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Norway Bomber Identified As Richard Gutjahr

Richard Gutjahr (born 1973 in Bonn) is a German moderator, creator of mainstream media[1] and blogger. He attracted global media attention for covering the alleged terror attacks in Nice and Munich in mid-2016 with a mobile phone, and he “explained how basic mobile technology allowed him to cover the two attacks.”[2]

Richard Gutjahr, 2015

Between 1993 and 1998, Gutjahr was a student of the German School of Journalism (Deutschen Journalistenschule) in Munich. During this time he also studied politics and communication studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.[3] He completed his studies with a degree in journalism. He took part in an exchange of the Centre de formation des journalists of Paris and between 1998 and 1999 on a semester program of the American University inWashington, D.C.[4]

From 1992 to 1996, he worked as a news editor, live reporter, and presenter forRadio Gong followed from 1996 to 1999 with a stint at Bayern 3 following.[5] For the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Gutjahr worked as a freelancer and caricaturist. From January 1999, he spent five months as a trainee for the CNN office inWashington. He subsequently worked for the public television channel Das Erste and Bayerischer Rundfunk, as for programs such as Live Aus Dem Alabama.

Gutjahr is currently an employee of the chief of the Bavarian Television and moderator of Rundschau Night (Rundschau-Nacht).[6][7] From 14 May to 7 June 2012 Gutjahr developed a SocialTV project round show with alternating co-hosts, including Daniel Fiene, Sascha Lobo, and Sandra Riess.[6][7] He also writes a weekly column since mid-2010 in the Abendzeitung.[8] He also writes for other newspapers, including the Berliner Tagesspiegel[9] and for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.[10]

AND  his daughter just so happened to be at the Munich Shooting  AND the Paris Truck Attack.  Yeah RIGHT!

AND she’s friends with Shillary Clinton

Check out the girl in the far back row.  You see her better as she is the last on off the stage.


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  1. Lisa knowles /

    Hey Ed. I’m a little confused. Previously the bomber was Julian assange. Is that still the case, I know he’s an actor/pseudonym too but here you don’t include him as well and you said that was a 100% match on the ears. I get confused due to seeing matches and then it appears to change with more than just the one you said 1 out of 6000 wrong in the investigations. I’m sure I miss things along the way.

      • Lisa knowles /

        I’m not looking or trying to discredit you in anyway shape or form but if they are related how can the ears be a 100% match previously. Am I right in saying that you said even twins don’t have identical ears if so how can relatives have a 100% match. I’m asking purely for my own understanding as I said I’m sure I miss things along the way. Thank you again my friend.

        • As I have said we are subject to using images they give us to work with. If we had a controlled situation we could isolate the ears and examine them in much greater detail. This is why we use a multimodal approach so we cover as many bases as we can.

  2. Despite erroneously mistaking me to be Cenk, you’re Wellaware1 easily became one of my favorite sources of media over the past few years. I’ve narrowly escaped two fist-fights presenting some of your material during heated discussions while defending my own beliefs (on Sandy Hook, Columbine and many other topics). I’m 44 years old. I have a voice and got tired of getting beaten down over the years, but I have to thank you again because your information helps my voice regain strength and vigor so I continue to present more educated attacks on the media and with more perspective. I hope your vision gets the recognition it deserves, and maybe one day there will be an opportunity to be more of a part of your work. This post, like so many Wellaware1 posts, sparks so much controversy because it has been presented unlike anything I’ve found on the net or anywhere else. Kudos to you, Ed!

    • Thank you. I hope to start having individuals posting their own findings directly on this site. So let me know when you want a page..

      So you’re saying that you have no affiliation with TYT show?

      • No relationship to TYT, I have a documentary project I’m working on with my business partner, its focus is tied to race-relations, and we tried stirring the TYT anchors to debate us - but they wouldn’t go for it, they are notorious for not allowing for proper debate on their angles. Interestingly, I have to present a lot of your findings into our project during meetings because it impacts the message we ultimately want to deliver. Simply put, keeping your information in mind often stymies the information my business partner presents to me because of how much of the race relations distortions by the media relies on unwitting folks to embrace it and further distort reality… which I do not want to do and will not be part of… I want our project to be reality based but when I continue seeing how much news is bullcrap, the harder it is to use so many of the stories. I see just how many projects your information could AND SHOULD put on the shelf. I see it all, and I try to get others on my team to see the games. Usually this creates an aura of “conspiracy” around my view on my projects. Our competition has presented material that I know was fake that ultimately was used to support their mission statement. I know so many folks won’t consider it because it’s a dream killer for so many “stories of interest”.. Yeah, I’d love a page. I have a good eye, and think I’d have some compelling ideas for consideration that could compliment your work.

  3. Here you can look at some of my findings about Oslo bombing 22/7-2011. A UK royal ritual?

    • Some of your images are failing an ELA test.

    • Also my advice to you take it or leave it is to drop the conclusion of some boogie man religion. People choose to do what they do for what ever reason you dont know until you ask them. Stick to the law and go after the individual who crosses the line. When a person is arrested the cop doesn’t care WHY the person did it, neither does the judge. To tag some religious BS to acts that can be prosecuted only weakens your position and makes you look crazy. Once you understand the ROYALS are the ones who created religion to control the peasants and is being used as a way to stir the pot to get you to sensationalize their bullshit just serves the purpose for them to be able to sell more books and documentaries to the gullible peasants without any fear of criminal charges ever being charged because the people are so busy praying hoping for some invisible savior to help them when they just need to get off their asses and physically take bake their lives from those they gave it to when they believed all the scripts they were force fed. Like I said just my advice take it or leave it.

  4. Damn bru…!! Excellent….


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