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San Bernardino School Shooting: Man Kills Wife Then Himself

I love when I can expose the lie with one single photo. This is why you must be ready to grab images as soon as you see them because once they realize they messed up they will pull the photograph. When police respond to a murder scene they don’t bring refreshments. PERIOD  END OF STORY.
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  1. Pam /

    Hi Mr. Chiarini
    They released the video of the so called shooter - in the original article they said he showed up with a package for his wife. Also the so called witnesses said he pulled the weapon out of the package and began shooting. In the video no package and no facial shot.
    God this continues to make me angry. THESE PATETHIC COWARDS NEED TO BE STOPPED.

  2. Charles king /

    When they use deception to fool us into allowing them to go to war and other things that are detrimental to our well being on a grand scale I would call it treason. And all parts of government are failing to stand up and are also in on it. It is treason across the board. I say plenty of law is broken.

  3. If you read the FCC’s Rule Book you will see its the people job to police the broadcasts you see. But even then what you are watching (Including the News) is simply a production for entertainment. Since they are acting they can do or say whatever they want in the script. Since its fiction its no ones place to tell them what they can and can’t do which is their constitutional right to do. But it’s also your right to tell others it’s all fiction. Not fake FICTION. Its scripted out and is only as real as you believe it to be.

  4. Charles king /

    I have been comparing media presented faces for 35 years now and have mentioned in other threads here that in nearly every picture presented by the media one face is playing multiple roles. This includes moving pictures such as tv and movies. You train your eye by comparing one facial feature at a time from the same angle. Soon you will start to see what is the same instead of allowing the magicians to focus your attention on only what is different.
    For a long time I was sure that all these fake events were fake but now I don’t know. I say this because after looking at some of the pictures presented as proof that the actors were in a drill and are now laughing it up and doing things that wouldn’t happen in a real event, I find that one face is playing multiple roles. At least some of those ‘proofs’ are just as fake as the everyday crap presented by the media. That tells me that even the ‘proofs’ are presented by the same media behind all the fake media pictures. That came as a bit of surprise to me because I have ignored my own advice about never underestimating these people.
    My guess is that the events are fake but for some reason they want us to know that they are fake.

    • Charles king /

      Or maybe the events are real but they create fake video that makes us think we have caught them faking events. How many times have you heard comments about how careless they are to leave things like coolers and refreshments around. Or like remarks about how those guys don’t​ even try to get it right. The media is totally corrupt. Knowing that why should we accept pictures and video from that media that ‘accidently’ exposes the fake. When you think you have it all figured out you have only landed on another level of the psyop. The truth just doesn’t come easily. And when it is this easy then beware. Wellaware1 shows us just how good these guys are at what they do. Suspect anything from them especially when it is too easy.
      When comparing facial features notice the things done to prevent the comparison such as showing their backs, blurring or to far away and faces presented from different angles, etc.

  5. Better link to the photo taken after the shooting with happy people giving high fives. Mission accomplished ?

    • Notice in the video that the girl is looking to her left (for answers). And also in the background the baseball playing continues without any worry.

      • charles king /

        you missed probably the most important part. one face playing multiple roles. usually i don’t go beyond the picture or movie looking for one face but in this case i couldn’t help but notice that all the pictures in your examples might be the same face. i don’t feel like looking into it. you can. all those pictures are media created bs illusions. i know because i see the one face playing multiple roles. teach yourself to see that. that shit didn’t happen. those illusions were created in a studio without the actor present, just an image of his face. let me walk you thru the picture of the happy couple. this is a fairly hard one. three main things throw you—-the different angle of the face, different facial expression and those ever present whiskers. the shape of the faces are the same. the noses are the same. look at the shape not the size. the noses are presented at different angles so you must imagine a small amount. look close. look even closer at the eyes. look deep into them. look just at the eyes nothing around them. then compare them one at a time. when they foolishly present two sets of eyes straight on you can usually nail it. now look at the mouth. the different facial expressions screwed up the comparison but not enough. look real real close at the bottom lips.

        • Charles king /

          You might need a little help with the lower lip. Look at his lower lip and see that most of it has been lightened enough to make it not noticeable. But the thicker lower lip is still visible to a close look. The middle upper part of his chin whiskers is placed right on top of the lower lip.

    • Charles king /

      Notice in the various pictures that the shadows aren’t right, either missing or not in the right place. Notice also how they present so many pictures everywhere that don’t allow you to compare facial features. Once you train your eye to compare facial features you see one face playing multiple roles in nearly everything presented by the media. Then the next step is realizing that those pictures presented to us that allow us to bust them faking it are also fake. They show us what is ‘ obviously ‘ a drill but you will find those pictures are also fake. They are not pictures of a drill. They are made the same way all the media crap is made using one face playing multiple roles. They are purposely showing us pictures of them fking up and ‘ accidentally ‘ exposing themselves and the ruse they are pulling on us. Train your eye people.

      • Charles king /

        Look at what wellaware1 has exposed. Understand that we aren’t watching a amateur production. The magicians and actors presenting the world stage are amazingly good at what they do. They have fooled the herd since forever except for a couple of us. Don’t ever under estimate these masters of deception. These seemingly simple mistakes that ‘accidentally’ expose themselves just don’t fit in with there amazing skills. Were there events with death? Were there drills? I don’t know. But when they allow me to compare facial features along with wrong shadows, etc. I know the pictures they present of these events are fake. That includes the pictures that expose themselves faking it.

        • Seems to me you are making a valid point. So many faces look alike or similar. We’ve seen what can be done digitally with faces & other images.
          I’m not sure why your comments are being ignored. Seems to me we are all investigating this together. Ed is pointing out how one person plays many roles. But what if it is worse than that? What if the same faces show up again & again only slightly modified or with different angles, lens distortion, & all the many tricks?
          It’s a difficult theory to prove. Also, Ed’s connecting the people to the same spouse & families &/or production or business is extremely useful. At least we have someone to go after such as our fake Senator McCain & many others. With your theory all we have is “they are using the same facial image repeatedly in all these events.” Doesn’t give us much to work with.

  6. Dan Jensen /

    Wow - sometimes they don’t even try lol. I also noticed a man under the white tent carrying a clipboard, likely carrying a script? It’s convenient to pull these in southern California where you have easy access to lots of film production equipment.

    • Yes, it’s all part of the DHS HSEEP program. You can look it up on their site. The media are just taking advantage of the drills and are claiming they are real. No crimes are broken so it’s none of the law enforcement’s business telling the media how to run their business.

      • Hello Mr. DallasGoldbug. I have a quick question for you. Do you think it’s possible that this “military analyst” (Colonel Dave Hunt) is played by Bruce Willis? This Dave Hunt character sure does resemble Bruce Willis, but then again I’m not an expert on this stuff. Below is the link if you want to see him being interviewed on Fox News. Thank you!

      • Charles king /

        I think it is much more than just taking advantage of a drill. The media and all the rest are in on it from the start. If it was just the media then those doing the drills, etc would come out and deny the media deception. Nobody ever speaks up. Law enforcement is particularly troubling with their silence.

        • NO, it’s none of the law enforcement’s business to tell another corporation how to run theirs. No laws are broken so its none of their business.

  7. One thing I wanted to mention on our local TV News the words “you must show ID to get your child”. I have NEVER seen that before. And all they are doing now is trying to push gun control on us again after this one!!!
    Thank you

  8. I live in La Verne California, around 40-50 miles west of the (supposedly) San Bernardino school shooting. I can’t tell you how it feels to be validated - I have been receiving calls all day all I could say is look for the ice coolers. “When was the last time you went to a crime scene and they had ice coolers there?”
    Thank you

  9. Look at the guy on the far right of media photo with the sunglasses on. We have
    seen him before in some other photos of alleged shootings. Who is this guy
    and why was he in same approx. area of photo in the past? See cop and
    white young girl smiling? huh a cop smiling during a disaster?

    • Angela /

      I know that just about everyone of these events is fake. However, this hit so close to home, that I have had a pretty hard look at the real tragedy unfolding in San Bernardino. In fact as I type the vans are taking many of Jonathan Martinez family to Mexico to burry their child.they must have been in the house for two hours praying. I have known my neighbors for the four years that I’ve lived here. When the news came in on that Monday these two parents came home independently, sobbing and crying out so loud and so desperately, I knew it had to be something awful. I knew the little boy Jonathan Martinez. I speak with his parents and extended family. They have had so many people at the house since Monday, that I have been sharing my lot for parking. They have been praying, singing and gathering almost nonstop. This family lost their son and I can assure you that there is nothing staged about his death. It is horrific and tragic. I follow your work Ed, and I described this event to you in an email, but I wanted to share it with the community since I have had the very unfortunate chance to see this one up close. I didn’t really want to put my name on this, but I don’t know how I could keep silent. This is sad my friend.
      I love your work, I love you, and I appreciate everything you do. You are my hero Ed! Keep up the good work. Thanks for Your willingness to risk it all to give us the truth we deserve. You are a brave man. I respect you.

      • You have said nothing that proves the event was anything more than a staged event. I prove it is not real by using the laws of the state that would make any broadcast of the particulars of the event a violation of the families privacy rights and possible criminal violations if there was a police investigation underway and information ANY information was released that would provide a person responsible for a crime a means to destroy evidence and or cause bias in the community towards the suspect (who is innocent until proven guilty in court) It’s NONE OF THE PUBLICS FUCKING BUSINESS to be told about another’s situation especially if they are being accused of a crime but have not been tried. You as a person have rights, and one is your right to privacy/publicity. NO government agency can violate that more so then the publishing of public information pe court documents. But the media cannot disclose information about that public information because they are not a free public information broadcast they are a FOR PROFIT business who profits from the viewing of its content it provides the public. Therefore they need written releases to broadcast the likeness of a person over their for-profit network.

        I’m sorry you are being duped but I provide facts to show you they are lying to you.

        • Angela /

          I agree with what you say about right and wrong but seems like no one follows the rules anymore. Anyway the suspect killed himself is my guess why they broadcast it. You can say whatever you want, as can they. You just said that it’s not law enforcements job to police other people’s way of doing business, so who exactly is in charge of policing the news? Maybe we are.
          And the other thing that you said is completely ridiculous about them bringing water to an emergency, Ed, it’s 2017, bottled water would probably be required in emergency vehicles especially since there would probably be a lot of thirsty people in a crisis. Where else would they get water from?
          And about the little girl and the cop smiling…. have you lost your humanity? I’m sorry that you have gone so far that you can’t even see what’s real anymore. That’s a tough place to be in.

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