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Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting


So they finally admit on the news there is a bill being voted on in Congress next week that has to do with the very same situation we see them playing out in this hoax drill.   Gee, are the people really that stupid to think that’s just a coincidence?  I mean seriously, the mainstream media can’t be that stupid to play out this drill the week before they vote to make it a law? That was a rhetorical question because the answer is so blatantly obvious.   Of course, they would do it and have.  So you can now officially turn the TV off and go back to living your lives without any fear of the latest boogie man attack.  That is unless your cat’s name is “boogie man” then you better watch out.

Like all the rest of the events you see on the news, it was a hoax.  They can’t release information about an active investigation until after it’s been completed and really not until after a trial and a verdict has been handed down or the network risks lawsuits.

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