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Bernie de Rothschild

If you still doubt that Bernie Sanders is, in fact, Evelyn de Rothschild, then please explain why Sir Evelyn’s niece is playing the role of Bernie’s spouse?



If you elect this man, you will have nothing but wars and global conflict since his family is the family that funds both sides of EVERY conflict known to this planet.  HE IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE.  So all this talk about him running on a platform that is anti-big banker is nonsense.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Hillary is running against him?

Hillary, Sir Evelyn, Bill, and Sir Evelyn’s REAL SPOUSE

Hillary, Sir Evelyn , Bill, and Sir Evelyn's REAL SPOUSE

Watch the following video and you will see the truth.

Do you think its a coincidence that Shirley’s husband did this?



If you want to know how they get away with it, just look here.

If you think it’s a joke watch this.

You might believe that this guy is a joke.  BUT you are missing the point of why he has run for the office of president for many years now.  He is making a point that you can run using a stage name and do it legally.  People completely miss the point that he is making, and they just see the acting, when they fail to questions is it possible?  The answer is yes it is.

The ability for a person to use an unregistered pseudonym as their name, combined with the capacity to have a third person vouch for them getting them around having to show any form of ID is an issue that needs addressing.

You can’t hold a person accountable if you don’t know their birth name.

Google the Oath of Candidacy form and not at the bottom where it said shown ID or personally known.  THEN ASK YOUR LAWYER IF WHAT I’M SAYING IS ACCURATE.


  1. Rick /

    The Khazarian Mafia is Hell-bent on transforming America into a GAZA II Police State. It is up to all good Americans to expose this, stop it cold and take our nation back from these infiltrators who use Israeli espionage fronts like AIPAC

  2. Again, another exposie on how the rent is to dam high…

    Excelent, Ed…!


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