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1 Wrong Out Of 6000+ Investigations.

I’ll happily take that average any day!  Plus I was correct about his fake face tumor.
So finally I nailed this scum actor.  His connection to CBS is something you will find interesting, but that is for another video.  The more I look at it, the more I see Hollywood as being a creation of the Military Industrial Complex that was owned and still is to this day by the Royals.  Through Disney, Prescott Bush (AKA Joseph P Kennedy SR) his investments in the studios while his brother Walt (AKA Kermit Roosevelt and other Brother Roy) built out Disney they cornered the market.  The royal family lines they come from (Explorer Wilhelm) is where you should become very concerned.  As I have shown with my other work the connection to the German Royals who were exiled from Germany, seem to lead to the fact they made their way here and embedded themselves into our government via the help of all the other Royals who are playing our elected officials.  They all stem back to the queen and so does CBS or should I say Desilu Productions.

As you will see in the next big video release on DVD Her Majesty The Queen of Comedy is no laughing matter.  You will understand the planned takeover of this country (not that it’s not already being run into the ground by them) but they will go for the guns, and they will take back the US under British rule.


Update!! Gary Morton and the Queen of Comedy

Comparison of Lucille Ball vs Queen Elizabeth II

Eventually You Will See I’m Right

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