The Truth About Wernher Von Braun

I want you to understand the implications of this information.  Wernher Von Braun, the World War II German V2 Rocket engineer, the person responsible for the bombing of Europe, killing thousands, causing destruction across the globe, is Elliott Roosevelt.



WARNING - The information found on this page is such that it will change your life once you understand how far reaching it is.  It is relevant to day as you will see by the bloodline is still seated in positions of power.  I encourage you to put aside the cognitive dissidence that will kick in and cause you to immediately scoff at the information as you first read it.  This is a natural reaction and they have conditioned you your entire life to react to things in this manner.  This is a protection methods they built in to the situation.  Once you are able to set aside this reaction you will allow the information to then set in and you will be able to validate it and see how it is accurate and what that means to you as they, the ruling elite, are still trying to control humanity.

Their strangle hold is broken when you fully apply the information you are about to learn.  It is only then will your mind be able to break down the rest of the massive lie that has been put in your head by the rulers who own the printing presses and make sure you have been taught exactly what they need you to be taught so you will remain a clueless worker and consumer buying their goods and staying in check.


Make sure to check this page often as I will be expanding the story with the other investigations I’ve completed.  The siblings of these individuals all play roles in these events further validating my work.

The Identification process that is used in my work is defined as a multi-modal bio-metric evaluation. Of those modes, they can be any number of or all of the following accepted methods. Ear, dorsal hand vein, teeth, and facial landmarks (hard and soft).


Now to confirm what I’m saying all you need to do is look at the spouse of the individual.

Johnathan Pryce and his spouse we see playing roles side by side as the pope and Kate Fahy
Johnathan Pryce and his spouse we see playing roles side by side as the pope and Kate Fahy

The supporting evidence typically is seen by the match of any or all of the following. Spouse, sibling, parent, or distant relative. A phrase I say often is. “When in doubt, check the spouse.” You will find the spouse will match, and in most cases, that person will be the sibling of the person of interest. There are numerous reasons for them to use this method which I go into detail on my site

AGAIN this is not a case of look-a-likes. These people are all blood-related and as you will see their families are all playing important roles that enable them to manipulate the historical events we believe were real.

When you understand what they are doing and have done you will see that although the wars are real and people die, the reasons why we go to war are not genuine and the leaders of each side are related to one another.

These families are the owners of all the raw materials manufacturers that are needed to produce the killing machines as well as they own the Big Oil and Gas production companies needed to fuel them. Sustaining a war as long as possible is their objective. The longer the war the bigger their families profit. This is why they always push for war. You must understand that.

In addition to that side of the event, they also own the publishing industry as well. So they are creating the history of the world then profiting by publishing the books written about the events.  Since they write the scripts for the theater of war you can understand why it’s important for them to use their family members to fill the roles of those historical figures. The profit is unimaginable. But at the end of the day, it’s the peasants who die for their lie. They (the family member actors) are recorded as heroes in the history books while the men and women who are the real heroes lay dead on the battlefield.

The actions of one family are responsible for the death of millions of innocent people.  They are still in power to this day using fake names, and the bloodline just passes down the baton to the next generation who continue the cycle.  It will not stop until the people rise and take back what has been taken from them while making examples out of those in their families who continue to benefit from the bloodshed their relatives caused.

Click on the images and then view them in high res so you can see all the details.

Wernher Von Braun was Elliot Roosevelt
Wernher Von Braun was Elliot Roosevelt

I want you to understand the implications of this information.  Wernher Von Braun, the World War II German V2 Rocket engineer, the person responsible for the bombing of Europe, killing thousands, causing destruction across the globe, is Elliott Roosevelt.  The son of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was our President while his son was playing this role for the enemy.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, we see Franklin and his wife Eleanor actually playing the role of Werhner’s parents.  So they were complicit in this act as well.  If that is not treasonous then I dont know what is.

So you think its just a coincidence they just ALL happen to look alike?  Can you understand the odds of that happening as a coincidence? I dont think there is a bookmaker on the planet that could calculate those odds.

1958-F.l.t.r.-baroness-Von-Braun.-baron-Magnus-Von-Braun-and-Dr As I always say when in doubt check the spouse. In this case, the spouse matches and so do the parents.

A coincidence that just happens to include his spouse as well.  So what are the odds of that happening in the real world?   So maybe if you have a couple that looks like another couple, they MAY have kids that happen to look like each other as well.  But you lose the argument when you bring in his spouse because she is not related to them by blood but she looks just like the spouse of the second couples child’s spouse.  So right there you loos the coincidence argument.

But that’s not all of the family that are a match…


Not only do we have Elliott’s spouse matching Von Braun’s,  even the parents of both match.  There is no denying this. I was sick to my stomach when I discovered this massive attack on humanity, and even sicker since this is not the first time they did something like this.  We can trace the lineage up through Teddy Roosevelt’s father.  I believe he is General Grant, and his brother played General Lee.  Remember Teddy’s first wife was a Lee too.

Gen Grant Gen Lee Brothers
The Civil War was a hoax and was a scam designed to cripple this nation, and for the Royals to overthrow the South and take their tobacco plantations.  They realized if they freed the slaves it would put the plantations out of business since they were the workforce.  After the north won and took over that industry they reinstated slavery and went right back to business as usual.   This is why we see the tobacco industry owned by Philip Morris, a UK conglomerate.  Note all the names for their products are based on UK towns and cities.  Today with the Vape industry causing cigarettes to be phased out you see the Royal families maintaining their profits by controlling the nicotine industry needed for the vapes.

If they match then how about the rest of the family tree.  Do they match as well?

Teddy Roosevelt and Patrick J Kennedy
If they are the same person then their fathers have to be the same as well, correct? That’s correct and they do.

If you want to validate everything I’m saying you can easily do this by looking at the parents of the individuals I mention.  Compare the father and mother of one person to the father and mother of the person I say they are.  You will find they all will match.  This also falls in line with the historical recount of the events, putting the individuals overseas during the time of the war.

Here’s how this plays out in current day…

So you can see this effects us even to this day and will continue to have a hold on humanity unless the family bloodline of power is broken.


General Grant and Garfield
When in doubt check the spouse. General Grant and Garfield 15 years apart appear to be the same person. This would have been a relatively simple task given the lack of technology and means by which the public had access to the individuals and their photographs.

Knowing Elliott Roosevelt was Von Brawn, and his father was the President of the US during WWII, and Elliott’s cousin played Hitler, we are left with the question who was running the British side of the war?  Winston Churchill of course.  But when we dig down into his background, we find that he too is family and is Jesse Root Grant, the son of President Grant, who I say is the father of Teddy Roosevelt.

So your argument is still this is a coincidence they all happen to look alike.  That is a joke if I’ve ever heard one.  So you want me to believe that both sides of the war were being controlled by a single family who’s additional family members are all playing roles surrounding the people of interest.  The Nazi top figures all related to one another and they were all brought back to the states if you believe operation paperclip where Werhner Von Brawn (Remember he is Elliot Roosevelt) then signs a contract with Walt DISNEY (Remember Walt is Hitler and Kermit Roosevelt)  So Elliot and Kermit would be Cousin.  Keeping it in the family is the method by which they ensure the lie will never get leaked.

If you think this is far-fetched, then back up your opinion with some photographic evidence. As I see it and as the photographic and known historical records show all these individuals visiting Emperor Wilhelm at some point between WWI and WWII.

Emperor Wilhelm the second we see has infiltrated into the United States government, along with the rest of the German Royals
Emperor Wilhelm the second we see has infiltrated into the United States government, along with the rest of the German Royals


Winston Churchill also plays a role of Herman William Goering and is also the son of Pres. Grant. This is proven a fact by way of dorsal hand vein bio-metrics evaluations.

Winston churchill

Combine all this along with, Jesse Root Grant, playing the role of Winston Churchill. You have both the US and British Leaders as one family, along with the leader of the German’s also related.  Don’t forget this is not the first time they did this, and their parents all took part in the Civil War too.

I have touched a little on the family tree being traced to Washington during the Revolutionary War.  Don’t you find it interesting that General George Washington our first President, fought the King for our freedom and that King was also named George? How many sons did King George III have?  Many.  Funny he looks a lot like George Washington too.  What do you think the odds are that George Washington is one of King George’s sons?

George Washington, Marquis de la Fayette, Thomas Jefferson
Here we see the photographs of King George III who I believe is George Washington. We can see by the spouse that they are a match. Also, the Marquis de Lafayette, I believe, is Thomas Jefferson. Recall that after Jefferson was president he took the role of Ambassador to France. He was also friends with King George, and additionally was one of the largest landholders in Virginia. All of these items are shared by both Jefferson and Lafayette. I will save that information for another post.

If you know the work I’ve done on this family, you know who they became after the war.  In particular Kermit Roosevelt who after playing the role of Hitler, also played the role of Walt Disney.  Who better to run the OCIAA (Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs) for Nelson Rockefeller.

The Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, later known as the Office for Inter-American Affairs, was a United States agency promoting inter-American cooperation during the 1940s, especially in commercial and economic areas. It was started in August 1940 as OCCCRBAR (Office for Coordination of Commercial and Cultural Relations between the American Republics) with Nelson Rockefeller as its head, appointed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.[1]

The Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs in the Executive Office of the President was formally established and enacted by US Executive Order 8840 on July 30, 1941 by President Roosevelt [2][3] who named Nelson Rockefeller as the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (CIAA).

The agency’s function was to distribute news, films and advertising, and to broadcast radio, in and to Latin America in order to counter Italian and German propaganda there.[4] The OCIAA grew to be a large Federal agency with a budget of $38 million by 1942[5] and 1,500 employees by 1943.

It was later renamed the Office of Inter-American Affairs (OIAA) with slightly changed powers by Executive order 9532 on March 23, 1945.

The OCIAA will be part of my upcoming JFK documentary.  You will be shocked by the connections between this agency and the Assassination HOAX.

As part of the OCIAA, the US Government needed to produce all the propaganda for war in the US and Europe. Who better to get but Walt Disney who put Wernher Von Braun, his cousin, and son of the President under contract to work for Disney who was partnered with NASA.

Remember Wernher is the son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR was the person who created the OCIAA that his son was contracted to work for. Very convenient.

It’s clear when you put them side by side. Hitler was Disney. It’s backed up with the ear examination that confirms they are one in the same.

If you don’t believe me that Hitler (Kermit Roosevelt) was Walt Alias (get it? ALIAS as in fake name)Disney all you need to do is watch this video where I overlay Hitlers Burg, on top of Walt’s home. They are one in the same and even the driveways match. Do you still say its a coincidence now? Just take a look at one of the windows of Walt’s home. You will see a German crest still there to this day.

Hitler was Kermit Roosevelt, and the wife, played by Kermit’s sister Edith, validates it.
Hitler’s Father Played by Teddy Roosevelt, and the younger images played by Kermit Roosevelt’s brother Leo Jr
It’s clear when you put them side by side. Hitler was Disney.

It’s clear when you put them side by side. Hitler was Disney. The ear bio-metric evaluation confirms this fact.

If you know who Kermit is, then you need to know who his brothers and sisters were and how they played a role in the hijacking of humanity. To learn more search for Bush, and Roosevelt’s, on

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