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Another King Involved In The Kennedy Assassination Hoax

So I have uncovered Three Kings who played Roles in the JFK Assassination HOAX, and I knew two of them.  I will go into more details as I connect all the dots and put this information into video format.  We have identified almost every person involved in the events of November 22, 1963, and the majority of them are ROYALS. for more information



AKA Dr Earl Rose (Ruby Dr) for more information



(Kennedy Assassination Researcher. Who I knew Well)

AKA James Earl Ray  (MLK Jr Assassin)

AKA KING Baudouin

AKA Admiral Thomas Hinman Moorer



Margaret Oswald was the Queen Mother

Margaret Oswald was the Queen Mother



(Kennedy Assassination Researcher and founder of the Conspiracy Museum. Who I knew well)

AKA  E. Howard Hunt (Involved in Watergate, JFK Assassination, and many more)

AKA King Michael of Romania  (Known as a large owner of Silver)

AKA Ted Olson  (9/11 Phone call to daughter on plane)

AKA Priest John Geoghan

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  1. cecelia clarke /

    He was called King George VI (the sixth)

  2. Looks like it’s King George the VI.

  3. Oh, man. This is so excellent…


    • Thanks. I have them all identified. The entire German, British, and Swedish Royal families all playing roles in the HOAX. They are passing the baton to the next generation. They own the media conglomerates and are the root of all the problems that we believe are real but are not. They all need to be rounded up and tried for acts of aggression towards this country. All their assets need to be taken from them and used to bring this nation out of debt. Then set up the rest of the funds in the form of a grant that will fund independent media outlets that hold to a level of standards that ensure the people are getting the full story.

      This is how you do it:
      1. All interviews between between a reporter and the person they are interviewing will be recorded.
      2. That interview will be released in its entirety as a download link that the viewers can hear and form their own conclusions as well as check the facts of the story.
      3. Before the reporter publishes the story they must send it to the person they interviewed and allow them a set time for them to respond. Their response will be attached to the end of the article in its entirety as a way to rebut the story if needed.

      If the reporters follow those standards they qualify to receive grant money from the fund.


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