Behold The Power Of One

Oh, Look Who It Is!

Remember the Sandra Bland HOAX that I exposed one of the William sisters as well as the rest of her family as playing the supporting cast in the staged event?

Well, one of those family members is Bobbi Kristina Brown  (Remember the DEAD daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston)  Well she's back again, and it looks like she is using Invisalign to close the gap in her teeth to attempt to hide her identity.

Well, I guess she is also running out of money so she needed to cut the wait time a bit so she could get paid.  So with her gap slightly smaller, let me present her latest role as Diamond Lavish Reynolds.  The woman who supposedly release the streaming video of her boyfriend getting shot by the police in front of her and her 3-year-old child.  Hahaha, Tell me I didn't call that one. 😉


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  1. Whitney Houston is 2″ shorter than Richard Pryor.
    Michelle Obama is 2″ shorter than Barack Obama…

    Michelle’s mother and Whitneys mother is the same… You scored this one….

    You are on to something …..

  2. Lyn Utermark /

    what do you have on Whitney Houston?

  3. Berta /

    Oops, I’m confused over the “tennis champ.” Is she part of the family, too?

  4. It’s amazing what you can do with the right camera lens…