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Top 100 World Changing People/Events

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Hugo chavez richie

I am thinking about doing a book on the top 50 influential people in history and offer it for sale on Amazon as a digital download.  So I am thinking about starting a go fund me page for this project and I am looking for your input. Feel free to list some of the top individuals or events that you feel have shaped our humanity in the comments section below. Please make sure to number them in order of importance, One being the most important. They can be events or people that I’ve covered as well as the ones I haven’t that you would like me to, and you might get your name published in the book as well for your input.


HW Bush, Nazis, Hoffmann

HW Bush gets his makeup done by Hoffmann Hitler’s personal photographer





Queen Elizabeth II, Gary Morton, Lucille Ball, Prince Philip



Whitey Ford, the Duke of Paducah, Benjamin Francis Ford, the three tramps, JFK assassination, November 22, 1963

Tram number three was Whitey Ford, who for years has been confused with Hunt.


Horace Eldridge dill, Don Carter, Dallas Mavericks, tramp number one, JFK assassination

Here we see tram number one from the JFK assassination hoax. His name is Danny dill. A songwriter and member of the grand ole Opry. His real name is Horace Eldridge dill, and he is also known as Don Carter. The first owner of the Dallas Mavericks.



Harold Lloyd Jenkins AKA Conway Twitty

Tramp number two was Harold Lloyd Jenkins AKA Conway Twitty.



James Brown, James Jarman, Junior, JFK assassination, Oswald's coworker, school book depository

James Brown is one of the many members of the rock ‘n roll and music Hall of Fame’s to be involved in the JFK assassination hoax. He played Oswald’s co-worker at the depository with several other well-known black entertainers the time.


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  1. I have read about most of the suggested…
    My question is where is Whitney Houston?
    Britney Murphy?
    Janis Joplin?
    Randy Rhoads?

    • Even though I have covered Whitney and recently we see her so called dead daughter playing a few roles in recent cop killings, I only cover people that make policy or attempt to cause harm to others. In other words actors doing what actors do is not my conscern. It becomes my focus when they cross the ethical line and attempt to damage others.

  2. MrZeeie /

    I find it a genius evil that Shirley Jones character on The Partridge Family couldn’t have been more vanilla, vapid and plain. I think they set a precedent like that purposely so that people will relate to the “real person” because the dumbed down public subconsciously relates to Hillary and they don’t know why. If Carol Brady was a congressmen and Mrs.Partridge are in the fake government, I’m still wondering about Mary Tyler Moore and DICK Van Dike. My vote would be Aldous Huxley/Goldwater. Huxley was probably just the public spokesmen pretending to be warning but in a sort of twilight language was telling the masses what was going to happen to them.I don’t have the proof positive on this but Synbad being NDTyson looks pretty clear to me.

    • Calm down Mountain man…. What’s wrong with John Wayne?

    • I don’t think NDTyson is 6’5″ which Synbad is. NDTyson is astronaut Michael P Anderson from the Shuttle Columbia disaster and Mcnair on the Challenger disaster. Of course, this is why you see him as Tyson involved in pushing NASA’s bullshit lies.

  3. Yes on Sidney. Have photos of family members and they match as well

    • I’ll be most interested in seeing more evidence on Sidney/MLK. You posted this ages ago—the basic facts—and I reluctantly had to admit that I saw it once you
      pointed it out. A shocker! Seeing the “great history makers” of one’s own lifetime turn out to be characters in a massively produced faux “actor’s reality” defies description. A roller coaster ride, to be sure.

  4. Yes on Sidney. Have photos of famiky members and they match as well

  5. With Fidel Castro comes Che Guevera, the “real people’s revolutionary” who died fighting the good fight — or did he? Mao Zetung, the “true revolutionary leader” who’s little red book was promoted like gospel on college campus!
    Thinking about Disney and his huge influence opening Disneyland in time to cash in on the Baby Boom, with parents who had more disposable income than ever before! The Mickey Mouse Club-a more benign rendition of Hitler Youth. The idea being to get all those young people to “hold the Mickey Mouse banner high!” (High! High!)

    • That’s true, do we know who the actor behind Che Guevara was? Disney must be up there too, agreed. Tony Greenberg must deserve a mention somewhere as well, for sheer enthusiasm.

  6. Now I realise why they say at award ceremonies “This is a difficult task, there’s so many great entries to choose from”

    I’ve divided my character nominations into categories but they’re mainly European ones

    Maybe it would be fairer to get a Top 50 Characters by evaluating on a points system

    Best Performance (Political Character)

    Adolf Hitler
    Mariano Rajoy (Extra points for pulling this off as a non-native language speaker AND executing a variety of silly walks whilst in character)
    Nelson Mandela
    Fidel Castro

    Best Performance (Music/Actor Character Legends)

    Elvis Presley
    Marilyn Monroe
    Jimi Hendrix
    Amy Winehouse
    Kurt Cobaine

    Most Cunning Fake Death(s)

    Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley as Rene
    Lady Di
    Peter Sellers
    Challenger Space Shuttle Crew

    Most Cunning Fake Witness:

    Jean Hill (JFK)
    Robert De Nero Fireman (9/11)
    Richard Jones (7/7)
    Ibrahim Anderson (Guy Richie Isis character)
    Lizzi Zita (David Bowie Hoax)

    Most Ridiculous Character:

    Gene Rosen (Sandy Hook Hoax)
    Gabby Giffords
    Sarah Palin
    Scott Kelly
    Mark Kelly

    • I like your style with this. Most sweeping influence might go to Kermit Roosevelt for his role as Hitler, thereby influencing millions during WWII and also as the quintessential villain of modern times. Then as Walt Disney who influenced millions with Mickey Mouse & Disneyland and goes on today with videos and movies designed to mold young minds. Parents who grew up with “wholesome” Disney cartoon characters easily buy into the brand for children and grandchildren. Not to mention the huge media conglomerate controlled by Disney Corp. which continues to influence millions worldwide. An interesting factoid is that “both” men compulsively washed their hands throughout the day.

      • I can agree with that for sure.

      • That is interesting about the compulsive hand washing, sounds like a guilty conscience to me, indicating humanity in there somewhere at least.
        I’m noticing how difficult it is to categorise the whole cast in order to get a straight Top 50 influential character list. e.g. Jackie Kennedy could potentially score low but is this fair considering the same actress played the roles of Marilyn and Carter? Could you do 2 books Ed, the other one being for the Top 50 actors behind the characters?

        Also, you know how this lot love giving each other awards?..there’s no way that they’d be able to stop themselves doing prizes for the under-cover actors is there? Do they throw a secret ceremony swapping platinum oscars?

      • Yes basil, now you know the hell I deal with when I try to outline the navigation of this web site . My mind exploded and I get sidetracked. It’s so tough since they play multiple roles and no way to know what character is the base character/birth nane

      • Basil /

        I see what you mean after attempting a list, you need a 3D filing system for this lot!

        • YES, CORRECT. Not knowing the root name of the actor, made us assign them a number instead of a name. That then correlates with the characters they play. That was a solution we came up with. Don’t know if its the best because we are not database admins. Would love to have a portal page online that I can give select access to certain people I know and trust who can fill in the form that populates the database that holds all the records of my work. We keep it all offline right now until I can figure out an off the shelf or custom database.

      • Berta /

        And then Moshe Sharett, the first Prime Minister of Israel! What a hoot! What a ride for our dear Kermit! Hitler, Disney, Sharett. I’d like to see ear biometrics for this, but looking at the “3” men, it seems entirely plausible knowing what we know. They all do “coincidentally” look alike I think. How much fun those in control have fooling us and leading us around like imbeciles!

        • that’s either Kermit or Ub Iwerks, but they could also be one in the same due to every photo I see of them together contains artifacts that cause me to question its authenticity. Either way, you see the connection to Israel and those who occupy our house who can’t refrain from saying support Israel as every other sentence out of their mouths. Nowe you know why.

  7. 1. Hitler
    Because it is related to Disney and world war 2 has impacted my life, even though I was born in the 80’s.

    2. JFK
    Related to the moon landing hoax, and a lot of people see him as a hero.

    3. Elvis
    School book example for making money by faking death in music industry.

    4. Mandela
    He won the hearts of many people in Africa and is known as a humanitarian.

    Or any below: all related to war in middle east, which has been mayor impact on my perception of the world, and I believe many people of my generation.

    5. Hussain
    6. Kadaffi
    7. Bin laden

    My perception of most influential. In my opinion these are school book examples for the next generation of actors.

    • 2. JFK; especially as well because of conspiracies, the never ending milking of the public with endless conspiracies by book authors and documentary makers. If you say conspiracy, I say JFK (and 9/11). JFK conspiracies where broadcasted in my country and I saw them at a young age. Not understanding the corporate motive behind them.

      • Very true. Combine that with all the players involved that were well known but disguised. Like the three that worked at the schoolbook deositoy. Little Richard, James Brown, and Chuck Berry, all three claim were employed by the depository and there that day.

    • Yeah I might have to make it top 25 since many of the events contain numerous high profile roles.

  8. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Gloria Steinem, JFK, RFK, President Eisenhower, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Richard Nixon, Elenor Roosevelt, Bob Dylan, Marshall McCluan (The Medium is the Message, author)…
    These were some of the shapers of the “60’s Generation.” The assassinations of MLK and the Kennedys sent huge shock waves through our generation in 1968. The idealism quickly drifted into hallucinagins and tuning out, with a lot of help from those behind the scenes.

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