Behold The Power Of One

Sweden Future Queen, a Porn Star

Princess Victoria AKA Bobbie Lennox, AKA Stephanie Sledge owner of The Government Rag online Blog. princess_victoria

Yes this is the same Stephanie that I used to do Joyce Riley’s show with.

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  1. Narelle Chapple /

    I guess I’ll now have to view all Your mind control info to understand why anyone would choose to do porn especially a Royal with enough money to last them a lifetime or am I missing something ? I’m prepared for Your onslaught too ( I hope ) lol

  2. Her face reminds me of zerglings kekekekekeke

  3. What a demented piece of imbred vermin. They should quit reproducing.

  4. Been looking allover Redtube to see if I could spot her ‘highness’ in action dude…no luck yet but I’LL FIND HER! Ahaha

  5. “The Crown Princess Victoria is none other than Bobbie Lennox Adult film actor. So the future QUEEN of Sweden is a porn star.”
    Yes, confirmed. And the porn prince AKA Daniel? Not Craig this time, but Alan Stafford.

  6. No no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin…!!!

    Ahhhhh..!!!! HAhahaha….!!

    Oh, man. This is too much…