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UPDATE Christine Blasey Ford is Amy Schumer


(Disclosure - The information presented in no way constitutes harassment, bullying, or stalking.  It is not a threat in any way.  It is a presentation of the evidence my team and I have uncovered.  It’s verified by using established multimodal forensic methods. The results are not biased by any political motive.  The only personal agenda is to present the facts that I feel the public need to be aware of in order for them to make sound decisions.

I have been attacked in the past by the individuals I expose, resulting in my work being censored on many platforms including YouTube.  They claim I am harassing and attacking them directly.  They forget that they are public figures and are free to be scrutinized.  Additionally, this is newsworthy content that effects a large number of the population.  Any copywritten images used, fall under Fair Use guidelines.

Hopefully, the next time an actor is approached with offers to participate in staged events, they will take into consideration we will be watching closely.  If caught we will expose them without hesitation.  Maybe they will think twice before risking their public reputation and far worse causing damage to their career by playing a role in the actor based reality used to fool the people.)


amy schumer and Ford

Yearbook photo of Schumer and Ford. They match of course.


I make every effort to keep politics out of the work I do.  In fact, I am not even registered to vote.  Never have been, never will be until there is a drastic change in the system.  The individuals I go after are not viewed as being from one party or the other; they are merely examined for their actions and exposed if they cross the ethical boundaries that I feel constitute the public being made aware of.

However, in this situation, I cannot help pointing out how disgusted I am with the actions of those who call themselves Democrats.  Grant it I have established that I don’t believe there is a difference one side or the other, the creation of the two parties (three or four if you consider Independent and Socialists) is just a means to divide and conquer the people of this nation.  Running on the merits of the individuals is not something the establishment wants you to do.  That would mean holding a person accountable for their actions.  However, this event has put a spotlight on individuals on the left who like the leaders of that party cannot be overlooked.

Chuck Schumer and his hate for anything from the “Right” side, is so apparent that he must be called out personally and his actions scrutinized. Whether or not they are criminal that would need further investigation, but undoubtedly unethical and a reason for him to step down. It’s rational to conclude he is a source of funding, but that does not take into consideration the cost to the taxpayers to host this event.   The evidence that he is at a minimum playing a producers role is clear, maybe not the executive producer but a producer never the less. Amy Schumer, as his cousin and her mother playing the role of Sister-in-law of Ford, brings to question how many other family members are playing characters I haven’t caught yet?  She has publicly stated her anti-gun perspective which seems to be the overall consensus among Democrats. Their activist stance is made evident by Chuck’s words, “Whatever it takes” to get their agenda passed.

Their hatred is, and who is connected to this agenda runs so deep that it includes many of the Hollywood elite and members of the DHS, who are responsible for running law enforcement drills they then allow the media to claim are real events.  Did you ever wonder why after every school shooting or domestic act of terrorism you hear they were running drills that very same day, ON THE VERY SAME subject the actual event involve?  Do you see the pattern here?  Do you understand the actors you see on the TV and in movies are taking part in this massive deception to fool you into thinking you need to give up your right to arm yourself all so the government and local law enforcement can protect you?

How many times do I have to expose the actor based reality before you tie the events you see and believe are real, to the FICTION they are?  The common connection between them all is, in fact, the Mainstream media. The people like Chuck Schumer and his family are not acting in your best interest.  They are pawns in the game with their own personal agendas. They will not stop this nonsense until they have you unarmed and completely unable to protect yourselves.  Those threats are not limited to other individuals trying to commit a criminal act against you, but it included government agencies overstepping their boundaries. They are not Democrats. They are Socialists.  They do not want the people to have any leverage over their positions in the government.  It’s clear as you see them doing “Whatever it takes” to stop this nomination.

Does  Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh know the woman who accused him of sexual assault, Doctor Christine Blasey Ford, is an actor?  Is he actually in on the entire situation and just playing a role in this media circus?  These questions are valid since I have shown time and time again these events have a multi-pronged purpose. One being the media’s need for content, or they cease to exist, another is the push for a particular agenda, so there is no telling at this point if he is part of it or just collateral damage.

If we look at the statements he made, I don’t believe I heard him say anything that implicates he was even aware of this person back when he was at school or was ever at the party’s where she states these events took place.  I believe I only heard him say he did not do the things she has reported and has never said she is someone he knew back then.

It’s possible he is not aware of the facts surrounding who she is.  For this reason, I choose not to let politics influence my thought process when I’m investigating.  It’s not my concern whether he knows or doesn’t, and unless I can identify him as an actor that will remain outside the scope of this investigation.  What I focus on and present to you in the following post is the facts about who the people are.

I choose to stay away from speculation and stick to the evidence.  The use of science, in particular, Biometric Forensics, is the means by which I establish the foundational structure.  The circumstantial evidence, which consists of the immediate family members playing roles alongside the person of interest strengthen the case to the point where you cannot claim its just a coincidence.


Special FX makeup is simple these days.  So we have to turn to other means to identify these actors.  The evidence we have uncovered has been examined via multimodal forensic methods and is conclusive.  You have the voice, teeth, both upper and lower, hand palms, and facial landmark match. Additionally, you have confirmation by means of the immediate family playing the roles supporting the main character in the event.

Compare the voice.  Even without the use of software, you can clearly hear they are precisely the same.

Compare with Amy’s voice.


For facial landmarks, we have to look at the structure due to the makeup used, and we can see the glabella and philtrum are a match.  Its impossible to change the distance between the eyes but it can be done with lens distortion.  So a single means of biometric measurement cannot be used to count out a person, but it can be used along with other methods to confirm.  The sum of the biometric information in this investigation is unquestionable.

Amy schumer is Dr Forn

A graphic Jon from our team created to demonstrate the facial shape is the same. Even her hair growth pattern is the same.  Or her style with her extensions has not been changed is more the case.

Why you just can’t measure the face.

Side note.
The Coke bottle in the scene is a reference to Warren Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway company that is owners of COKE.  Amy is a family member of that Greenberg side of the acting problem.

amy schumer,

Amy Schumer is the actor playing the role of FORD.

Teeth are essential in identifying individuals.  What differs from a typical investigation is the fact we are dealing with an industry that is known for the use of veneers to change a person’s teeth.  Therefore we cannot rely on teeth alone to rule out a person but since they would not change the teeth to make them look more like the person they are trying not to look like when we see they are a match we know they are not using veneers and can use the info to support the case.  I do believe when she plays Amy the comedian she has veneers on her upper teeth.  You can see the color difference.  As for the bottom teeth, we can see they match entirely.  You must use photos that are taken within a close time frame, or you must account for the movement of the teeth.  Fortunately, we were able to find recent images that allow a more accurate model for the evaluation.

Amy and Fords teeth are a match.

Palm creases are also a good means to identify someone with.  Although they are not unique to a person and can be similar to a number of people they still can be used to support the body of evidence.

ford, amy schumer

Add the additional biometric test to the list. Like the others, it is a 100%  match as well. The foreshortening of the thumb is due to camera perspective.  So don’t be fooled by a single screenshot. We can even see where the makeup ends and her natural skin begins across the neckline.


A statement I make all the time to people who are on the fence is “When in doubt, check the spouse”.

When these actors are hired to play the roles of people who we are to believe are actual people, they need to support their claim by using photos of their past.  We see in order to keep the number of people in the know as low as possible they tend to use their family members to play those supporting cast.  We see Amy’s spouse is being shown to us as the spouse of Ford.  They will choose photos that depict the individual to look as different as they can.  Think about how many photos of you that have been taken that you appear to look nothing like how you really look.

Thanks Andrew for the quick find.

The Sister-in-law (Mother)

Christine Blasey Ford's Sister-in-law

We are told by the media that this is Christine Blasey Ford’s sister-in-law. But knowing that Christine Blasey Ford is really Amy Schumer we see the sister-in-law is being played by Amy’s mother.


By using an ELA test (Error Level Analysis) you can see if items have been layered on a photo.  Guess what we find in the images the media tells us are of Ford?  Which I will remind you of a statement I have made several times on numerous radio shows I was the guest of, “If an event is real, there is no need to fake anything.”

We can see the image of Ford fails the ELA test and they have altered the face by inserting sunglasses


So once again we see that FICTION on TV would not pass in REALITY. If someone made acquisitions as this character did towards a real person they would have been handed a lawsuit so fast they wouldn’t know what hit them. Then for Congress to make statements as they did about a person being guilty before any proof is established would get them handed their walking papers. Also to think that this would play out on TV is entirely hilarious. THEY CANNOT SHOW SHIT LIKE THIS ON TV and allow people to make claims as per a persons guilt before they were found guilty or THEY WOULD BE SUED for slander and liable.

So as I have stated before if what you see doesn’t add up in your reality, it’s not a reality you are watching.

And look at this one.  We have Amy with a known family member actor.  This is her connection to the Desilu production side of the acting clan.

Amy with the actor Ilene Graff who plays a senator. This is the connection to Desilu Productions which you can read about in Columbine posts.  Ilene Graff is the actor that plays Senator Gillibrand, and Patti Neilson, the principal during the columbine hoax shooting. She also plays the role of Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza’s mother. She is married to a LANZArone


Ilene Graff

Ilene Graff is the actor that plays Senator Gillibrand, and Patti Neilson, the principal during the columbine hoax shooting. She also plays the role of Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza’s mother. She is married to a LANZArone

We see where the real world meets the fake world of TV.  This is not always the case because we never know when a spot is shot.  They may be shot far in advance then used when they are needed.  This accounts for a person we identify playing a role may be spotted somewhere else in public when the event is claimed to be taking place in the media.  Fortunately, in this situation, we see a conflict in schedules and the need to cancel public appearances in order to complete her part in this event.  This also demonstrates this event was not planned far in advance and is something that is being created on the fly, therefore she needs to clear her schedule because they plan on producing more on camera live scenes.


Amy is no longer allowing comments on her social media pages.  She has canceled her appearances so either she will be hiding or they plan on shooting more scenes with her.


Amy Schumer’s cousin is Senator Chuck Schumer.

Charles Ellis Schumer is an American politician serving as the senior United States Senator from New York, a seat he was first elected to in 1998. A member of the Democratic Party, he has also been the Senate Minority Leader since 2017.

This is the reason why they are trying so hard to derail the Supreme Court selection.   Chuck is behind this circus.

Chuck Schumer, you need to step down.  You are a disgrace to this nation.  You and your family should have to pay the taxpayers back for this bullshit circus you produced. As I stated above I could care less Right or Left, Dem or Republican.  It makes no difference to me, I only base my opinion on the actions of the individual.  In this case, he has overstepped the moral and ethical boundaries and must pay the price.

Amy and Chuck

Amy Schumer and Senator Chuck Schumer are related. He is her cousin.



Be very aware of the larger picture here.  When you have known actors playing roles in the media realize they are getting paid for their time.  To cut out a connection to those producing the event, they are compensated by alternative means.  In this situation, we see a go fund me account set up by Ford.  I have been told by inside sources this method of generating income for the actors involved is something they get to keep and are promised they will not be prosecuted if ever found out.  In the case of Gabby Giffords HOAX shooting the gofundme account for the Christina Taylor Green, character generated millions.  It was further endorsed by Obama who mentioned it and pushed the tee shirt sales with her photo on it when he held on up during a press conference.

The endorsement by an elected official is just a way for the establishment to throw back a little money to the players without it coming directly from them.  You see the Gofundme accounts set up immediately and in some cases before an event has even taken place.  Every school, mall, airport shooting event the players all have their own gofundme accounts ready to collect the hard-earned dollars from those who think they are giving to help a person in time of need.

We don’t know who is at the top and I would be speculating if I said I understood.  As for the source of funding for this particular situation the Schumer family is undoubtedly playing a big part.

Unlike this event when it’s an active shooter, school shooting situation, they fall under the DHS HSEEP Grant program.  Feel free to google it or go to the DHS website and look it up for your self.  This program provides grant funding to the locations that host the drills.  This is why after every school, mall, theatre, shooting you see that location remodel.  What funds are they using to all of a sudden rebuild bigger and better without having to get public approval?  The grant money of course. Its all spelled out on the DHS site.  So there is the motive for all involved, and the contracts per the actors waver form (also available on the DHS website) combined with the non-disclosure contracts all participants must sign keep them quiet.  Why don’t the law enforcement agencies tell them to stop?  It’s not their business to say to another company what to do.  Since it’s not a criminal act to create these productions, it’s not within their jurisdiction to dictate how another legal business conducts their activities.

Many of the people involved are family of the officials who run the events.  Amy being the cousin of Chuck Schumer is a family bond that of course, she would never compromise, so she will never talk.  I have no connection to anyone and don’t accept donations from corporations, so I am entirely unbias in my work.  The only bias I have is to the people that I signed on the dotted line to protect when I was in the Air Force.  This commitment is what I still honor to this day.  So regardless of party politics I will continue to defend the rights of the people and pursue any individuals who overstep the ethical and sometimes criminal boundaries that cause damage to the public.


Other Supreme Court Actors.
Once we exposed this they killed the story.

Judd Nelson as supreme court nominee

Judd Nelson as supreme court nominee


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