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Orlando Alligator Attack


What did I tell you?  I don’t even need to show you a photo or attempt to find out who the people are because without a doubt we can say this event was a fictional tale.  If it were real there would be a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Disney and of course Disney would pay them off to stay out of court.  BUT NOOOoooo  as you can see its all made up content for their media assets to use to get you to tune into the news.

It’s ALL BULLSH*T This country has no real history.  It’s all been scripted out since the Roman empire.

Parents won’t sue Disney over son’s death by gator

July 20, 2016, 10:39 AM in News
Source: Associated Press

ORLANDO – The parents of a toddler killed by an alligator at Walt Disney World say they don’t plan to sue the theme park resort over the death.

Matt and Melissa Graves of Omaha, Nebraska, said in a statement Wednesday they want to focus on their family’s future health.

A family spokeswoman, Sara Brady, says she couldn’t say whether a financial settlement had been reached with Disney World.

Disney World President George Kalogridis said in a statement the company continues to provide support for the family. He did not elaborate.

Authorities say an alligator pulled Lane Graves into the water June 14. His father, Matt Graves, says a second alligator attacked him as he tried to save his son.

Lane’s body was recovered the next day. An autopsy showed he died from drowning and traumatic injuries.

AND HOW DO YOU DIE FROM TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.  It’s either you died from drowning, or from traumatic injuries.  This shows there was no autopsy because there was nobody because it’s all fake.

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