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What Does Marilyn Manson & Siobhan Magnus Have In Common?

Well first off they have the same father and mother.  A very famous father and mother at that.  Which makes them brother and sister to be exact.  You might know her father from the band KISS.


Yep, Marilyn Manson, is Nick Simmons.  His sister Sophie is Siobhan Magnus from American Idol.
Gene also plays another role as Dr. Daniel Pipes: “Islam in the West”




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  1. Lets Rock /

    Where is KISS the band?

  2. Lyn Utermark /

    I remember reading somewhere that Marilyn Manson is Beck, does this mean Nick is also Beck?

  3. Oooops, sorry. I just realized your point was to see how Nick and Sophie are playing other characters, and they ARE Gene and Shannons kids. PLEASE be patient with me when I misinterpret something. All of this is very hard to take in, and my life goes on around me and I get distracted like any normal Mom/wife. ESPECIALLY with a teen!

  4. Ok I can see how Nick is Marilyn Manson, lots of make-up, BUT. I’ve watched some of the “Family Jewels” episodes, and Shannon took video of the kids AS THEY GREW UP. It sounds like her voice filming, and its clearly Gene with young Sophie and Nick throughout the years. This would imply that they FAKED all these videos, Christmases and B Days and just everyday normal events. Throughout their entire lives? Please respond on what I’m missing, or how do you explain all those childhood videos?