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My Almost DIED Update

I’m still having problems seeing clearly but It could also just be me and my body hasn’t healed to 100% yet so please bear with me.

Sorry everyone for this last month.  I know it looks like I disappeared, but I didn’t.

I, unfortunately, was infected with H1N1 and spent a few days in the ER up in Pittsburg.  Why Pittsburg you ask?  Well, that’s, where I ended up after my 2000 Discovery, crapped out.  I had to ditch the truck and was fortunate that a friend was willing to drive to rescue me.  Finally, I made it back to Dallas where I’m recovering still from the H1N1.  That virus is NO JOKE as it nearly killed me twice in the past two weeks.  once with a 104.5 fever which was the initial reason I decided to go to the hospital.

once they tested me and I came up positive it all got serious.  They informed me that if I hadn’t decided to go to the ER I would have been dead by morning.

So I was unable to send out DVD while I was quarantined, but couldn’t get out of bed even if I was allowed.  So I will be getting DVDs out this weekend.

So to summarize.

Had H1N1 Type A.

Almost died twice  because of it,

got stuck in Pittsburgh since my Truck crapped out so I have no vehicle,
Thanks for understanding
I’ll get those DVD’s out ASAP.

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  1. Roger /

    Hulda Clark wrote several books about diseases and has a zapper that can kill viruses with high frequency signals. Used it for years to get well.
    Will also kill parasites that cause diseases.

  2. Damn, this sounds pretty bad. I hope you recover well from this

  3. Nancy Kidd /

    Ed l am glad you made it through and sorry you got so sick.l was wondering if somrthing bad had happened,never imagine a flu.ed l no longer have that email address to recieve mail.its changed to [email protected] l not sure you recieved my mailing res for dvd so here goes nancy kidd 12 deerfield place scar.ontario m1k4x4.praying you will stay save brave man and now l will included sickness stays away to.

  4. Narelle Chapple /

    Glad Your ok though I’ve never heard of this virus that almost took You out but obviously it’s something deadly & that I need to research ASAP … PS: I find I’m down to basically 2 People from a list of about 20 who I regularly listen too & believe & who would of thought 1 of them was You lol

  5. Hope your completely over it Ed and where did it come from as it doesnt seem to be around ? Be careful of touching things mail etc ….it is an air born flu isnt it??Be wellaware of your own surroundings .Clean everything well at home vinegar is good and glasses or get plastic for awhile…Take care and thanks for you work. Lately I have noticed the elites are slithering in and out of male female persona and probably the garb of the rich saudis.

  6. DallasGoldbug What did I do that my comments have to wait. Do you really think I am a part of the New World Order? I am on your side. I send people your way all the time. These viruses and heavy metals are in the chemtrails. I get attacked all the time when I speak out. I get mocked when I share your info many times but I still believe in you. And I was being sincere in hoping you are feeling better. But honestly I don’t have time for this non sense the person you support maybe not financially but in the spirit and by telling others about and I am getting treated like I am a problem. I just don’t get it. This is all after that one poster was talking about her ballet teacher being a Gail. Then she mentioned her last name as being Woodard. If I had known I did not have to use my last name I never would have. Because honestly if you think I am related and I am an actor then you have serious problems. I am sorry you got that man made virus. My heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. You won’t publish this but at least you will read it. I am a ordinary person who believes in the creator. And those who do me wrong or accuse me of things I am or have done telling false lies about me or believing in those false lies things have happened to them. I find it strange that not to long after refusing postings a while back you get the H1N1 virus. You need be careful who you falsely accuse of being related. Or allowing others to tell you falsehoods and you leave the info up on your page. I know this is why the creator of the universe let you get that virus. So please do the right thing by me and stop believing that I am related to the queen, because of false innuendo. I hope you are getting better I really do. You have taught me so much and I appreciate all your hard work.

  7. JustnAmurrican /

    You da man! Bless you and be well. You do the world a great service with your work! As brainwashed as most of us have been all our lives it is a wonder we can see ANY of this… My girlfriend was commenting on Michael Grimm, winner of one of those national talent shows, and how he is playing Vegas but at second- and third-tier venues. Now he can’t even say he’s playing Vegas anymore! He is playing at the Fortune Casino in Henderson. I have introduced your website to a dear friend and she just doesn’t seem to be able to handle it. (She has been through, what you could definitely call a long-term series of life-events that would surely induce or merit PTSD but she handles it well enough because of her faith in our Heavenly Father. So, yes, I am pushing a point with you that a previous post seems to be making as well.) I don’t get it, though why is this guy Grimm reduced to playing a venue for a few hundred dollars a week, if he is also really Heath Ledger?

    And, without looking it up, I am wondering how you get H1N1?

    • JustnAmurrican /

      Okay, looks like I am really behind the times since Heath Ledger ‘died’ in NY at the apt of one of the Olsen twins from a drug overdose in 2008? LOL

  8. Walt Oshinsky /


    Too bad I didn’t know - I live in Akron Ohio about 100 miles form the “berg” ;and have dozens of relatives still living there - I would have visited you and made you some of my famous “healing” chicken soulp and you would have been “dancing” the next day.


  9. Scott stickler /

    I came across your YouTube channel about a month ago and have watched every video available to me. I rented the desilu effect a couple days ago (the only time I ever paid to watch a YT video even though I have spent who knows how much on garbage vain entertainment). If I had discovered this info sooner…..
    Well no time like the present to break the chains that bind and peel the veil that blinds.
    It seems desilu effect has been removed so I’m glad I decided to watch it while I could, incredible work.
    Personally I believe in the authoritative Word of Elohim regardless who owns the printing presses and who corrupts the text with additions omittions and changes. The actors you expose act according to their father, the devil, Satan, that old serpent. The actor David ike talks of reptilian as do many others. These manifestations are nothing more than a slight glimpse of the evil that lurks in darkness. whatsoever make th manifest is light and the actors hate exposure to that light because their deeds are evil.
    These actors and royals only confirm such passages as James 5:1-6 kjv
    I now see how Paul says they will CREEP IN PRIVILY LIKE WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING TEACHING FOR DOCTRINE DAMNABLE HERESIES MAKING MURCHANDISE OF YOU (speaking to the church/ecclesia/members of the body of Christ, not those individuals who place their trust in clubhouse membership.
    I have read some of LEE STROBELS murchandise and after you exposed him I see much clearer how these people are incredible actors, knowing the craft, performing it with well refined skill though not perfect, yet with all receivables in them that perish. Kent Hovind or Perot JR or whatsoever his real name is, duped me. Dinosaurs are a hoax

  10. Hey, Ed have you heard of a book called zerolimits by Joe Vitale ?……it’s hawaiian Ho’oponopono and it will help you with everything…Dr.Hew Len is the man who teaches this tremendous spiritual approach…I think you would love it…very simple

  11. Dude,

    Me, Jess and Hannah will double down on ya Bro. You know what I mean…

    I’m convinced that it weren’t you that made that decision to make the ER visit, Ed.

    Mysterious ways is all I can say…


  12. jannajo /

    So sorry to hear of your problems, this is quite serious I c, now I can pray w. more clarity, be well-sorry for my emails, where I was so upset….get your rest and your health back, pronto, eh?

  13. Stephen Clabaugh /

    Next time in PA and your truck breaks down send me a PM. I reside near Harrisburg, I could have been there in a few hours. Good luck looking forward to the next Adventures.

      • I don’t come here that often. I hope you are feeling better and I know what I wrote earlier. So I am not commenting because I forgot. You have been pout back in your work. I have a question you are working hard on setting up your pages. I was looking for info on Benjamin Fulford and Brother Nathaniel. I saw them in the past do you still have that information. I was needing to share that info with someone who trusts them as being good guys. This whole world well most our so deceived. And thanks for all you do. Yes Iodine is needed in the body and colloidal silver does work. All these chemtrails are depleting people of Magnesium, Potassium, Boron, Iodine and many other minerals and vitamins such as vitamin D.

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