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The Disney Hitler Roosevelt German Royal Problem

Did Adolf Hitler draw Disney characters?

The director of a Norwegian museum claimed to have discovered cartoons drawn by Adolf Hitler during the Second World War.

If you’re familiar with my work over the past six years, you are in the know about my research on Kermit Roosevelt. If you’re not briefly here, it is in a nutshell. (be sure to use the search engine on this site to find out more about this topic some of the search words you can use are noted in the tags attached to this story)

Kermit Roosevelt son of Teddy Roosevelt was a banker from Argentina. In fact, he was the head banker for that country, and you can still see the ties to that location today as I just outed the current president and made her step down. She is the sister of Columba Bush who is Jeb Bush’s wife. This news comes after we find that the Bush family has bought one of the largest aquifers in Argentina and own a gigantic portion of land there as well. The deal that they used to get that land, of course, went through the president of Argentina, and you can imagine the insider trading information and favoritism that came along with it.


the following images come from numerous stories that are written over the past six years about this topic feel free to through the mall and make sure to use a search engine when looking for additional information on the site  since this topic is a very broad and massive part of the work that I’ve done.


just two days after releasing this information about Columba bushes sister she stepped down and was impeached.



Use this information to learn about the history of this country and you will see the bloodlines of the family that reach back to the Royals and encompass the publishing industry here in the United States  this is why you will never find anything of substance printed in a book or on the TV or on any form of news media because they are all owned by the big six who are owned by the royal families


William Henry Harrison, Pres. John Tyler, Benjamin Harrison, Gen. Grant, Andrew Carnegie, Caroline Harrison, Louise Whitefield, Carnegie, John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Davis,

The game has been rigged since day one of this country, and those responsible for it are still in power via their long family lineage.



Winston Churchill also plays a role of Herman William Goering and is also the son of Pres. Grant




Winston Churchill also plays a role of Herman William Goering and is also the son of Pres. Grant


hitler-disney-kermit hitler_child hitler-practice

Werner Von Braun is James Roosevelt the son of FDR

Werner Von Braun is James Roosevelt the son of FDR


Tony Greenberg, Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper, of course, playing the role of the of Werner Heid. The author of the books about Werner Moulder who is played by Tony Greenberg

bushallTwitter - Copy - Copy bush-3-in-london-1939

Prescott Bush, Quentin Roosevelt, Joseph P Kennedy Senior

Joseph P Kennedy Senior was also Quentin Roosevelt, who died at age 20, was shot down in a airplane in July 1913. We can see by the crash. It has staged event and we know that Joseph P Kennedy Senior also played Prescott Bush. You can validate this information by looking at the wife.


Neil bush playing the Waco Police Departments Leasion for the Twin Peeks Biker Shooting Hoax

Neil bush playing the Waco Police Departments Liaison for the Twin Peeks Biker Shooting Hoax


Teddy Roosevelt, Joseph P. Kennedy

Teddy Roosevelt, and Joseph P. Kennedy the senior are the same person. His son Quinn Roosevelt is also Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Giuseppe Kennedy Jr. is the father of its debut bush. We can sell this is correct not only from the biometrics being a match but the fact that the spouses are the match as well confirming the work.


Hitler was Kermit Roosevelt and the wife validates it

Hitler was Kermit Roosevelt and the wife validates it


John F. Kennedy, Joseph P Kennedy Junior, Ted Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy,

The Bush boys and Ross Perot are visiting their relative Hitler, who was Kermit Roosevelt.


Hillary Clinton, Pauline Robinson Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, Marty

Hillary Clinton also played the role of Pauline Robinson Bush, who supposedly died as a child, but we see the stories that the family did not even grieve that day that the child died, which is typical because she did not die. We also find that Hillary is the daughter of Joseph Goebbels the Nazi from World War II and her stepbrother is better known as Pres. Johnson. Hillary also plays the role of Shirley Jones the actor from the Partridge family TV show


We can see that Prescott Bush also played the role of Joseph P Kennedy senior HW Bush's father.  If you don't believe me me just look at the spouse

We can see that Prescott Bush also played the role of Joseph P Kennedy senior HW Bush’s father. If you don’t believe me me just look at the spouse


Ross Perot is the Great grandson of Elliot Roosevelt the brother as Teddy Roosevelt, who played his Vice President then became president as Taft.

Ross Perot is the Great grandson of Elliot Roosevelt the brother as Teddy Roosevelt, who played his Vice President then became president as Taft.



HW Bush, Nazis, Hoffmann

HW Bush gets his makeup done by Hoffmann Hitler’s personal photographer


Hitler, Disney, Kermit Roosevelt

Hitler_Disney_Kermit_Roosevelt, all the same person. You can see the extensive biometric study I performed on them all to prove the case.


Hitler's Father Played by Teddie Roosevelt, and the younger images played by Kermit Roosevelt brother Leo Jr

Hitler’s Father Played by Teddie Roosevelt, and the younger images played by Kermit Roosevelt brother Leo Jr

But of course that is what this family does, and they have been doing since Teddy Roosevelt put in place the laws to stop monopolies on the industry. Now you say well if you put laws in place to prevent the monopoly how are they monopolizing current markets? Simple for those that are in the know no for those that are in the know abide by the laws. So while the law affects those who are not the family of Teddy and efficiently caps their growth those that are in the know that are using pseudonyms to identify themselves and to hide the fact that they are related to the family can conduct business freely and therefore monopolize any industry they choose.

All you have to do is look back as far as the Teapot Dome scandal, and you will find the connection between Theo Roosevelt Junior who is Teddy’s other son and Kermit’s brother who was in charge of the land lease the Navy owned.   Instead of giving those contracts out to third-party corporations to manage the correct way, he gave them to corporations that had his family members running them. They got caught and nearly lost everything because of it.

You have to do some digging to find out Theo’s involvement in that because it’s something that they try to cover up since they are the ones that own the publishing industry they are the people who owned the media outlets, so you have to do some digging, but you’ll find it.

So as Kermit being a banker and an American at best he decides to give up his American status and joins the British Army during World War II while at the same time his cousin FDR is our president his other cousin Winston Churchill as we see here has his connections to the Emperor of Germany Wilhelm the second and all these individuals I just spoke of  our blood relatives.  Let’s not forget that James Roosevelt during World War II events played the role of Werner von Braun.  And we know that Werner signed a deal with Disney after the war to be a marketing person for them.

At the same time remember Nelson Rockefeller was in charge of the propaganda for the war and also in charge of the CIAA, which was the media and propaganda arm of the government at that time headed up by Disney himself. His job was to go to South America and to stop the influence of communism by the use of propaganda which he did, and this is where you see the connection to Argentina.

Disney, of course, is Hitler and is Kermit Roosevelt which I have said for the past six years. His sister played the role of Ava Braun.  Kermit’s other two brothers Archibald Roosevelt has supposedly killed an airplane crash, but as you can see with the photographs of the accident it is staged and fake so what happened to Archie? He became known as Joseph P Kennedy senior also named Prescott Bush. Yes, that means he is the father of Joseph P Kennedy Junior who is really HW Bush. He is also the father of John Kennedy and that makes John Kennedy the brother of HW Bush. This is why you see HW Bush at the funeral for Pres. Ford making a comment and then smiling at someone in the front row about a crazed gun-toting assassin killed Kennedy he was looking at Kennedy himself who is really Jimmy Carter. If you think this is crazy, all you have to do is look at the spouse of each of these individuals, and you will see they all match.

By the use of biometric technologies, we can analyze the year the dorsal hand vein pattern the sibling and parental events as well as motive and opportunity to complete the evaluation of each of these individuals.  You will see that this family has been doing this for a very long time and we know their connections to the German Royals in photographs were Kermit and his father Teddy are with Emperor Wilhelm the second in the battlefields those photos are hardly available in the United States, but in Germany, they were quite accessible.

To support this evidence all you have to do is look at the brothers and their roles as the Nazis that surrounded Hitler the photographic evidence is clear that Winston Churchill was one of them. The rumors of him hiding in the bunker the entire time of the war are false. We can also conclude that this is fact by examining Hitler’s Berg, which was his home.  Overlaying the images on top of Disney’s home we can see that they are the same.  And just as a bonus during the sale of this house a few years ago I managed to grab some of the photographs that were being used to promote the sale. In one of those photographs we can still see the latticework on the windows that are consistent with the ones in the pictures of Hitler’s home, but most of all we notice the German Royal crest inlaid in the window.

So if you’re wondering if the war was fake no of course not it wasn’t that makes this even more important that you understand the fact that the wars that we fight are manipulated and are not the results of real disputes between countries. The agreements that the people in charge have with the other nations in the conflict is purely a for-profit scheme.   The maintaining of the war as long as possible produces the most profits.  Therefore when you see the Bush family involved in the last Middle Eastern conflict that is still going on today you can understand how much the money they made from that fake staged event.

These people are all the relatives of the Royals of Germany who were kicked out of the country for being too warmongering where did they go to get kicked out well that’s for you to find out because most of them I find are from the White House. This family has been manipulating your reality and affecting your lives as far back as the beginning of this country be sure to check back with the site to learn more.

Just to point out the fact that during these wars these individuals that are involved in a scam sat back and watched body bags come home to both countries involved and did nothing to stop it.  That in itself is the absolute epitome of evil and is one of the main reasons why I do what I do because I too was involved in the military as an airman in the Air Force. When I found out that the chain of command that goes up to the commander-in-chief are compromised with these individuals, you better believe I made a mission in my life to expose every single one of them to stop them from being able to put other people in harm’s way for false reasons. Maybe that’s the one thing that I learned while in the Air Force was the core mottos and those are:
Integrity first.  Service before self and excellence in all that you do.

Some things just take with you.


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  1. Ed also showed Einstein & Stalin to be the same actor. Proof via spouse. Did some checking of bios, myself. Born 1879 (E) 1878 (S) worked as clerk 1901 (E) 1899 (S).
    Stalin was in “exile” in Siberia 1913-1917 just when Einstein became director of Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute. Married first time 1904. Remarried 1919. Einstein rises in public eye with the help of the Times of London, 1919. Of course he is greatly exaggerated as the “foremost physicist of our time” & his theories never questioned. Meanwhile, Stalin, is supposed to be one of the most “ruthless dictators of our time”and yet is given admiration for bringing Russia into the “Industrial Age.” Look it up yourself. Clearly the same person playing two different roles. As usual cast as opposites. Einstein the pacifist & Stalin the murderer. Brilliant deception brilliantly outed by Ed Chiarini!

  2. Okay great work but what were we fighting over there in ww2 or who was we fighting Like in Vietnam was the confederate army fake these are the things I wonder about since my family have served in these wars nice work

    • The best way to understand what wars are about is to look at the treaties signed afterward. There you will see the “spoils of war.” Ever wonder why that’s glossed over in school while the generals & battles & presidential decrees are exaggerated? They want you to see the actors & the “great men” so that you, too will think war is great, good for the economy & something you, should “serve” in.
      Pay attention to the history of Israel if you want to be clear on at least one agenda of ww1 & ww2. Note Great Britain got a foothold in Mideast. Not going to sit there with that outpost. It’s needed for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is oil. Need someone in there permanently to hold it “legitimately.” Behold! The chosen people to their promised land! Armed mightily by the US & GB. Do some research. Think for yourself!

  3. The 4-H clubs of America and FFA (Future Farmers of America) were and are owned and operated by Eastern Star/Freemasonry to further corrupt and select children for abuses. It was huge in the rural public schools and is still pulling their sick agendas after they took our farming abilities and Women out of the kitchens and away from raising their children.

  4. motocross /

    Ed never ceases to amaze me! I am forever grateful for such a phenomenal leadership of expertise through WellAware1. The excitement is building from the anticipation of the accountability phase. I wish my dad was alive to witness what is about to happen to all of the deceitful people that have pulled the wool over our eyes for way too long. He would be first in line to shake Ed’s hand and congratulate him. And I’d be second.

  5. Now you got me confused dude..wasn’t it in Brazil the sis-in-law was playing politician? So Kermit had been a banker there?

    • The sister of Columba Bush was the president till I got her to step down. Kermit was the lead banker for Argentina back before the war and him denouncing his American citizens ship and becoming a British citizens to join the British army.

  6. Thank You for your work. /

    You’ve all seen the statue of Walt Disney at the Magic Kingdom in front of the castle?
    Heil Hitler !

    Good night time photo (8th photo down) at:

  7. “Hitler” drawing Disney characters. That clinches your work for me.

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