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Homeland Security Secretary An Actor?

Mo Collins well within her range

We have seen Mo Collins playing many different characters on MADtv, so this one is well within her range.

Is the Department of Homeland Security’s Secretary, an actor?  We caught them before, and nothing changed so why not?

How many elected officials have we exposed over the past eight years? Too many to count.

Phillip Lamarr is playing Henry C Johnson a US rep

Phillip Lamarr is playing Henry C Johnson a US rep
Senator Johnson dick joke

Philip Lamarr a.k.a. Henry C Hank Johnson, Junior, a senator and also a Dick joke

Philip Lamarr a.k.a. Henry C Hank Johnson, Junior, a senator and also a Dick joke. He is also well known for his role on med TV and of course Second City TV

Have the laws changed that makes it a criminal offense to run for and occupy an elected officials position?  Nope, its still legal.  So why would you even question it? You could see the massive profit potential if you were a corporation that supply’s equipment to the agency the DHS manages, or have a political stake in the policy which the DHS advise the President.  So if there is a profit to be made and corporations and individuals that benefit from that profit, then YOU SHOULD EXPECT them to hire actors to run for office so they will be obligated to make decisions for them.

So even if you disagree with me on who the current secretary is, you should still be pressing Congress to change the loophole that allows them to do this.

If you doubt the legality that I am addressing, ask your lawyer if it’s true.  You will find out this problem has been in existence since this nation was born.  It is the cause for those in power to disregard constituent’s wishes, allowing them to take the payouts from Big Corp without any fear of being held accountable.  You can’t sue whom you don’t know?

If you think that’s bad enough, think about insider trading and the skirting of any campaign finance laws.  If the person invests or funnels money through their birth name, the SEC or other governing agency are none the wiser of their illegal acts.

So just like the example above with MADtv’s Phillip Lamarr playing the role of Hank Johnson we have yet another MADtv cast member representing the part of the Secretary of The Department Of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen.

This one was a difficult one to figure out since there are little to no usable images of Mo’s ears available online. So we had to resort to the teeth which in many cases you can’t use it to rule someone out because many actors will use veneers but you can use the teeth to validate since if they were using veneers, they wouldn’t make them look like the person they are trying not be.

Then we have the use of the spouse to confirm. Well, the secretary is not married and doesn’t have any kids, and Mo is married.

Knowing that one is married the spouse would not be too far behind and we see in this photo that is the case. I can understand why they would say the secretary is not married to protect the lie but also for security reasons, be we know if the person is married their spouse will play a role close by so they can remain together and not strain the marriage. Children are a security risk for someone in that position, so it’s understandable for them to exclude Mo’s.

Mo Collins husband matches Kirstjen

Mo Collins husband matches Kirstjen Nielsen’s security detail.

We also looked at the facial landmarks, meaning the soft tissue, not the hard landmarks as you normally would. We can see smile lines and dimples that do match as well.

The shape of the eye is also a good indicator because you can’t change the area by the tear ducts, but you can change the shape of the eye with Asian makeup techniques.

However, the most solid evidence has to be the teeth. We can see that both the top and bottom edges do line up. So combine that with the spouse acting as a member of her security team, and you have a match.

Mo Collins and Kirstjen Nielsen Teeth

Mo Collins and Kirstjen Nielsen bottom teeth are a match.

Mo Collins and Kirstjen Nielsen Teeth

Mo Collins and Kirstjen Nielsen top teeth with the small space are a match

Now the second time we have identified high ranking DHS officials as actors. The other time was E. Stewart Rhodes, (Founder of the Oath Keepers) who as Todd Kiel was the Assistant Secretary of the Domestic Infrastructure. So E = He, Stewart = The Steward of, Rhodes = roads. “He the steward of roads” which are the domestic infrastructure. I had my run in with him and him threatening to punch me while on the Joyce Riley The Power Hour radio show.  So basically what Stewart would do is go to areas where there were protests and anti-government rally’s and instigate people to act out, so that he could then take the information about the threat level and justify requests for higher budgets for his group.  If that’s not criminal tell me what is.

E. Stewart-Rhodes is DHS Todd Keil

E. Stewart Rhodes is DHS Todd Keil

Then the previous head of the DHS Janet Ann Napolitano who served as the 21st Governor of Arizona from 2003 to 2009 and United States Secretary of Homeland Security from 2009 to 2013, giving me the evil eye at the Dallas gun rally.


DHS Janet Ann Napolitano at Dallas gun rally staring me down.

You can see the rest of the Hollywood elite giving me dirty looks in the video I shot.

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