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Orlando Alligator Attack

What did I tell you?  I said if it were real there would be a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Disney and of course Disney would pay them off to stay out of court.  BUT NOOOoooo  as you can see its all made up content for their media assets to use to get you to tune into the news.


ITS ALL BULLSH*T This country has no real history.  It’s all been scripted out since the Roman empire.


Parents won’t sue Disney over son’s death by gator

July 20, 2016, 10:39 AM in News
Source: Associated Press

ORLANDO - The parents of a toddler killed by an alligator at Walt Disney World say they don’t plan to sue the theme park resort over the death.

Matt and Melissa Graves of Omaha, Nebraska, said in a statement Wednesday they want to focus on their family’s future health.

A family spokeswoman, Sara Brady, says she couldn’t say whether a financial settlement had been reached with Disney World.

Disney World President George Kalogridis said in a statement the company continues to provide support for the family. He did not elaborate.

Authorities say an alligator pulled Lane Graves into the water June 14. His father, Matt Graves, says a second alligator attacked him as he tried to save his son.

Lane’s body was recovered the next day. An autopsy showed he died from drowning and traumatic injuries.

AND HOW DO YOU DIE FROM TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.  It’s either you died from drowning, or from traumatic injuries.  This shows there was not autopsy because there was no body because it’s all fake.


  1. Bettie /

    I live near the family. This tragedy is true.

  2. joymor /

    I love what you’re doing, Ed. Thank you.

  3. There’s no law suit, but they are going to imply a settlement. That’s all the public is going to hear. As to two causes of death, ha! Will anyone pay attention to that? It sounds more convincing to say drowning and traumatic injuries because that’s what we’d expect from an alligator. It’s not about accuracy because the entire episode is fake. So it just has to sound good as to what will likely “play” with the public.

    • No the filing of a lawsuit will be public domain. The contents and settlement would be sealed as a requirement of the court. The family saying they are not going to sue means they are not going to sue. If they said they were and then didn’t they could get sued because the threat of a lawsuit causes a person to take on debt by retaining a lawyer and if the party threating a suit decides after the made the threat to not follow through they could be held liable for any cost they defendant has taken on uo until that point. So when they say no suit that means no suit

  4. I can tell you they were carrying the injured the wrong way in the videos at the Orlando gay bar massacre. They were carrying them from the south, down by my daughter’s house. Then they would have had to go past the bar to get to the hospital. So that definitely was staged!!!!!No question about that. I haven’t gotten past the bar yet since they opened Orange Street back up. But I’m sure that area will never be the same again, fake or not fake. I use to walk all around that area and go to the Ace Hardware, Chipole’s, Taco Bell, Target, and McDonalds. Won’t ever be the save again for me!!!

    • Yeah especially since it will be remodeled with the grant money they got for hosting the drill. So it will look all new like the tacobell and other fast food locations that are its neighbors.

  5. Your claim is certainly possible. Since we saw no pictures and we aren’t seeing a lot of pictures anymore. They are just saying these things are happening and they have these false actors on TV that don’t cry a tear. After my dad died I about died, how can these people get on and talk about their deceased children and not cry one tear. IT IS SO FAKE! Aside from that fact this is a Catholic couple, which explains a lot! Their idiots! What parent leaves their child by the waters edge in Florida! If there is a gator there, they will get them! Don’t come to Florida and not get educated about alligators, we have them!Dallas my daughter lived on the same block that the gay bar massacre was on. I go past that building all the time!!! I can’t tell if it was real. No one that we know died. My daughter says she knows one person in the hospital but I have no proof of that. All gay people I know are alive and well!!!

  6. Alligators do attack people down here in Florida. One guy was breaking into houses and the cops came. He went into a lake to get away from the cops and a big gator got him. They will get dogs too. Disney is about the most satanic place you can visit, never take your kids there EVER! It is the crappiest place to go for a vacation, it’s all manmade and fake. Go to our beaches instead!

    • 1. Yes alligators sometimes do eat people. But when there is a wrongful death situation or negligence on the part of one of the people involved you will not see it on TV due to a case must be rendered in order for the broadcaster to not be held accountable if they cause damage by reporting some fact about an event.

      So rule of thumb if you see it on TV and the situation could result in a lawsuit the network lawyer will not let it air.

      2.Who told you about a suspect being eaten by a gator while running from the cops?
      AGAIN you will not see this if it were real because there would be an investigation into the police and did they react in a proper way to save the man or was there negligence on their part, so YOU WILL NOT see this on TV because the potential for a wrongful death to be filed by the dead person’s family if they see something that causes them damage due to undue stress or them possibly referring to the person as you did claiming he was guilty before a trial. THAT is defamation and libel and would get them sued. SO YOU WON’T SEE IT IN THE NEWS.

      3. Satanic, GROW UP this is reality. Shake off your perpetual adolescence and stop mixing santa clause with the real world. Define “Satanic” and how is an amusement park Satanic? Let’s play Devil’s advocate, Ok lets say they are satanic. Now what? Its their first amendment right to be whatever they want. Did they break a law? Are you afraid of people in costumes? You do know the difference between a movie and reality right? The Church of satan and anton levay (yul brynner btw) was created and introduced just weeks before the movie Rosemary’s Baby aired. IT IS A MARKETING SCAM, and religion is a fiction they use to keep you in fear while they suck off your income as you donate it to their hooker fund.

      4. It’s all man made? Isn’t everything? even your beach they comb and dig up the natural plants and organize it so you have parking and showers and refreshments. Somehow I dont think you’ve thought this through very much. So did you go to Disney when you were a child? Did you have fun? Did you want to go back as a kid? What satanic things happened to you while you were there or are you just saying that because you have been conditioned by the alternative media with their bullshit they present that you dont examine and just repeat? Name one SATANIC thing at the park.

      When you come to my site and you post general statements expect to be called out to support your open ended accusations. You live in the real world were people to real things and sometimes they make errors that cause others to die. We have laws to protect people and if someone violates your rights you sue them. If someone damages your property you sue them. If someone libels you and causes you damage you sue them. Thats reality. Leave the fictional boogie men out of it and deal with people and their actions not what someone tells you another person did, but actions you have seen with your own eyes that you can prove to others happened if you want them to believe you. That means I want to see photographic or video evidence.

      I’m not attacking you I just want you to be more critical of your statements .

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