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Sterling Shooting EXPOSED

It speaks for itself.

I say this all the time, no matter how good these actors think they are, they will make mistakes.  Be ready to catch them and don’t let their paid support trolls get to you when they attack.  They will try to play the How Dare You Gambit, But you know when it doesn’t add up its fake,  end of story.

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  1. More Baton rouge bullshit.

    Live right now on Channel 9. ooowww!!!


    • More Baton Rouge fear-porn…

      “Brady Vancel” on the news talking about the “shooting”

      Live facebook video on the Baton Rouge “shooting”

      Good-grief… It”s off the hook right now in B.R.

      Other law enforcement agencies showing up…

      Hospitals on lock-down…

      People dropping cases of water for the police , etc…


  2. Hmmm… What’s that in the casket there, uh… Rubber mask.?? Hahaha


    • Here’s a video of “Alton Stirling” dead in his casket…

      Notice these people have his hands hovering above him in the casket… Hahaha!!!! Oh’ man… THey can’t even got the guy’s hands down on his body how they’re supposed to be… DioNK.

      Hands Up…! Hands Up ..!


  3. A look at all of the 12 key Hoaxters involved in the Alton Stirling shooting hoax in Baton Rouge Louisiana…


  4. drivinfast /

    could Anthony Anderson have played Alton Sterling?

  5. More Videos out of New Orleans…

    Son of Alton Stirling with different Attorney in the background.???

    Look at that ear…???


  6. Ed,

    Found a Twitter account of a reporter with the Advocate Newspaper in Baton Rouge - Previously written for The Dallas Morning News.

    She just took a picture of the Mayor in a local Catholic Church in Baton Rouge - July 12, 2016 @ 7:43 pm


  7. Eric M Schuster /

    No muzzle flash, no recoil, no spent shells ejected is proof that this is fake. If this was real, the last shot would have been in partner’s back as he rolled over the simulated victim. From Columbine on, I challenge anyone to find verifiable evidence, admissible in a court of law, that any of these shootings are real. Television is not evidence…it’s just terrorism in a box for those who think it’s real.

  8. Excellent, ED. Great find by Tammy… This clinches it, hands down…