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Obama Drama Update

Just a little update.
 Don’t forget this one.



As I’ve stated before in previous stories, our President Obama is not who he claims to be. In fact, he is a son of Richard Pryor, the comedian. Rain Pryor, his other daughter is Michelle.  This makes them half-brother and sister. We can see that Obama has another half sister (Maya)  Who is clearly the other Pryor daughter.  As we can see in the photographs. But the question has always been then who are the children who do they belong to.



The daughters are Jamie fox’s daughters with Michele.

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Well, we’ve finally found the answer to this issue, and it appears to be Jamie Foxx. The daughters of our president are the daughters of Jamie Foxx, the actor. I do believe that Michelle or Rain as her name would be, does have a child as we heard are set up in the interview that was broadcast on the chip. Where she claimed herself to be a single parent raising a child and then called her and sometimes said it feels that way when her husband the president is away so often.


U.S. first lady Michelle Obama winks playfully as she meets underprivileged children at the Mumbai University in Mumbai, India, Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010. U.S. President Barack Obama and Michelle began a 10-day trip through Asia on Saturday. (AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade)


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Rain Pryor comic New York

Rain Pryor comic New York

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  1. What? English please.

  2. Lyn Utermark /

    I’m a little confused about Michelle Obama, perhaps I can’t stop accepting her as a man.

  3. Berta /

    Regarding the many people who have registered for candidacy for US president. It’s a good way to make money. If you can get your friends to put up a certain amount of money, the election fund has to match it. Also it is a great way to launder money.

    That’s the explanation of why so many-nearly a thousand(?) candidates you’ll never hear of have put in their bid for the presidency. When in doubt about why someone unknown would “run” for president, look for or follow the money.

    • What would you do with the money if you didn’t plan on running? The funds that are established have to be used for campaign expenses. You cant spend it on anything you want. Good try but if you were correct EVERYONE in the country would invest their money if they could double it per your statement. (which is not true either)

      • Berta /

        No not double your money, which, yes, I did imply. But money is made. Think about it. Everyone knows that the top contenders are the ones who will really run. Even “independents” such as Sanders these days and many before, don’t really have a chance. So why would someone like you or me or our next door neighbor have even a slight chance? Of course we don’t and we know it. So do all these people. There is something to be gained.

        No, not everyone would do this or can do it. A fairly substantial amount in campaign contributions is necessary. So it is for the fairly well-heeled. I’ll do more research.

      • Berta /

        Here’s a simple example of money laundering. Contribute $ received from illegal activity to a candidate’s campaign. The candidate then pays you/yours to make signs and banners (your legitimate business). The money is laundered. Same if you are hired to find speaking venues, or rent or lease vehicles. The list of legitimate activities you can spend your campaign money on is almost endless.

    • Your contributions may be supplemented with Federal (U.S. Treasury) funds. If a Presidential primary candidate has qualified for the Federal matching fund program, up to $250 of your total contributions to that candidate may be matched with Federal funds. To qualify for matching, contributions must be in the form of a check or other written instrument. (Note that some contributions are not matchable, such as currency, loans, goods and services, and any type of contribution from a political committee.)

    • When making an independent expenditure, you must include a notice stating that you have paid for the communication and that it is not authorized by any candidate’s committee. (For specific disclaimer requirements, please consult the “Special Notices on Political Ads and Solicitations” brochure.) Additionally, once you spend more than $250 during a calendar year on independent expenditures with respect to a given election, you must file a report with the Federal Election Commission (either FEC Form 5 [PDF]), or a signed statement containing the same information).

  4. Berta /

    The beauty of Ed’s work lies in the connections he is able to make. He doesn’t just find “lookalikes.” Nor does he just find known actors playing roles of powerful world leaders.

    He finds how the role-players are connected, either through family, industry (as in the JFK assassination hoax, the country music industry) or news media, Disney, Hollywood, Walmart, etc.

    The tools he uses are replicable, so you can examine the evidence for your self.

    • Correct. It all stems from me finding the over 5000 photos of the Greenberg, Kaplan, Wohl, and Harmon families who are the core faction of the Disney CBS group.

      • Berta /

        Yes, that almost seems like a miracle that you first were able to find the Picassa photos- completely open to the public- then more, as you looked around.

        I guess these family members were just being like everyone else, putting their vacations and celebrations in albums online. Little did they know that connections would be made between those photos and the nefarious activities they also engage in! Surprise!
        Glad you found so many.

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