do you notice that Sander’s is playing a similar role to that of Perot/ Bill Clinton? He won’t let go. Remember how Perot dogged Bill even after he was elected? All for your viewing excitement and maybe to distract from what is really going on. We’ve got a fierce dichotomy going on here, so we’re told. Supporters of Hillary are appalled at Trump and vice versa. Can it be made any more divisive? Keep the people battling and fearing each other. That’s the game.

      • RbM /

        How sure are we about the true identity of the Trump character…?


      • Berta /

        Ed has pointed out that we never can be sure of the actor’s “true” identity. Unless s/he is found playing other roles or found in a family album, who knows who they are or what other roles they play?

  3. Berta /

    Be afraid, very afraid. Murder, murder everywhere! Such BS. So glad to have it exposed. Beautiful work, Ed!

  4. RbM /

    Hey, nice work on Bridges, etc…

    Got a take on the Trump campaign, ??? As far as the media presenting a “grassroots” movement – The other Republicans not getting behind him – Portraying the situation with Trump as an outsider making his move because of the support of the American people at local Trump rallies etc… ???

    Haven’t hear much from you about the Trump character, with him getting closer to the nomination…

    President Trump… Hmmm… What’s going on,,,?


    • Berta /

      Rbm–the president doesn’t really “run the country” haven’t you noticed? Also it doesn’t matter who gets in, they are all the same family or network of families.

      This is entertainment! Something to keep you from noticing that the same group is always “up.” The only difference between Clinton and Trump is the perception we have from the media. I think no one really wants Clinton but it’s her turn. To make it seem more legitimate she’s “against” a buffoon like Trump. They are both actors. They are acting out a script for the “election.” Makes you think you’re really doing something if you can keep Trump out. Oh, whew! That was a close one! Ha ha ha. Made for your TV viewing drama!

      • RbM /

        Yea, you’re right. It’s all B.S. I’ve just been watching some coverage of Trump around the Country though, and it’s amazing to see the crazy protests etc… This is real – Even with the fake protester at one of the Trump rallies that Ed has exposed.

        I mean, is the reaction towards Trump from all the others not getting in behind him all part of the Hoax..? The whole damn thing is scripted out..?? Really..? People will vote, right.?


  5. Like I said I could care less what actors do. Until they cross the line and take roles they know will affect the perception of those that believe what they are watching is real. When they start scaring people in addition to causing TAX payers to foot the bill by making government tax payer funded agencies to spend man hours dealing with the fake situation then I have a big problem.

    • RbM /

      Ed… I get it that I could be way off topic with all this. You’ve shown us that Trump is fake.

      But Trump is the only candidate that is stirring up so much trouble, that a “Third Obama Term” could be possible.

      Just saying…


      • Berta /

        What I keep thinking is, what if you and all the people you knew didn’t vote. Unbeknownst to you, everyone else got so disgusted at choosing the “lesser of two evils” they didn’t vote either. I bet the media would carry on as usual with tallies from each state and commentary and even exit polls and rallies, etc. The winner would be triumphantly exhibited, per usual, with the loser giving the farewell speech, per usual.