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Top 100 World Changing People/Events


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Hugo chavez richie

I am thinking about doing a book on the top 50 influential people in history and offer it for sale on Amazon as a digital download.  So I am thinking about starting a go fund me page for this project and I am looking for your input. Feel free to list some of the top individuals or events that you feel have shaped our humanity in the comments section below. Please make sure to number them in order of importance, One being the most important. They can be events or people that I’ve covered as well as the ones I haven’t that you would like me to, and you might get your name published in the book as well for your input.


HW Bush, Nazis, Hoffmann

HW Bush gets his makeup done by Hoffmann Hitler’s personal photographer





Queen Elizabeth II, Gary Morton, Lucille Ball, Prince Philip



Whitey Ford, the Duke of Paducah, Benjamin Francis Ford, the three tramps, JFK assassination, November 22, 1963

Tram number three was Whitey Ford, who for years has been confused with Hunt.


Horace Eldridge dill, Don Carter, Dallas Mavericks, tramp number one, JFK assassination

Here we see tram number one from the JFK assassination hoax. His name is Danny dill. A songwriter and member of the grand ole Opry. His real name is Horace Eldridge dill, and he is also known as Don Carter. The first owner of the Dallas Mavericks.



Harold Lloyd Jenkins AKA Conway Twitty

Tramp number two was Harold Lloyd Jenkins AKA Conway Twitty.



James Brown, James Jarman, Junior, JFK assassination, Oswald's coworker, school book depository

James Brown is one of the many members of the rock ‘n roll and music Hall of Fame’s to be involved in the JFK assassination hoax. He played Oswald’s co-worker at the depository with several other well-known black entertainers the time.


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