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UPDATE July 1oth
Shooter Identified and he's a Dick Joke _90332944_micahxjohnson_facebook
Like so many of these fake events we are reminded of the childlike mentality these actors perpetually live with.  They can't resist using the dick jokes are the names of the main characters.  So we have a JOHNSON as the shooter in the Dallas shooting HOAX.  

Does he look familiar?  Why yes he does 

Roy Jones Jr



FORT BRAGG,NC - AUGUST 1988: Olympian Roy Jones Jr poses for a portrait at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.   (Photo by: The Ring Magazine/Getty Images)

FORT BRAGG,NC - AUGUST 1988: Olympian Roy Jones Jr poses for a portrait at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
(Photo by: The Ring Magazine/Getty Images)

UPDATE July 9th
When I posted the following information I knew full well that they would find the person in the photo and try to say I was wrong.  So why did I post it?  Simple.  Looking at the photo I knew it was either a photo of the Chief or one of his relatives.  It turned out to be a relative.  How do I know that?  Again simple.  If your picture was shown to the world and they called you a person of interest while the media continued to tie you to a criminal event, what do you think that does to your reputation?  Do you think it might damage it?  You bet it would.  Guess what you would do if that were to happen?  You would sue the shit out of the Dallas Police department.  Therefore, if you see the police showing you a photo and making EVEN the slightest link that the person they are showing is possibly the person they are saying committed a criminal act, you can rest assured its a fake story.  

How can I be so  sure?
Well for one the reason I just gave you, and second if there is an investigation taking place the last thing the police want to do is involve the general public who will most likely do something stupid and get hurt trying to apprehend a dangerous person, and most important the police would never want to give a person the heads up they are looking for them.  They will never tell the media anything about investigations that could tip of an associate of the person of interest. That might give them time to get rid of evidence, or threaten witnesses, etc etc.  

Reality is not what you see on TV.  The police don't need your help finding anything or anyone, especially in Downtown Dallas where EVERY STREET CORNER is equipt with s very high-end  sony PTZ dome cameras, monitored around the clock by the police.  You have to get a security clearance to be one of those operators.  So KNOW FOR A FACT they have footage of everything that transpired downtown the other night but you will never see it because guess what you will see?  A BUNCH OF EFFING ACTORS ACTING.

Dallas Police currently monitor 160 cameras, all but 20 of them in the downtown area.  But there are many more in the pipeline.  (that was in 2013)



AND CHIEF BROWN We know who you are.

They say two shooters from high positions, then they show a photo of a person and say  the shooter was on the ground.  Now saying they planted a bomb.  They just said GAME WARDENS have been brought in along with DART  it's a multijurisdictional drill.


Hey Dallas PD  you are a bunch of idiots who need to all resign.  You are acting like little children by your faking these events then turning around and want more money from the taxpayers.  (that's me)
How much do you pay these actors?  You should get a refund because they are pitiful.  I recognize them.

A bunch of fools you all are. TO THE GOOD DALLAS Police officers.  Do you not realize that when you stage events and take grant money from DHS through their HSEEP program you create an artificial bubble of profit that if you don't accept more money from the grant program you will show a loss the following year.  What do you think happens when you show a loss as a corporation?  Heads roll and what do you think will happen when the people start to complain about your trustworthy-ness due to the media's fake events they use to make you look bad?  CAN YOU SAY FEDERAL POLICE FORCE?  You will be out of jobs.  So you better step up and start to turn in your superior officers who are complacent to the accepting of the grant money before its too late.

You might want to start looking for new jobs anyway due to the autonomous vehicle situation will take a HUGE bite out of your department's revenue.  No more moving violations .  no more speeding or drunk driving issues.  Hell, you won't even need a drivers license.  We can take down all the signs and traffic lights take the lines off the roads.  You won't need street lights or highway lights anymore.  the saving of energy will be massive.  It will be a much cleaner environment and no death because of idiots who fall asleep behind the wheels etc.  The insurance companies will be losing out massively as well.  What then?  where will you all work?  Better start thinking ahead about these things because when it gets in full swing (I say 10 years max) more like 5 years really.  there will be no more jobs for many of you.

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  1. Susan E Wade /

    Ok, We recognize what this really was,
    so now, how can it be proved beyond a
    resonable doubt ?

  2. roger garza /

    Amazing job, could the police chief be that actor “Roger” from good times?

  3. Ebonee Rae /

    I love this! The first witness I saw on TV is a black guy in a “wife beater”!!!! ( Now this shirt is really called an A shirt, look up the term wife beater and where it came from to understand my issue here)! The dead second I saw that man I knew I was dealing with a half @$$ reenactment band of idiots. This was a complete mess and I am still struggling to figure out what they hoped to gain from this ignorant display.

  4. Ginny /

    autonomous vehicle situation ?

  5. Alan Ritter /

    Hi Ed, this needs to be edited. many words are wrong. Role should be roll. complacent should be another similar sounding word. We are friends on FB and LI. send me a PM. I have 240+ articles on LI and a Chemistry PhD from UofPenn in Philly. 🙂

  6. John Martin Lutz /

    YePPPPPP!!! Follow me @nomorequeerss if you like!!!

  7. Gary Medel /

    PS No one injured no one died. Yes - again.

    But gotta love the acting. Some cops kind of crouching behind cars while others kind of wander around, Camera men just real relaxed wandering around. All while we know we got snipers all around - “triangulated?. And that phony fuqface Brian Willams MSNBC brought back for cameo role because they needed a good fraud guy. How soft and empathetic his phony voice. And listen to the headlines and words: “Do we now have Civil War?” He says for sure it is “urban warfare”. And all triangulated! Woo, scary shit, triangulated, need to beef up militarize lock down the streets, get the tanks rolling through all Americans Tiananmen Squares rolling over the citizenry at large. Boy Brian needs a good choke chain and ass waterboard then turn over to the dogs of Baghdad streets with Bush Obama Killary and rest of the traitors to our country. And mayor pigface big guy former Pizza Hut “CEO” (right? Big job - a pizza shack needs a “CEO”? A big man for the job.) Hogtie and Toss his fat ass into the waterboard tank while we are at it. Surfs up, Mr Mayor. Hope it is to your liking. And you tinsel popcorn candy ass police chief who got no clue, so stumbling reading lines that make no sense. A real crisis! Yes, you go too, Mr Pop Cop. (By the way, you sure look like one tough, smart cat all right. We see why you are the man. Ouch.)

    These fraud jobs are going down so fast it appears those prognosticators may be right - we could have big event soon maybe partly real, real people maybe getting really hurt, like dirty nuke around Philly convention - justifying throwing NE USA into martial law. You know, another “9 11”. Terrorists everywhere. Gotta love it.

    It is one step at a time, each of these events gets more amateurish and obvious, intentionally so, to dummy down the sheeple further each time, how much can we get away with? - to get masses to completely roll over on total abrogation of US Constitution which has been all been badly shredded already by Patriot Act etc. And while they double down and slaughtering millions with Our Isis, Daily Drones, gotta limit those civilians casualties Mr President Barry whoever the fuq you are and wherever the fuq you are from. Mass murdering war criminals.

    Problem is, now there are many millions who won’t be intimidated and who are on to all this bullshit, and are in process of reclaiming our country, one notch at a time. So,