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My Almost DIED Update

I’m still having problems seeing clearly but It could also just be me and my body hasn’t healed to 100% yet so please bear with me.

Sorry everyone for this last month.  I know it looks like I disappeared, but I didn’t.

I, unfortunately, was infected with H1N1 and spent a few days in the ER up in Pittsburg.  Why Pittsburg you ask?  Well, that’s, where I ended up after my 2000 Discovery, crapped out.  I had to ditch the truck and was fortunate that a friend was willing to drive to rescue me.  Finally, I made it back to Dallas where I’m recovering still from the H1N1.  That virus is NO JOKE as it nearly killed me twice in the past two weeks.  once with a 104.5 fever which was the initial reason I decided to go to the hospital.

once they tested me and I came up positive it all got serious.  They informed me that if I hadn’t decided to go to the ER I would have been dead by morning.

So I was unable to send out DVD while I was quarantined, but couldn’t get out of bed even if I was allowed.  So I will be getting DVDs out this weekend.

So to summarize.

Had H1N1 Type A.

Almost died twice  because of it,

got stuck in Pittsburgh since my Truck crapped out so I have no vehicle,
Thanks for understanding
I’ll get those DVD’s out ASAP.

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