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The Massive UK Royal Mess

Princes Diana Is May




 Al-Fayed, Juppe, MS804 hoax.

Al-Fayed/Juppe as a “security analyst” in the EgyptAir flight MS804 hoax.






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  1. dallasgoldbug /

    Do you not see the effing scar on the wrist?  Do you not understand what dorsal biometrics are?  

  2. paul tye /

    also the picture where May’s face is inserted between a split picture of Di’s face the chin of May is way too low, if you lined up May’s chin with Di’s in that shot it would emphasize how the rest of her features don’t match up……biometrics not only takes into account physical features it also looks at patterns of behaviour …..if you look at lots of pictures of both of them you’ll notice Di tends to keep her eyes open when she smiles or grins but May closes hers some what…… the eye brow pattern furthest from the nose is also different in both women….. the following link has a picture of May from 1992, again notice the eyes when she smiles….. if you also google pictures from Di’s last year you see far less bags around the eyes than the 1992 May

    • Please educate yourself on lens distortion by watching the tutorials on this site. Use the search.

    • paul tye /

      lens distortion does not account for May’s bags in 92′ which Di didn’t have for the same period or for May’s characteristic of closing/narrowing of eyes when she smiles

      • Are you that easily fooled by prosthetics, aging, makeup, Hollywood? Come on now don’t be so blind to the rest of the evidence as per her boyfriend and his family playing games as well. They have had nose putty since the roman times for stage makeup. Prosthetics are easily applied in minutes and is part of the actors daily routine. Stop protecting the liars and frauds the are sucking humanities life from it.

        • paul tye /

          Show me the proof, it’s as simple as otherwise it’s just a theory and conjure, all the insults and calling of fool won’t change that….I’ve seen lots of programmes about actors using prosthetics, for a convincing change it can take 5-6 hours, and it’s continually touched up between filming what are what are relatively short scenes…. It would require a whole team of experts in make up, prosthetics and wigs etc to be on hand constantly…. Show me something that adds weight to your argument

        • dallasgoldbug /

          Do you not see the effing scar on the wrist?  Do you not understand what dorsal biometrics are?  

  3. paul tye /

    the problem with the lady Di theory is that Theresa May was already in the British parliament before Di’s death and if you research the time lines you’ll find lots of verifiable instances where Di and May are in different places on the same day….. all the analyzing of pictures in the world won’t change that as fact

      • paul tye /

        fooled by what the FACTS ? this is your theory not mine, the onus is on you to show evidence this happened, so far things show both people in different places on the same day, both people have lives running at the same time….show me this is not true then you have a case , only evidence matters in proof not conjecture and speculation , if you have no evidence there is only one fool here

      • paul tye /

        lens distortion doesn’t account for Mays bags in 92′ (and before) which Di has not for same period or for May’s characteristic of eyes narrowed when smiling ….. not sure how Di and May being in different places at the same time and them both being alive at the same time has me fooled, that’s my evidence if the think it’s not true the onus is on you to prove that all that has been faked, until you dis prove evidence evidence and facts always stand

        • Again WAKE THE FUCK UP, and stop being a dbag. Google Film Makeup and TV make up. How about TV prosthetics or Film effects. AND again stop with you nonsense we are not amused.

        • paul tye /

          just as i thought, you can’t offer any evidence, quick question , let’s assume your hypothesis is correct and Di faked her death and is now disguised as another person, she could be anybody so what was the clue that her new identity was Mae, you can’t just have plucked that out of thin air , as an intelligent person you must be able to state your reasons, please explain……just as a side note Mae has a different voice to Di to

  4. The older woman doesn’t look like Diana. I have to say the nose is close in both photos though. Of the comparison photos of each waving, the lines on each hand are different. The older woman’s hand shows the lines make an “M” and the photo of Diana does not. I don’t know palm reading but I notice one of the lines forks or splits in different directions on Diana’s hand which would be interesting to know what line that is and what it might mean.

    I imagine the person posting this knows the hands are obviously different but posted it any way.

    • Ok, sorry I didn’t realize there was a video Looking at the hands from the photo I didn’t see the M on Diana’s hand as you point out in vid. I do believe that there are many disguises out there, but until I watched your video I didn’t believe THAT woman could be Diana. Good analysis and I’m seeing that that may indeed be her.

  5. A Eagle /

    Dear Lord, I love this site!

  6. Never ending work to do Ed. Check out more royal connections..

  7. You also find Al-Fayed/Juppe as a “security analyst” in the EgyptAir flight MS804 hoax. Obviously here he is just another actor, bad acting:
    And this image shows other connections shown previously by Ed , Sir Richard Branson AKA David Icke, and more:

  8. Unbelievable! Why would they do this! Looks like her!

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