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More Government Actors Identified

As we have reported in the past, Barbara Starr has been a face that many have spotted playing roles in multiple unrelated events on the news.  From CNN’s Pentagon correspondent, an eye witness in the Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing HOAX, to most recent (with of course a change of her appearance by removing the glasses and changing the hair style) a TSA liaison covering the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting Hoax. When will the people say enough is enough and begin the dismantling of the media conglomerates?

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    Allison Janney aka also

  3. I’ve seen the person so often, I keep a file on her. She also appears in news related to the Bundy standoff, and I have a screenshot of her demonstrating for more anti-gun laws. Find me on Facebook if you want the information I’ve gathered on her. I believe I also found out who she really is (Adriana Victoria Munoz).

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